10 best films of Robert Rodriguez

Today Robert Rodriguez celebrates his 48th birthday - director, screenwriter and composer. In 1991, he shot the film "Musician", whose budget amounted to only $ 7,000. This picture brought him world fame. And he took it off in two weeks. Rodriguez knows firsthand how difficult it is to make a great movie for little money.

Allan Chumak: I will charge, charge and charge

From athlete to healer Thanks to his father, who worked as a translator, the boy had such an unusual name for the Soviet Union - Allan. In general, little is known about Chumak’s childhood. Only that he was born in Moscow on May 26, 1935, he studied poorly at school, because he “tried not to load his head with unnecessary, as it seemed, knowledge” and was very fond of astronomy.

"If a friend was suddenly ..."

Guy Julius Civilis, born in the 25th year, served Rome for a long time - he was the prefect of the cohort of auxiliary troops. At the same time, the conspiracy scenario in the head of a seemingly loyal subject matured for more than one year. Back in the finals of the reign, Nero Civilis was thrown into a dungeon for a couple with his brother Julius Paul - they were suspected of preparing an uprising.

Last call

Terrorist attack in Beslan Hostage taking in Beslan has become one of the worst terrorist attacks in Russian history. Knowledge Day in 2004 turned into a day of mourning: for three days the terrorists held more than a thousand people in the school building. 333 people died, more than 800 were injured. Many were disabled.

"So few roads are covered, so many mistakes are made"

Already at 9 years old, he began to write poems, imitating chastooshkas, and for the first time his poems were published in 1914 in the children's magazine Mirok. Some time later, he became close to the group of “Novokrestyanskoy poets” and in 1916 published the first collections that made him famous. Sergei Alexandrovich often spoke before Empress Alexandra Feodorovna and her daughters in Tsarskoye Selo.

Regulations on the Jews

Ch. I. - General Provisions. § 1. The Jews, who are in the citizenship of Russia, are subject to general laws in all those cases about which there is no special rule in this provision. - (In the explanation of T.9 Zak. O Comp. Art. 860 and 862 and in replacement of Art. 845 and 846 of the same Laws). § 2. The Jews, taking advantage of the general patronage of the laws, have freedom not only in their personal condition, but also in the lawful acquisition of property, in agricultural activities and in the production of trade, industry and handicrafts, on rules and with restrictions, in this position depicted.

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God's wrath

Blasco Nuñez Vela, to whom Aguirre himself joined Aguirre, of course, called himself the Wrath of God and even the king of New Spain. However, he had other nicknames: "madman", "tyrant", "defiler". In historiography it is sometimes called the last conquistador. This is due to the fact that Aguirre was the last person who led the expedition trying to find Eldorado.

Ten women in history who were left without a head

The life of these great women can not be called simple, like the lives of many others. But not everyone had to climb the scaffold. Why do we need to know about them? To learn, to adequately accept your destiny, having lost everything, is worth a lot. Anne Boleyn Anne Boleyn and Henry VII Despite the fact that she was of noble blood, the queen made her a strong character.

"Anyone who wants to become a master in this workshop should have a legitimate wife"

I, Georg von Strelitz on Talenshtein in Rumburg, an adviser to His Roman and Imperial and Royal Majesty, the vice-chancellor of the lands of the Bohemian crown and both rights, the doctor hereby informs me to know from this my open letter that I am their legitimate hereditary милы все мои верные мастера ремесла льняного на Румбурге, имеющие свои гильдии, статуты и обычаи старинных традиций в их ремесле.

The story of one masterpiece. Klim's "Kiss"

The plot On the edge of a cliff stand, embracing, a man and a woman. We do not see his face, and the general emotional state of the couple is easily read by the female. Actually, there are no separate bodies here - there is just a couple, which, thanks to the power of feelings, passion has become a monolith. And there are no people here as such - there is their ecstasy.

Champion of Champions Ivan Poddubny

On October 8, 1871, the legendary wrestler and athlete Ivan Poddubny was born in the Poltava province. Ivan's father, Maxim Ivanovich, was known to the whole district for his phenomenal strength and powerful growth, as well as his ancestors, the Zaporozhian Cossacks. From a very early age, the boy plowed the ground, threshed rye and metal stacks - the simplicity of the peasant way of life and hard physical labor laid extraordinary tenacity in his character and helped him to accumulate powerful force.

How Chapaev died

The first thing that makes one doubt the official version is that Furmanov was not an eyewitness to the death of Vasily Ivanovich. When writing the novel, he used the memories of the few surviving participants in the battle in Lbishchensk. At first glance - a reliable source. But to understand the picture, let's imagine that fight: blood, merciless enemy, mutilated corpses, retreat, confusion.

The love story of Federico Fellini and Juliet Mazina

March 23 died the famous Italian actress Juliet Mazina. In 1943, she became the wife and faithful companion of the great director Federico Fellini. When Fellini became seriously ill, Mazina also fell ill. They were preparing to celebrate half a century of their marriage and creative union. The celebration was scheduled for October 30, 1993, but Fellini was already seriously ill and died on the 31st.

Kinocracy Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho

"Psycho" is replete with barely noticeable details, at first glance at which the viewer is unlikely to pay attention without reviewing the film again. For example, the canvas, which removes Norman from the wall to spy on Marion, is a classic picture, which depicts rape. Another subtle nuance is the reflection in the mirrors that fall into the frame when one of the heroes does something bad, as if hinting at two sides of human nature.

Evfimy Putyatin in international politics

The whole life of Evfimi Vasilyevich Putyatin was associated with foreign travel. It all started with the fact that he chose the Naval Cadet Corps as the alma mater. Immediately after graduation, Putyatin became a member of a round-the-world voyage - Mikhail Petrovich Lazarev commanded the expedition. Then Putyatin served on the ship "Azov", which became the hero of the Navarino naval battle of 1827.

Captain under investigation

Dane Martin Shpanberg entered the Russian service in 1720. After participating in the Kamchatka expeditions under the leadership of Bering, he sent a note to Anna Ioannovna in which he volunteered to explore the path to Japan. By order of the Empress, the navigator led an independent detachment. It was supposed that he would get acquainted with the political system of the island state, establish trade relations with its inhabitants and show "maximum friendliness" in relation to the Japanese.

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