Optional history. Two poets, two funny friends

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Anton Delvig, a graduate of the Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum, was the first person over whose death Pushkin himself wept. What happened to the fate of Alexander Sergeevich’s best friend, and what the famous poet found in Delvig’s shy and awkward, - in a new article from the “Optional History” chapter.

Reading the touching correspondence of the lyceum student Pushkin and the high school student Delvig, I would like to ask the question: why by the last names? “Dear Pushkin!” Delvig writes. "My dear Delvig!", - responds Pushkin. Well, just like two young Komsomol members, "comrades" are just not enough: dear comrade Pushkin! You're like best friends, guys?
In general, it is rather strange that they became friends at the lyceum so much, because they are too different at first glance: Pushkin was a bummer that yet, but a bummer cheerful and cheerful, and Delvig was a rather complete and cumbersome creature, not always talkative, that is, it was not some ruddy man of any kind, but an awkward, sluggish young man with glasses "with a dull memory," as Alexander Sergeyevich put it. Obese, clumsy, always dropping his pince-nez, in the morning he will not get it, he will rise early - his head is spinning. In his studies, he did not shine, for a long time he could not learn, in general, according to the recollections of teachers, "a baron with very mediocre data." Although the baron said it loudly, one word remained from the baron, it sounds beautiful, but in fact, Delvig’s father served in the Kremlin as an assistant commandant, and money in his family was, frankly, just barely enough. And after the death of his father, Delwig did not have a soul. The serf soul.

The teachers called Delvig "Baron with mediocre data"

He too was not very profitable, rather for love. About the bride - Sophia Saltykova - the parents wrote directly: the inheritance is small, but she is a good person. Alas, a good man Sophia Mikhailovna was a good short time. At first, as befits a nineteen-year-old in love with a young lady, she was touched by Anton Antonovich (“What I like is that he wears glasses”), but soon, you see, she got bored with family life with a shy goggle, especially in interesting There were no shortages, and the betrayals began. Delwig was delicately silent. In the women he was disappointed, having barely graduated from the Lyceum, and jokingly explained it this way: “In the Lyceum they forbade me to wear glasses, but all the women seemed beautiful to me; how I was disappointed in them after graduation. " He devoted only one poem to his wife.

Delvig devoted his wife only one poem

Here it is, a huge difference with Pushkin. Pushkin would have devoted twenty pieces. Least. And all are wonderful. True, he would have written a hundred wonderful poems to other people's wives, but this is a different conversation. Pushkin could jealous wife to a man who is considered almost homosexual in society, to a man who is married to another without five minutes, to challenge him to a duel and seriously shoot with him, even without any absolute evidence of betrayal and desecrated honor. Delvig, who, entering his own house, was forced not to stomp and cough at the door, so that the indiscreet visitors of the dearest spouse had time to pull on their pants, did not cause anyone to a duel. How he succeeded in such a hot era is a mystery, right. “His life was not rich in romantic adventures,” recalled Pushkin.

Even Krylov's work as a librarian was beyond Delvig's power.

With what? Of course, literature. He did not linger at any service. Even the playful work as a librarian for Krylov turned out to be impossible for Anton Antonovich. He only sat and read books all day. Many people wondered what Pushkin had found in Delwig. Well, a poet. But eloquence in the salons does not shine, beauty is no different and, in general, a rather closed type, but in a close company Delvig seemed to be transformed. He could talk for hours about still-written works, and on the move he developed storylines. Delvig, by the way, had a great imagination. He loved to write all sorts of fables, portraying himself as the main character of incredible adventures, and to laugh at unsuspecting listeners. But in general, you know, when this is happening around, you can also compose a little. It is impossible to forbid to live beautifully in a fantasy world.
The author - Olga Andreeva.

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