Selection of the largest air crashes in history

According to statistics, the safest transport in the world today is air transport. For example, each system in the aircraft is duplicated several times, which means that if one fails, the other will perform the functions of a non-working one. Also, the plane is able to take off and sit down even with one of the two engines under the wings completely failed. And most importantly, each plane before the flight passes such a meticulous inspection that even minor chips and dents on the outer hull are marked.

However, no matter how good the statistics is, there is always a chance. Today there is no absolutely safe way of transportation, and airplanes, unfortunately, also sometimes fall, being shot down and seized by terrorists. We present to you the TOP of the worst air crashes in the history of mankind.

Plane crash in Delhi

Plane crash over Delhi in 1996 claimed the lives of 349 people

November 12, 1996 in the air over Delhi, a collision of two aircraft: Il-76 of the airline Kazakhstan Airlines and Boeing 747 of the airline Saudi Arabian Airlines. The disaster occurred just sixty miles from Delhi. The Il-76, which belonged to Kazakh Airlines, dropped from fifteen to fourteen feet without receiving permission. As a result, he rammed the stabilizer and the left wing of the Boeing. All passengers of 2 planes died - 349 people. In addition to the mistakes of the crew of the IL-76, one of the reasons for the air accident was the fact that both airliners were not equipped with a collision avoidance system.

Turkish Airlines plane crash

The tragedy occurred on March 3, 1974 in France near Orly airport in Paris. The cause of the catastrophe was an error in the construction technology of the cargo compartment door, with the result that during the flight the door was just torn off, which led to the subsequent depressurization of the cabin. This is the largest air crash in the history of the DC-10 aircraft of McDonnell Douglas. The result of this error was the life of 346 people on board the aircraft.

Aircraft crash in japan

Boeing Japan Airlines crash in 1985 killed 520 people

On August 12, 1985, in Japan, not far from the famous Mount Fuji, the Boeing 747 crashed with Japan Airlines. He had to fly from Tokyo to Osaka. Having flown just twelve minutes, the plane experienced technical problems, got out of control and crashed into a mountain range. As a result of a subsequent investigation, it was found out that the main cause of the tragedy was errors and negligence during the repair of the aircraft, as a result of which the aircraft lost control and crashed. As a result of the Boeing 747 crash, 520 people died, only 4 passengers managed to survive.

Flight IR655

In 1985, a US cruiser mistakenly shot down an Iranian airliner.

On July 3, 1988, the American cruiser Vincennes over the Persian Gulf was mistakenly shot down by an Iranian airliner, the Airbus A300, with 290 people on board. The plane made a flight from Tehran to Dubai. The US military cruiser incorrectly identified him, which is why he shot down using ground-to-air missiles. All passengers died. In 1996, the United States paid Iran compensation in the amount of $ 61.8 million for 248 dead, at the rate of 300 thousand dollars for each working victim and 150 thousand for each dependent.

Plane crash in Tenerife

Plane crash in Tenerife - the largest in aviation history

This is the largest and most tragic plane crash in aviation history after the capture of four Boeings on September 11, 2001 by terrorists. It occurred on March 27, 1977, it killed 583 people. The incident occurred as a result of the collision of two large airliners during takeoff: Boeing 747, owned by Dutch and American airlines. Boeing moved along the taxiway towards each other and did not have time to get away from the collision. We managed to survive the 61st passenger.

Flight 352 Vladivostok Air

This is the largest air crash in history in Russia. Airliner TU-154M of Vladivostok Avia Airlines made a flight DD-352 on the route Yekaterinburg-Irkutsk-Vladivostok, but when approaching it at the airport of Irkutsk suddenly fell into a flat spin and fell to the ground. All 145 people on board were killed - 136 passengers and 9 crew members.

Flight 352 Vladivostok Avia - the largest plane crash of Russia

As a result of the conclusion of the state commission to investigate the crash of flight DD-352, it was found that the cause of the accident was the crew’s erroneous actions. When landing, the crew could not withstand the altitude mode of 850 meters while the aircraft was in the left U-turn at a speed less than recommended, which caused the autopilot to deflect the elevator to maintain the altitude, which increased the angle of attack. At 45 ° left roll, the co-pilot pulled the steering wheel towards him. As a result, the angle of attack increased. With a large angle of attack, much greater thrust is needed than that used by the crew. As a result, the plane went to supercritical angles of attack and began to lose wing lift. The emergency situation continued to evolve even after a 10-second delay, with an increase in engine thrust, controllability was lost. Incorrect actions of the crew commander (instinctive, contrary to instructions) only aggravated the situation, as a result the plane crashed.

An-124 catastrophe in Irkutsk

The tragedy occurred on December 6, 1997. The An-124-100 Air Force of the Russian Air Force performed a flight on the route Moscow-Irkutsk-Vladivostok-Kamran, but 3 seconds after departure from Irkutsk, 3 of its 4 engines failed. The plane that lost control fell to the residential buildings of the Aviastroiteli residential area. 68 people died (45 of them on the ground). In 1999, the Church of the Nativity of Christ was built on the site of one of the destroyed houses in memory of the dead.

The attacks of September 11, 2001

The attacks of September 11, 2001 killed 2977 people

On the morning of September 11, 19 terrorists, divided into four groups, captured four scheduled passenger airliners. Invaders sent two of these aircraft to the World Trade Center towers located in southern Manhattan in New York, the third aircraft was sent to the Pentagon building located near Washington, and the passengers and the crew of the fourth airliner attempted to seize control of the aircraft from terrorists, but all ended with the plane crashing into a field near Borough Shanksville in the state of Pennsylvania.

In addition to 19 terrorists, 2977 people died as a result of the attacks, another 24 were missing. Most of the dead were civilians.

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