Love from the first frame: sex characters in the movie

Clint Eastwood

If coyotes howl in a movie, shoot revolvers and ride horses, then somewhere near Clint Eastwood. Indeed, the American actor became famous primarily as a hero of westerns: what is his role alone in the movie "Good, Bad, Evil." The peak of his popularity came in the 60−80-ies: during his career in the cinema, Clint Eastwood managed to play in 60 films and received four Oscars. One of them, by the way, he was awarded for his directorial work: from 1971, Eastwood began to act in films that he himself directed.

Fragment of the movie "Good, Bad, Angry" with Clint Eastwood

Alain Delon

Alain Delon, who, as you know, prefers double bourbon to cologne, became famous and successful not immediately: he had to work at the slaughterhouse, carry newspapers and fight in Indochina. The external data of the Frenchman at first even interfered with his acting career, since many directors considered him too pretty for the movie screen. Career actor quickly went up the hill after the movie "The Talented Mr. Ripley," in which Alain Delon played the main villain. With Soviet women, his name eventually became a household word: men began to be called that, who enjoyed great success with women of the opposite sex.

Trailer for the film "The Talented Mr. Ripley"

Sean Connery

The uniqueness of the British actor is that he has become the darling of women at a rather mature age. People magazine called Shaun Connery a sex symbol when he turned 59. Of course, his main role is the elusive agent Bond. James Bond. He played him in seven films of the works of Ian Fleming, forming a reference image of a special agent in the cinema. In 2003, Sean Connery went into retirement: for more than 10 years he has been carelessly living with his wife in the Bahamas.

Fragment of the film "Never Say Never" with Sean Connery

Jean-Paul Belmondo

The “French New Wave” was born in the middle of the 20th century and marked the rejection of predictable scenes in cinema. On the crest of this wave, washing away the foundations of commercial cinema, a young rebel Jean-Paul Belmondo rose. In the film "On the last breath," which became a peculiar manifesto of the "New Wave", Belmondo played a handsome and careless villain, whom the public met enthusiastically. Then, when Belmondo appeared in Hollywood action films, one storyline almost always could have been guessed beforehand: not one pretty woman — both in life and in film — could not resist the French lovelace.

Fragment of the film "On the last breath"

Paul newman

The American actor, a native of Cleveland, often calls the owner of the most famous blue eyes in the history of cinema. Paul Newman was generously gifted with talents: in addition to being nominated for Oscar ten times, he was able to win the title of the best US race car driver several times in between shooting sessions, and also founded the large food company Newman's Own. The real popularity came to Newman in the middle of the XX century after the role in the movie “Someone up there loves me”. In total, during his career, he managed to play in more than 80 films. Authoritative People magazine recognized him as one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world.

Fragment of the film “Someone up there loves me”

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