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Aliens in the egg: the story of Tamagotchi

In the late 1990s, millions of children around the world were literally obsessed with the Japanese tamagotchi toy. Electronic pets demanded constant attention, and the children spent all their time on them. remembered how a small plastic three-button egg enslaved the world. It is believed that Tamagotchi was invented by Aki Maita, an employee of the marketing department of the Japanese toy manufacturer Bandai, the third largest toy corporation in the world.

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Most successful business women

Is business a matter for men? recalled women who refute this claim. We present you a selection of the richest and most successful business women. Estee Lauder July 1, 1908 among the slums of New York was born Estee Lauder - the daughter of immigrants. She went from a seller of homemade natural cosmetics to the founder of the famous cosmetic brand.

"Tanks go around Prague"

Information about the introduction of troops spread through underground radio stations. People took to the streets, began to build barricades, distributed leaflets calling for resistance. The USSR planned to arrest Dubcek and his supporters and form a temporary loyal government. General civil disobedience led to the fact that Moscow decided to hold talks with the team of Dubcek.

Battle of Trebbia

After the attack on the city of Sagunt in Iberia, Hannibal began to prepare a military campaign in Italy. The Romans hoped that the war would go to Africa and Spain, but Hannibal outwitted them. He quickly mobilized troops and moved across the Pyrenees mountains, approaching the shores of the Rhone. The Carthaginian commander skillfully used the hatred of the tribes, through whose lands his troops marched, to the Romans.

The history of the most famous bear

Year of publication: 1996 Country: Canada On August 24, 1914, Lieutenant of the Canadian Army Veterinary Service, Harry Colborne, following to the place of service, bought a bear cub for twenty dollars. His mother was shot by a hunter near Lake Ontario. Harry named the little bear Winnie after his hometown Winnipeg and began to feed her from the nipple.

Process. Julius Streicher trial

A. Kuznetsov: Julius Streicher was born on February 12, 1885. He was the ninth child in the family of a Catholic school teacher. Before the war, Julius volunteered for the German army. However, after a year of service, he was dismissed for lack of discipline with the prohibition of further serving in the armed forces.

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"The Old Man", who returned the good name to Germany

A child with a great future Konrad Adenauer was born in 1876 in a wealthy family: Conrad's father worked as a secretary of the Cologne court. His father’s position in many ways allowed Conrad and his two brothers to obtain a high-class education: first, young Adenauer studied law, after which he was able to enroll as a student of one of the famous Cologne lawyers.

Interesting facts about St. George

On April 23, 303, the Christian saint and martyr George the Victorious was beheaded. This is one of the most revered Orthodox saints. It is believed that George was wheeled by order of the emperor Diocletian for loyalty to the Orthodox faith, but an angel appeared, laid a hand on George, who was ravaged, and the latter was healed.

"Every day I feel more alive"

Denis Diderot - Sophie Volan I can't leave without saying a few words to you. So, my favorite, you expect a lot of good from me. Your happiness, even your life depends, as you say, on my love for you! Do not be afraid, my dear Sophie; my love will last forever, you will live and be happy.

"Maybe you will come back, but I will not be"

N. Ya. Mandelstam - O. E. Mandelshtam Osya, dear, distant friend! My dear, there are no words for this letter that you may never read. I write it in space. Maybe you will come back, but I will not be. Then it will be the last memory. Osyusha - our children's life with you - what a happiness it was.

"Quintilly Var, bring the legions back!"

When Caesar conquered the richest Gaul, the conquered tribes asked for protection from the warlike tribes beyond the Rhine. And the more the province developed and strengthened, the more attractive it became for the Germans, each of whom was a warrior. Germany itself did not possess either rich cities (the Germans were not a people with developed agriculture and trade), or a population that was easily subdued and controlled, and Rome did not see in it value as a source of income.

The story of one masterpiece: "Portrait of the artist" Hockney

Story Being once in his studio in London, Hockney viewed photographs taken at different times in different places. Suddenly two eyes caught him. “On one there was a man swimming underwater, and, therefore, rather distorted, and on the second a boy who was looking at something on the ground.

Battle of Rocroix

In 1643, France was going through hard times. At the end of last year, the powerful Cardinal Richelieu passed away, and shortly thereafter, the disease was knocked down by the monarch Louis XIII. The government was Mazarin, not earned a public location. The commander-in-chief, under his patronage, became the Duke of Enghien, because of his youth, he was not taken seriously by anyone.

"Indifferent in danger, inaccessible to fear"

General Alexei Ermolov “Barclay de Tolly for a long time unseen service, hiding in obscurity, subordinated to the order of gradual elevation, constrained hopes, humbled ambition. Not belonging to the superiority of talents to the number of people extraordinary, he too modestly appreciated his good abilities and therefore did not have confidence in himself that could open ways that did not depend on ordinary order ... Uncomfortable in the courtyard, did not dispose to people close to the sovereign; the coldness in his address did not win the affection of his peers, nor the commitment of his subordinates ... His family life did not fill him with all the time of solitude: his wife was not young, he didn’t have charms that could hold him in a certain charm for a long time, conquering all other feelings ” education, like Barclay de Tolly, then this latter one would hardly have occurred in comparison with him. ”

Document. "Letter to the congress"

Letter to the congress on December 23, 1922 I would advise very much to undertake at this congress a series of changes in our political system. I would like to share with you those considerations that I consider most important. First of all, I put the increase in the number of members of the Central Committee to several dozens or even hundreds.

"Like many, he believed that Russia was defeated in the dust ..."

"He was an officer of a brave, honest and faithful" Vladimir Evstafevich Scalon was born in 1872. He belonged to a noble family of the Kursk province and was a descendant of the famous mathematician Leonard Euler. Due to the high status of the family, Skalon received a good education and made a brilliant career. In 1892 he received the rank of second lieutenant, and in 1916 he became a major general.

The legendary Soviet poet Robert Rozhdestvensky

On June 20, 1932, Robert Petkevich was born in a deaf Altai village, whom we all know as the poet Robert Rozhdestvensky. About the difficult and thorny path of the writer says "Amateur". Childhood In the small village of Kosiha there was only one Robert, with high probability we can assume that in the nearby villages there were no boys of that name.

Gun Baron

"Man-screen" Businessman Adnan Hashoggi, who earned a fortune in the arms trade, was born in 1935 in Mecca. His biography has not yet been studied in the best way. And this is only natural: people who are involved in major financial and political scandals rarely show off their personal lives. Journalists dubbed Khasoggi "screen man".