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Harem: how it was

At first, the harem was intended for the maintenance of slaves, because the daughters of Christian rulers from neighboring states were taken as wives. But after the reign of Bayazid II (1481−1512), this tradition changed, and the sultans began to choose wives from among the inhabitants of the harem. At first, the harem was intended for the maintenance of slaves. Of course, the main guests of the harem were the sultans themselves.

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Detox - the nightmare of the proletarian

Saving sobering centers The first Russian sobering centers appeared before the revolution. In 1902, the institution opened for the treatment and care of drunken residents in Saratov, and in 1903 - in Yaroslavl. But the Tula center became the most famous detox, which opened its doors for those who took it to the chest in 1902.

"We do not inherit the world"

His novels have been translated into 56 languages ​​and have been published in over 300 million copies in over 100 countries, and 25 films have been screened according to his scripts. His name has become synonymous with the word "bestseller." Sheldon dictated his every book to the secretary. When the manuscript reached one and a half to two thousand pages, he sat down to rewrite it, and he could repeat it more than ten times.

Rakovor battle

Участники сражения Исторические персонажи, принимавшие участие в битве, как сама эпоха, вполне могли бы стать основой сериала наподобие «Викингов». In Lithuania, after the death of King Mindovg in 1263, internecine strife began between the heirs of the king and his own comrades. Most of them died.

Ashinsky tragedy: two trains and a gas leak

The clock on the ashes froze at around 1:14 The flames engulfed everything around, it became as light as day. The carriages were torn apart and thrown out of the rut. Militiamen of Iglinsky OVD thought that someone had dropped a nuclear bomb and the Third World War had begun. By cars and tractors, they, along with residents of nearby settlements, rushed to the torch.

The very first New Year in the year 7208 from the creation of the world

Everyone's favorite holiday New Year is coming in 2016! In Russia, the tradition of celebrating the New Year was established on January 1 in 1700 by the most important tsar-reformer of national history, the first Russian emperor Peter I. Exactly 316 years ago, that is, before the advent of the new XVIII century, the New Year was celebrated on September 1, and the countdown was made from the creation of the world.

How did Rzeczpospolita disappear from the map

The first section of the Commonwealth February 19, 1772 in Vienna was signed a secret convention on the first section. Before this, on February 6, 1772, in St. Petersburg, a secret agreement was concluded between Prussia and Russia. This was done so that the Poles, separated from each other, did not have time to unite before the seizure of territories.

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Trying to kill Hitler, Colonel Stauffenberg

July 20, 1944 in the headquarters of Hitler on the Eastern Front there was an explosion. Four people died out of 24 attending the meeting. Hitler himself received fragmental wounds, burns, blood was flowing from his ears, paralyzed his arm. But he survived. Then the conspirators made many other mistakes, trying to take power that day with the help of the Berlin reserve army.

From enmity to friendship

Khrushchev and Eisenhower In 1959, an incredible thing happened: the Soviet leader first arrived in the United States on a friendly visit. Nikita Khrushchev spent nearly two weeks in the States, visiting several cities during that time and meeting with President Dwight David Eisenhower and Vice President Richard Nixon, as well as senators, governors, journalists and a corn farmer.

Pictures: the most famous Russian immigrants

Emigration from Russia became a mass in the XIX - early XX century. The reasons for the exodus were mainly political, which was especially pronounced after the 1917 revolution. recalled the most famous Russian immigrants and “defectors”. Andrei Kurbsky One of the first scandalous emigrants can be called Prince Andrei Kurbsky.

Battle of Fornovo and the beginning of the Italian Wars

Naples campaign At the end of the XV century, the Apennine Peninsula was divided into dozens of large and small possessions, led by sovereign (at least formally) rulers. In the south of Italy lies the vast kingdom of Neapolitan. In Naples, two parties and two dynasties competed for a long time: Aragon (Spanish) and Anjou (French), and this was used by the French king Charles VIII, who claimed the right to Naples.

Story vest

In Russia, there are many interesting holidays, and there is such - the Birthday of Russian vest, which is celebrated on August 19. Although it is not yet official, it is very popular in our country. Especially widely celebrated in St. Petersburg, where enthusiasts celebrate it as their own tradition.

Style of Russian stars of the 90s

Despite the fact that in the 90s the country had big problems with the economy, Russian pop stars continued to promote Russian-language music to the masses. It was in the dashing 90s that many Russian pop musicians gained their fame and visited the peak of fame. And it was during these years that we were able to see the craziest costumes of Russian stars who decided to take advantage of their freedom and put all the best on the stage at once.

Sacred Dances of George Gurdjieff

Truth and fiction It was said that Stalin officially changed his date of birth precisely by the instruction of his former classmate - the latter saw some kind of sacred need for this. However, the rumors remained rumors. There is no evidence of the stories that Stalin and Hitler really were the spiritual disciples of Gurdjieff.

Second wonder of the world

The ancient kings were able to live beautifully. Huge palaces with fountains, majestic temples, marble sculptures in honor of themselves. But most of all, the rulers loved to break beautiful gardens, where the birds of paradise delighted in singing their ears, and the tender green caressed their eyes. The most famous of these gardens belonged, according to legend, to the Assyrian queen Semiramis, and was among the 7 wonders of the world.

"Not a single winter lasted so long for me as this one"

AS Suvorin March 10, 1900 Yalta Not a single winter lasted for me as long as this one, and only time stretches, but does not move, and now I understand how I stupidly did, leaving Moscow. I have lost the accent from the north and am not accustomed to the south, and now you can think of nothing in my position, except abroad. After spring, winter began here in Yalta; snow, rain, cold, dirty - even spit.

The story of one masterpiece: "The Bronze Horseman" Falcone

Plot In August 1782, a bronze horse with a bronze emperor in the saddle reared up over the cold bank of the Neva. Mother Catherine, who wished to unobtrusively designate her greatness, ordered to indicate on the pedestal: "Peter the Great - Catherine the Second." Read: from student to teacher. Catherine II timed the opening of the Bronze Horseman to two anniversaries at once. Petra's clothing is simple and light.

War - war, and tea - on schedule

During the war, rationing products were introduced. Cards on products persisted until 1953. The bombing of London went down in history as one of the most destructive and long lasting. The air raids of the Luftwaffe - the so-called "London Blitz" - began on September 7, 1940. 550 bombers dropped more than 100 thousand incendiary and hundreds of conventional bombs onto the city in a few hours.

"Long live the brave general!"

“We all learned a little ...” My great-grandfather Miloradovich, also called Mikhail, was born in Herzegovina and came from a noble Serbian family, but during the reign of Peter I entered the Russian service and became one of the companions of the emperor. The father of the future general from infantry, Andrei Stepanovich, was a participant in several military campaigns, and then for many years he held the post of governor of Chernigov.