Television science. Man, woman and a lot of soap

The story is quite prosaic. Ingmar Bergman took up advertising for money. However, like any artist working in television, he was able to leave his unique mark on the history of the small screen. You should not look for metaphysical sense in this series of commercials. It is better to pay attention to the skill and inexhaustible fantasy of their author.

Ingmar Bergman was not proud of his work on television

In fact, this is a series that has cross-cutting themes, one object (Breeze soap) and a new plot each time. Each movie - minifilm. The thirty-three-year-old director was able to fit stories unlike each other in a fairly short period of time. Of course, this is primarily a game with a tele-language: the future “clip” editing, television genres, narrative techniques. The film industry has not remained aloof: the eye of the eye with merciless sarcasm reveals its wrong side. And the main characters of these commercials: Man and Woman. Well, it could not be otherwise when there is so much foam and malicious bacteria around.

Movie 1. Pianist

The very first movie of the series. Here Ingmar Bergman sets the main themes of the entire series and reveals to us the main means of expression. Firstly, this is the theatricalization of what is happening, a spectacular musical accompaniment and the presence of a “presenter” in the frame. It is the commentator of what is happening and is our guide to the world of commercials.

Movie 2. Tennis player

Sport and hygiene go hand in hand. Video with tennis player-second in the soap series advertising. Here we see a small “theater” - the space of figurative illustration. Today, in such cases, computer graphics are used, but during the years of shooting the video, these were decorations imitating the structure of human skin. Bacteria are like clown actors. Their active work is transmitted through dance.

In the commercials, Bergman tried to use all the features of the screen language

The scene in the shower is interesting for its light-shadow solution. With the appearance of soap in the frame, the illumination becomes richer and the nameless silhouette acquires familiar outlines.

Movie 3. Gustav III

This video is a costume historical film telling us about hygiene in the era of King Gustav III. However, in conclusion, we are presented with an actress, reading offscreen text. We find ourselves in a recording studio. The company is an actor playing the king. So "the magic of the movie" is destroyed.

More than 500 ships and almost 200 thousand people came together in the battle

Movie 4. Operation

In this video Ingmar Bergman, totally exposes the "seams" of film production, we see the backstage of the "dream factory"

Movie 5. Magic

Using the technique of combined filming, Bergman shows us the classic struggle of Good and Evil, but in miniature. A sort of small puppet theater, in which real actors play.

Movie 6. Inventor

The inventor and his associate (a reference to the image of Pierre and Marie Curie?) Develops a recipe for anti-bacterial soap. The video uses an animation fragment illustrating a view through a microscope. However, the brilliant story turns out to be a dream. The awakened hero is sent to implement his idea. Like many scientists. his illumination he received in a dream.

Movie 7. Rebus

One of the most interesting commercials. Video bus from Ingmar Bergman. At first we see the cutting of frames, then the leader explains to us what was encrypted in them. Tip: the phrase "Breeze kills bacteria, no bacteria, no smell." In Swedish.

Movie 8. The third dimension

Fun parody of the technology of 3D cinema. The girl from the screen pours water from the audience shower, and at the end jumps straight into the crowd adoring her. Well, the years go by, but the themes remain the same.

Ingmar Bergman ironically treated the possibilities of stereo movie

Movie 9. Princess and swineherd

Setting a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. Costume story with famous heroes and an unexpected denouement.

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