How did you drink in Russia?

Mikhail Saltykov-Shchedrin, "Golovlevs"

“It would be nice to sober at such a moment; It would be good to raise the temperature of the body so that, although for a short time, you feel the presence of life, but during the day you cannot get vodka for any money. It is necessary to wait for the night, to again seize upon those blissful minutes when the earth disappears from under their feet and an infinite luminous emptiness opens before the eyes instead of the four posly walls.

Mikhail Saltykov-Shchedrin, "Poshekhonskie stories"

“If you come, it happened to visit the landowner - now, this will lead to the garden. Show, drive. "This is the alley, and this is the pond." And you only think about one thing: “Will they get vodka soon?”

French traveler Astolphe de Custine

“After getting drunk, men become sensitive and instead of treating each other with cuffs, according to the custom of our drunks, they cry and kiss. Curious and strange nation! ”

Nikolai Nekrasov, “Who Lives Well in Russia?”

“No measure hops Russian.

And our grief was measured?

Is there a measure of work?

Wine brings down the peasant,

And grief does not bring him down?

Work does not bring down?

The man does not measure trouble,

Cope with everyone

What do not come.

A man, laboring, does not think

What forces will tear,

So it was over the glass

Think of that with too much

Will you please the ditch? ”

Anton Chekhov, play “The Seagull”

“Women drink more often than you think. The minority drink openly, as I do, and most secretly. Yes. And all vodka or brandy "

Anton Chekhov, from letters

“What could be more pleasant, how to drink a glass of wine after dinner on the terrace!”

Alexander Pushkin

"A fun evening in our life

Remember, young friends;

Champagne in the icy bowl

Shipela cool stream »

Mikhail Bulgakov, "Days of the Turbins"

“Let me, how can you eat herring without vodka?” Absolutely not understand! ”

Mikhail Bulgakov, "The Master and Margarita"

“Follow the old wise rule to treat like like. The only thing that brings you back to life is two piles of vodka with spicy and hot snacks. ”

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