"I got married and has since healed happily."

“I don’t think there is at least one man in the world who is faithful to his wife”

John F. Kennedy

“It's easier to manage a nation than to raise four children”

"I got married and since then he lived happily."

Winston Churchill

"The child is grateful to parents for submission and respect."

“The good position hostess is: to be quiet, modest, constant, careful; to God who is zealous, to the father-in-law and respectful mother-in-law; to treat the husband lovingly and well, to teach small children to justice and love of neighbor; in front of relatives and relatives to be courteous, kindly listen to listening with pleasure, to shun lies and slyness; not to be idle, but reliant on any product and thrifty in expenses. ”

Catherine II

“Love for an idle person is an occupation, for a warrior - entertainment, for a sovereign - an underwater stone”.

"The nature of marriage is not provided."

Napoleon Bonaparte

“Marriage is a divine rite. He was part of God's purpose when He created man. This is the closest and holiest connection on earth. "

“In love you need a special delicacy. You can be sincere and faithful, and yet in the speeches and actions may not be enough of the tenderness that so conquers the heart ... The closer the relationship, the harder the heart from the look, tone, gesture or words that talk about irritability or just thoughtless. "

Alexandra Fedorovna Romanova

"Strengthen the family, because it is the basis of a rare state."

From the testament of Alexander III to the heir

"The desire to marry continued until breakfast, and then passed."

“Today I was visited by a feeling of love. Having had dinner, this feeling disappeared. ”

Nikolai II

"I owe everything in my life to my father, and this is extremely interesting, because the things I learned in a small town, in a very modest family, are exactly the things that I think helped me to win the elections."

“Society as such does not exist: there are only men and women. Oh yeah, more families. ”

Margaret Thatcher

“Marriage is not heaven or hell, it’s just purgatory.”

Abraham Lincoln

“Very many husbands, even from proletarians, think about how much they can alleviate the wife’s worries and even remove them from her if they want to help in“ women's work ”. But no, because this is contrary to the "right and dignity of her husband." He demands that he have rest and comfort. The home life of a woman is the daily sacrifice of oneself in thousands of insignificant trifles. The old right of domination of the husband continues to live in a hidden form ... the backwardness of a woman, her lack of understanding of her husband’s revolutionary ideals weakens his vigor and determination in the struggle. ”

Vladimir Lenin

"A wise wife makes his house, and a fool destroys it with her own hands."

"Hate stirs up contention, but love covers all sins."

King Solomon

“Forgetting service for a woman is unforgivable. Being a prisoner of a mistress is worse than a prisoner in a war; the enemy may rather have freedom, while the woman has long-term fetters. ”

Peter I

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