"We have no middle ground: either in the snout, or please come with a pen!"

"In all countries, railways are used for transportation, and in our country, moreover, for theft."

"She had at her disposal enormous strength: stubbornness of stupidity."

“There are legions of tomboys who have a“ state ”in their tongues, and in their thoughts they have a pie with a bureaucratic filling.”

"I wanted something: not the constitution, not the sturgeon with horseradish, or to tear someone off."

“It is allowed, when meeting with the authorities, to express the pleasure experienced by this polite and respectful gestures”.

"We have no middle ground: either in the snout, or please come with a pen!"

"A writer whose heart has not suffered from all the pains of the society in which he operates, can hardly claim in literature a value higher than mediocre and very transient."

“The literature has been removed from the laws of corruption. She alone does not acknowledge death. ”

"If a person starts to be surprised at Holy Russia, he will be dumbfounded in surprise, and so to the death with a pillar and will stand up."

"The Russian woman is always the same: in the city and in the village she is always looking for something, some kind of lost pin, and in no way can she keep silent that finding this pin can save the world."

“When and which bureaucrat was not convinced that Russia is a cake to which you can freely approach and have a snack?”

“In the words“ I haven’t noticed anything ”there is already a whole reputation that will in no way allow a person to plunge into the abyss of absolute obscurity.”

“It's still nothing that in Europe for one ruble is given for one ruble, it will be worse if they give it in the face for our ruble.”

"All great writers and thinkers were great because they talked about the basics."

“The constant subject of my literary activity was a protest against arbitrariness, lying, predation, betrayal, thoughtlessness, and so forth. Rummage as much as you want in the whole mass of my writing - I vouch, you will not find anything else.”

"There are people who knock dead Persians with dead hands, who call out the sound of victory and hear the sound of victory!" And the gaping hollows look around instead of the eyes: who does not knock on Percy and ...?.

“Literature everywhere is valued not on the basis of its nasal samples, but on the basis of those of its leaders who truly lead society forward.”

Watch the video: benny blanco, Halsey & Khalid Eastside official video (January 2020).


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