Optional history. Twenty-fifth child in the family

Catherine was born in Siena and was either the 24th or the 25th child in the family. But even after her birth, dad and mom did not stop at what had been achieved and produced another human being, and in addition took the boy to be raised, from which it can be concluded that, first, the family had money (they were true until their father died were), and secondly, on the twenty-third, more fun. However, being the 25th child is hard. So much so that, at the age of seven, poor Katya began to think about monasticism, and at 12 she cut off her hair. While her parents thought it would be more convenient to marry a daughter, the girl stopped talking to people, started wearing chains, sleeping on bare boards and refusing food, provoking anorexia.

Catherine of Siena was silent for three years

Caught with her mother at the healing hot springs, she purposely chose the most boiling water in order to feel the "hell-flour" on her. As they say, all transitional ages are alike, and all adolescents are nuts in their own way. Having a lot of free time, Catherine was fascinated by the reading of the lives of Egyptian saints. If your home performances with chains have exhausted themselves, and the three-year vow of silence has gone unnoticed, then living is just a storehouse of new ideas. Inspired by the example of Catherine Alexandrinsky, she stated that she saw Jesus in a dream, who gave her a ring and called her a bride. The ring was played by none other than the foreskin of Christ, belonging to the most popular and miraculous relics of Catholicism, and subsequently mistaken by the theologian Leo Allatius for the rings of the planet Saturn.

Catherine of Siena’s ring was, of course, invisible to Muggles, but Catherine herself assured that she wears it without removing it. In other visions, she imagined how Jesus touched her breast, touched her heart, touched her something else, and did not need to read Didro in order to guess where the young girl had such dreams. Oh yes, she also, of course, had invisible stigmata. At some point, the Supreme Inquisitor of Siena freaked out and accused Catherine of heresy, but the matter ended in a complete excuse for the nun. Her words are famous: "Science can plunge those who possesses it into pride, while the only thing worth knowing is the science of the Cross of Christ." XIV century. That's how they lived.

Catherine of Siena suffered from anorexia.

By the age of 33, Catherine's health was so ruined that the body could not even take water. If, by necessity, she happened to share a meal with someone, then at the end of it she would retire and cause vomiting. She started to have cramps, loss of consciousness and paralysis of her legs. She was not able to go to mass on her own, and she was carried in her arms to St. Peter’s Cathedral. As you might guess, she soon died. She was cut into pieces and canonized.
For the Catholic Church, Catherine is a great persona, a model of asceticism, self-sacrifice and peacemaking. Her sermons heard thousands and thousands of believers.

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