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"A holiday is necessary for the soul, a holiday! I wait for it for a long time!"

“The people gathered for debauchery!” “Could we organize a small wide run somewhere here? Such, you know, a brothel "" Immediately on arap take! "Citizen! ..." What am I a citizen to you? I am your friend. And even a friend and brother ”“ Who will leave him at the military registration office for the night? What if he steals a seal? ”A shot from the movie“ Kalina Krasnaya ”, 1974.

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Ay nane-nane!

Presumably, the so-called Central Asian Gypsies came out of India, as evidenced by the persistent caste thinking today, as well as the sometimes-encountered tradition of making women tattoos on their foreheads. However, over time, the Central Asian, in contrast to European, lost the tradition of teaching dancing, singing and other similar activities.

Process. The trial of Ovechkin family

A. Kuznetsov: In 1988, the Ovechkin family consisted of a mother and 11 children (7 boys and 4 girls). The fate of the mother, Ninel Ovechkina, was difficult from the first days of life. She was born before the war. The father died at the front, and the mother was shot by the watchman when she tried to pick up a couple of potatoes on the field to feed the hungry daughter.

"Is there no luck daring?"

“If he were a rocket scientist, he wouldn’t leave my court” “Zakutim, we will drink - and we will lock the gate!” Advise them to meet me with childish love and obedience; “Emelyan Pugachev is in prison.

Velvet Revolution

On November 17, students took to the streets - a demonstration was organized in memory of Jan Oplethal, a Czech student who died in 1939 during protests against the Nazi occupation of the Czech Republic. About 15 thousand people passed from the Prague Alberts district to the Vyshegrad hill to the coffin of the poet Karel Gynek Mahi. After the demonstration was completed, the students headed to the center of Prague on Wenceslas Square.

From genius to madness - one step

The story is full of famous and brilliant people who had certain mental problems. Who is this? The great thinker Auguste Comte, the founder of positive philosophy, for ten years was treated for a mental disorder and then, after recovery, for no reason drove his wife, who with his gentle care saved his life.

So spoke Gaddafi

June 7, 1942, was born Muammar Gaddafi. Who came to power in Libya on September 1, 1969, he was not only a politician, but also a philosopher. His views - "The Third World Theory" - he outlined in the "Green Book". remembered Gaddafi’s most vivid quotes about life, politics, and power. On the entire planet, democracy is only in one state, and this is Libya.

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Yuri Nikulin - with a smile throughout life

Yuri Nikulin was born on December 18, 1921 in the city of Demidov (now Smolensk region). His father worked in the Drama Theater in Demidov. There was also an actress and his mother. Yura Nikulin, 1920s Yury Nikulin with his mother In 1925 his family moved to Moscow. Yuri Nikulin as a Child Young Yuri Nikulin As he himself wrote in his memoirs book “Almost Seriously ...”, “No other delegations came to our 346th ordinary school, where I went, and the artists did not suit us. concerts.

Leader's Twins: Blade Runners

Suspicions The death of Kirov in 1934 stunned Stalin. At the funeral, Joseph Vissarionovich was silent, trying to stay away from everyone. Then they decided that the leader was just very worried about the death of his friend. But, according to the historian of the special services, the retired State Security Officer Valery Malevannogo, it was not Stalin himself who attended the funeral, but his counterpart.

Steel arms. Kepis

What is interesting, the confusion that has developed with the definition of the name of this weapon, still exists. Kopis translated from ancient Greek means "hack." According to one version, it was originally a heavy knife, the blade of which was bent to the ground. Such a tool was used for gutting fish, game, and also for slaughtering animals.

Dirty Harry (18+)

Whose boy? It’s worth starting, perhaps, with the scandal that provoked the very fact that the prince was born. Rumors that Harry was not Windsor at all appeared when it became known that a pair of Charles-Diana had broken up. The princess confessed to being sidelined - her lover was officer James Hewitt, whom she met in a polo match before marriage.

"These were free spirit people and illustrious"

Guy Sallust Crisp "Spartak, the leader of the gladiators, one of those seventy-four who, having run away from the school of gladiators, began a heavy war with the Roman people." "He himself, possessing great bodily strength and mental strength." “If there is strong resistance, then it’s better to die by the sword than by starvation” [From Spartacus’s speech] “And then especially, as always happens at the moment of extreme danger, everyone began to think about the most expensive at home, and all the soldiers all discharges began to perform his last duty. "

Take it off, Viji!

Asher Felling was born in 1899 in the territory of modern Ukraine. When he was 17, the family emigrated to the United States, where he changed his name from Asher to Arthur. Before becoming a professional photographer, he tried many professions. In the mid-1930s, he had an idea that radically changed his life.

Biennale: Short Meter

“Mon Amour, Mon Ami” (“My love, my friend”) Adriano Valerio A completely brilliant story, filmed by an Italian director, taken from real life. In fact, this is a documentary short film made on a live thread - the events described occurred just a few months before the shooting. Daniela, an Italian woman who suffers from alcoholism, meets Fuad, a native of Arab countries, about the same age as her.

The price of victory. War of Peter Todorovsky

My military fate was very simple. In 1941, my parents and I were evacuated to Stalingrad. Then, due to the German offensive, we again had to flee. For almost two years I worked in a tiny village 60 km from the district center of the Saratov region on the collective farm Peschany Mar. Here I learned all the burden and joy of work: I studied engineering, riding horses and camels.

“Wouldn't they be burying me in these shtiblets?”: Russian funeral

The first stage of the funeral ceremony is washing, done not so much for hygienic purposes, but as an important ritual element. Usually, this procedure was performed not by the blood relatives of the deceased, divided by the gender of the deceased. However, if the deceased was a man of advanced years, then compliance with the floor might not be respected, because, according to traditional notions, the elderly person lost signs of gender, and his life ended the cycle of development and returned to the childhood stage.

Zaporizhzhya Sich

“Many are among their gentry from Great and Little Poland, sentenced to loss of honor, as well as Slavs, Germans, French, Italians, Spaniards and others forced to leave their homeland, due to the atrocities and crimes committed there. They renounced their former surnames and adopted common nicknames, although some of them belonged to noble families before. ”

Steel arms. Bullock

The first images of the bullock date back to the beginning of the 14th century, somewhere between the years 1300-1350. At the same time, even though undergoing some changes, it existed until the XVII century. For such a long period of time, Bullock visited the arsenal of knights and merchants, craftsmen and sailors, Swiss mercenaries and German landsknechts, and even peasants.

Mauser system pistol

The production of a pistol patented in the name of Paul Mauser began in 1896. Whether the director of the company had a direct relationship to the creation of weapons, or only the Federle brothers have credit for creating the legendary pistol - the question is complex and still a matter of dispute. Impressive sizes with a magazine for ten 7.63 mm rounds of a pistol worn in a wooden holster, which could be used as a butt, turning the pistol into a kind of carbine.