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What people guillotined for

With the help of the invention of Dr. Guillotin, many imaginary and real criminals were deprived of life, and not just the victims of the revolution of 1789. Few also know that the guillotine was actively used in the Third Reich against criminals (and fighters of underground organizations). However, this is not so much due to the fact that the Third Reich is such - in Germany the guillotine was stopped in 1949 with the prohibition of the death penalty, and in GDR the guillotine was replaced by firing squads in 1966.

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"Carelessness is also to blame"

You wanted to know my opinion about the Telegraph; I will inform you of it and warn you that this is not only my personal opinion. It is found that in this journal there are interesting articles, witty and fair remarks; but there are also pages that are expressed differently. And it is not the errors against style and taste that cause the main objections: the matter consists in a certain spirit of causticity and condemnation, in a certain desire to express and remind false positions, to extol people, widely known for their frantic opposition, almost hostile to their governments; finally (because it is precisely what it was considered possible to notice in some passages), ambiguities and hints that would be criminal if such an assumption were true.

Road to sky

Reporter: Attention, our microphone on the launch pad. After a few seconds, the launch will take place. The rocket is directed into the blue sky, the second hand runs through the last lap, everyone is waiting for it. Five, four, three, two, second, start! From the rocket nozzle burst tongue of flame. Here the rise began, faster and faster, and now only a point is visible in the blue sky.


In the mass presentation, most likely due to Soviet books and films, in particular about the post-war period, the history of the Finnish knife is more connected with the XX century. However, as the researchers note, tools of a similar form existed on the territory of Scandinavia before the Iron Age, as evidenced by bone and bronze specimens found during archaeological excavations.

The best quotes of Liza Minnelli

Brilliant in every sense Liza Minnelli today, March 12, is 70 years old. recalls the most famous and exquisite quotes from one of the most legendary women on the planet. “Let your imagination take you where you would like to be, and then think about how to do it in reality, plan your actions and rejoice in your possibilities.”

The price of victory. German Resistance during the war

Not all German society enthusiastically accepted the coming of the Nazis to power. However, there was one feature. The fact is that Hitler was incredibly lucky: in the early 1930s economic growth began in Germany. He was not associated with any measures taken by the Nazis. Just after the war, by the end of the 20s, the German mark was already stabilized, the German business, the economy regained its strength, and investments went.

Soviet commanders. Ivan Danilovich Chernyakhovsky

This is one of the rare cases - the general of the Soviet army, who died at the front. In February 1945, twice the Hero of the Soviet Union, Ivan Danilovich Chernyakhovsky was seriously wounded by fragments of an artillery shell in what was then East Prussia, and now Poland. At that time, he had already become the youngest general in the history of the Red Army.

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Decree on the destruction of estates and civil officials

THE COUNCIL OF THE PEOPLE'S COMMISSORS OF THE RSFSR ALL-RUSSIAN CENTRAL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE OF THE DECREET of November 24, 1917 ON THE DESTRUCTION OF CONVENTIONS AND CIVIL RULES 11 (24) November 1917 1. All the estates and class divisions of citizens that existed before in Russia, the estate privileges and restrictions, the estate organizations and institutions, as well as all civil ranks are abolished.

Kinocracy "Cards, money, two trunks" Guy Ritchie

The script for the film Guy Richie wrote himself, so the movie can really be attributed to the author. Sting's wife, Rudy Styler, helped herself with this film masterpiece. She liked Richie's first short film and at the same time the background to the director's first big work, “Difficult Business”. It was she who later convinced Tom Cruise to sponsor a film screening in the United States, making it recognizable around the world.

"Death factories" (18+)

In Nazi Germany and in the territories under its control there were over 14 thousand camps and prisons. They contained 18 million people, of whom more than 11 million were killed. Only in Auschwitz killed at least 4 million people. In the death camps, the conveyor was running smoothly - several thousand victims every day.

Car stories: traffic

Overtaking: a recommendation that is still in force The need to streamline traffic on the streets appeared long before the internal combustion engine was invented. According to historical chronicles, Julius Caesar tried to restore order on the roads. In the 50s BC, he introduced one-way traffic on some streets of Rome, and also restricted the passage of private carts, chariots and carriages in the daytime.

Manifesto on the Freedom of the Nobility

The immortal glory of the wise Monarch, My dear Sovereign Grandfather, Peter the Great, and the Emperor of All Russia, which coercion and coercion were forced to bear only for the welfare and benefit of His fatherland, elevating Russia to perfect knowledge of both military, civil and political affairs, only all of Europe, but most of the world is a false witness.

Bloody Olympiad

Munich, Olympic Village, Conolly-Strasse, 31 September 5, 1972 3:30. Munich post office workers serving the Olympic Village notice strange people dressed in tracksuits with backpacks on their backs. Unknown, constantly looking around, climb over the fence. “Drunk athletes,” the workers decided.

The first woman of the Russian church: Princess Olga

She was the first woman to become the ruler of one of the largest, for those times, states - Kievan Rus. The revenge of this woman was terrible, and the rule was severe. The princess was perceived ambiguous. Someone thought her wise, someone cruel and cunning, and someone a real saint. Princess Olga entered the history as the creator of the state culture of Kievan Rus, as the first ruler who was baptized, as the first Russian saint.

Hollywood Chief Gentleman Gregory Peck

"The man about whom no rumors go." Such a fame in Hollywood enjoyed Gregory Peck. The actor seemed to be the embodiment of the notion of a man of honor. The life and career of one of the most popular artists of the mid-twentieth century - in the photo selection Eldred Gregory Peck was born on April 5, 1916 in the small California town of La Jolla.

The story of one masterpiece: The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo

There are many, many frescoes on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Each of them deserves the attention of a tourist for many hours, the work of an art historian for many years and the enthusiastic words “Mamma mia!” But there is a main exhibit in this extravaganza - “The Creation of Adam”. Why this particular fresco is considered the pinnacle of Michelangelo's work, says Snezhana Petrova.

Cicero vs Mark Antony

The cycle of Cicero’s speeches was named “Philippii vs Mark Antony” in honor of the speeches of Demosthenes, in which he denounced Philip II of Macedon. Cicero made his first speech on September 2, 44 BC. er in front of the senate. In it, he shed light on the atrocities of Mark Antony, and also argued that the laws introduced by Antony were not related to the policies of Caesar.

War and crowd-torn politics

Shtatgalter VS great pensioner. It all began during the years of revolution. During the struggle with Spain to the pinnacle of power in the Nielerlands hit the noble house of Orange-Nassau. The heads of the house occupied the posts of regulars, that is, they were the rulers of all the Netherlands, of all the provinces, who strongly desired greater independence.

The first man on Everest

On July 20, 1919, Sir Edmund Hillary was born - a mountaineer who was paired with Norgay Tenzing in 1953, the first to ascend Everest. During his long and rich life, Hillary conquered several more mountain peaks, made many expeditions, even tried himself as a politician. All this is in the new gallery Diletant.

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