Moscow Treaty

The Treaty Banning Nuclear Weapon Tests in the Atmosphere, in Outer Space and Under Water (Moscow, 5 August 1963) of the Government of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the United States of America, hereinafter referred to as the “Initial Participants”, proclaiming its main goal is the early achievement of an agreement on general and complete disarmament under strict international control in accordance with the objectives of the United Nations, which would put an end to the race e weapons and would remove the incentive to manufacture and test all types of weapons, including nuclear, seeking to permanently end all nuclear weapons test explosions, determined to continue negotiations for this purpose and wanting to end the contamination of the human environment with radioactive substances, agreed as follows: : Article I 1.

The price of victory. Brest Fortress

The garrison of the Brest Fortress under the command of Captain Ivan Zubachev, the regimental commissar Yefim Fomin and Major Peter Gavrilov heroically restrained the onslaught of the 45th German Infantry Division for a week. According to some reports, some defenders of the Citadel held on in August. Historian Emmanuel Ioffe about the first feat of the Soviet fighters in the Great Patriotic War.

Steel arms. Kepis

What is interesting, the confusion that has developed with the definition of the name of this weapon, still exists. Kopis translated from ancient Greek means "hack." According to one version, it was originally a heavy knife, the blade of which was bent to the ground. Such a tool was used for gutting fish, game, and also for slaughtering animals.

Dance as a whole world: Anna Pavlova

The number of her tours was so large that it exceeded the tour of any other ballerina of her time. For twenty-two years of constant travel, she traveled five hundred thousand miles by land and sea, dancing not only on the stages of big cities, but also in villages, fruit pickers in California, Mormons, in airport hangars, and even in warehouses.

Television science. "Mannequin Challenge": the story of the idea

It is not surprising that the Mannequin Challenge was accepted by famous television shows. To entertain is one of the functions of television, and to do it gracefully is a task that not many cope with. Headquarters Hillary Clinton took part in the “Mannequin Challenge”. In essence, television is the art of a well-built mise-en-scene, a “living picture,” the action of which takes place “here and now.”

Stockholm Syndrome Patricia Hearst

Kidnapping in the style of Robin Hood Patricia was born in San Francisco, she studied in a private school. The girl's life turned upside down in 19 years. On February 4, 197, she was abducted by the terrorist group "The Symbionist Liberation Army". The organization declared war on the "racist establishment". She acted in the States from 1973 to 1975, and during this short period she distinguished herself by several bank robberies and two murders.

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Culinary passions "daddy" Dumas

About Dumas father said that he eats life with a full spoon. Indeed, this great Frenchman loved to live to the fullest: to arrange lush festivities, give gifts to friends and women, order meals at first-class restaurants, receive guests and treat them to their own cooking. This is how George Sand described one of his tricks: “The whole dinner, from soup to salad, was prepared by Dumas papa!

"The Decembrists woke Herzen"

PREFACE TO “BELL” “Polar Star” is too rare, we do not have the means to publish it more often. Meanwhile, the events in Russia are fast, they need to be caught on the fly, discussed immediately. For this we are undertaking a new time-based edition. Without defining the release dates, we will try to publish one sheet each month, sometimes two, under the title “Bell”.

What is insanity: a massacre in Nanjing (18+)

One of the Japanese journalists, seconded to the imperial army, wrote: "We are moving to Nanking rather quickly in the tacit understanding of soldiers and officers that they can rob and rape along the way, who and how they want." In fact, the Japanese began to rage even on the approach to the city.

Solomon of the Hitler Youth

At the end of 1936, after Hitler came to power, we fled from Germany to Poland, to the city of Lodz. We did not have time to learn the Polish language and start a new life, as on September 1, 1939, Germany attacked Poland. All Jews began to drive into the ghetto. Together with my elder brother, I fled from Lodz to the east, reached the city of Grodno in Belarus.

On the eve of the October Revolution

October 20 (November 2), 1917 “We now have only Kerensky at the head of the government, a terrible scoundrel. He composed that General Kornilov and his troops were against him, the MT (?) Was not at all, but it was that Kerensky himself asked Kor-nor-lova to move with his troops to Petrograd the Bolsheviks, who promised to rebel.

Dolphins saboteurs

A fantastic campaign against the German fleet. Far from prying eyes, Vladimir Leonidovich Durov took off the mask of the frivolous, always cheerful circus artist and delved into the books. Durov regularly attended the lectures of the physiologist Ivan Sechenov, studied the psychology of animals and conducted experiments on the use of hypnosis in training.

All get up publishes a verbatim record of a State Duma meeting dedicated to the death of Pyotr Arkadyevich Stolypin. The State Duma. The third convocation. Session 5, part 1. Saturday, October 15, 1911. When the rector of the church of the Tauride Palace held a prayer service in the Catherine Hall and three times, according to the requirements of those present, the performance of the National Anthem, which caused enthusiastic cheers, “Hurray!”, The meeting opens at 2:10 AM.

How to become a god?

Remembering the story of the cult of John Frome Becoming a deity in the modern world is not so difficult. It is enough to grab a few “magical” things with you (for example, lighters, firearms, tasty food, etc.) and find the island more muffledly. Around this was guided by an American soldier, John Frum, who was able to perpetuate his name in the worship of the island of Tanna, part of the state of Vanuatu (islands in Oceania).

The reverse side of Victory (18+)

Day of defeat “Who will think of us, who will ever know how we ended our lives. Does this make sense? ”These were the last words Johannes Teynert, a Latin teacher from the small town of Glatz (now Klodzko), wrote in his diary before shooting his wife and on May 9, 1945.

The story of one masterpiece: Shed

In the VIII century. BC er Assyrian king Sargon II ordered to build a new capital - Dur-Sharrukin. Its center was to become a palace complex with a huge territory, which, of course, was surrounded by strong walls. The entrances overlapped the arches into which mind-striking creatures were embedded - the shed. It was believed that these creatures with the head of a man, the body of a bull (there are versions with the body of a lion) and eagle wings guarded the king and his subjects.

Armenian-Azerbaijani strife

Prehistory of the Armenian-Azerbaijani war. 1905 The conflict between Armenians Christians and Azerbaijanis Muslims has deep roots. There are not only religious, but also wider cultural differences. By the beginning of the 20th century there were no clear boundaries between the Armenian and Azerbaijani territories. Everything belonged to one empire.

Lieutenant Colonel, scout and just beautiful

Gorskaya, Zubilina, Deutsch, Erna, Vardo, Kochek, Gutshneker are not a bad set of surnames and code names for a fragile woman, isn’t it? And this is probably not all the pseudonyms used by Elizabeth Zarubina, nee Rosenzweig. The scout's official record is still classified, and therefore many of the facts of her biography are not known for certain.

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