Sunset of the Byzantine Empire

I, 1. And on the 28th day of the month of July of the tenth year Timur killed Sultan Bayezid; This Bayazid was the fifth ruler in his family. The first was Ertogrul, and the second was Othman, from whom the Atumalids originated; the third is Orhan, the fourth is Murad, the fifth is Bayazid, the sixth is Mehmed, the seventh is Murad, the eighth is Mehmed, who captured us and expelled from Constantinople.

II, 1. At the beginning of the 12th year, from the West to Constantinople, Saint Basileus Kiru Manuil Paleolog returned from the West.

2. And in the 13th year of the month of February, 8th day, the second Constantine was born to him, who also became a basil.

III, 1. Starting from the 12th to the 21st, many significant and noteworthy events took place: I am talking about the arrival to the West of the five sons of Sultan Bayazid - Muslim, Mose, Yesse, Mehmed and Yusuf, who became a Christian and received the name Dimitri; about the death of basil John Cyrus in Thessaloniki and about the arrival there of his uncle the holy basil Cyrus Manuel, and about the establishment in Thessalonica of the power of his son the despot Cyrus Andronicus; and about the death of the despot Cyrus Theodore of Porphyry in Moscow, and about the arrival of his brother, the Holy Basil of Cyrus Manuel, to Moray; and about the death of the Sultan Musulman at the hands of his brother Mose, and about the three-year war of this Mose with the holy basil Cyrus Manuel; and about blindness in the vicinity of Larissa Orhan, the son of Musulman; and about the arrival of his brother Mehmed-Kuryugi from the East to the West, about his defeat and return to the East and again about sending him through Constantinople to the West, his victory and Mose's death, and also about the death of Constantine, the second son of St. Basil's, Kiru Manuil in Monemvasia , as well as his two daughters; and about the birth in Constantinople of Tsarevich Kir, Michael, and his death from the plague, and about the similar death of Chelebi Kir Dimitri; and about the birth of Tsarevich Kir, Dimitrii and Tsarevich Kir, Thomas; and some other significant events. However, since all of this was due to my imperfect age, I did not know well and precisely - what year and month happened and how - I am passing by in silence.

Iv. 1. In the month of July 21, he left Constantinople and went to the island of Thasos, St. Basil Cyrus Manuel, and reached it in September 22. Then from there he went to Thessalonica and to Morea and rebuilt Examilion.

2. For in March, 22, he arrived safely at the port, called Kenhrei. And on the 8th day of the month of April I began to clean and restore this Examilion, which is 3800 Uggius in length. He built 153 towers on it. An inscription on marble was found, saying: "Light from the light, the true god from the true god, keep the autocrat Justinian and his faithful servant Quiz and all those who inhabit Hellas, from the god of the living."

3. And in the month of March 24, he returned to Constantinople. In the same month, after the return of this holy basil, the patriarch of St. Euthymius died; and on May 21 of the same year, Metropolitan of Ephesus Kiru Joseph became the patriarch.

4. And in the 25th year, in the autumn, he went to Morea basil Cyrus John; and at the same time, passing through Thessalonica, he took Mustafa, the imaginary son of Bayazid, allegedly pursued by his brother Mehmed, and sent to Lemnos, and then to Mystra.

V, 1. In the winter of the same year, the sea began on the Black Sea; among the commanders who were there with their families in one of the fortresses was my son-in-law, Gregory Palaeolog Mamon, the fairest man, the son of the great duke of Mamon, once the ruler of Monemvasia and its environs, along with his wife, my sister, and daughter; the first child died, 7 days after the child - the father, and seven days after the father - the mother, as well as six of their servants, men and women, so that only two of them remained. Arriving in Constantinople, they told in one voice about this to my unfortunate parents, who could not survive this news: and if it did not kill them immediately, then they, exhausted, died later; All this was the reason why my parent did not go to Morea with Tsarevich Thomas as his tutor, and I — his epitrapia and keliot, as was prescribed to us by the holy basil, the father of the prince; we also met because my elder brother was in Morea together with the basil John. My younger brother after the death of the elder, leaving his father, mother and brothers, became a monk in a monastery called Kharsianit, in which the true teacher Kiru stayed also Joseph.

2. As the sea began in spring and summer in Constantinople, in August, Anna from Russia died from the plague and despina Cyrus and was buried in the Livsky Monastery.

VI, 1. And at the beginning of the year 26, prince kir Thomas was sent to Moray by his holy basil father; In the same year, Basileus Cyrus John returned to Constantinople. And Saint Basil's father introduced me to his chambers on March 17, when I was 16 and a half years old, he was 69 and a half.

2. And in the year 27, in the month of November, Despina Cyrus Sofia, daughter of the Marquis of Montferrat, arrived in Constantinople. And on the 19th day of January of the same year he was blessed and married to her in St. Sophia basil John; and the wedding is truly turned into a festival of festivities and a celebration of celebration.

VII, 1. And in the year 28 the Sultan of Kyurigy-Mehmed arrived in order to cross over from the walls of Constantinople to the East; and they secretly learned in advance from his people that he was going there to arrange affairs in the East, and upon returning he had the goal and desire to go against Constantinople, all archons who were dedicated to the mystery of the holy basil church and some of the clergy encouraged and advised the holy basil to seize him. He did not agree at all, saying: “I will not break the oath I gave him, even if I were convinced that he was going to take us captive when he was here; if, on the contrary, he breaks his oaths, it remains to rely on a god who is much stronger than him. ”

2. For this reason, he did not send any of his sons to meet this wicked man, but only the beautiful man Dimitri Leondaris, Isaac Asan and the prostrator Manuel Kantakuzin, along with numerous sons of archons, warriors and gifts; they met with him near Cutulon and rode with him to Diplokioneon; all the way he talked with Leondaris.

3. There, in Diplokionion, was the holy basil and his sons, as well as the galley for its crossing, and he climbed on it. Already at sea, they greeted each other from the galley and, chatting, sailed to that place on the Anatolian coast, which is now called Scutarion, formerly called Chrysopolis. And having left the galley, he entered the tent prepared for him. Vasileusa ate and drank in galleys and exchanged dishes with the Sultan; by evening he rode on the road leading to Nicomedia, and the basilevs returned home.

4. In the spring of the same year, returning to the West, he went through Kallipoli to Adrianople. Saint Basil, having equipped Dimitri Leondaris, sent him to the Sultan so that he would find out about his intentions and inform about them, and reminded him of the love and honors that had been rendered to him, and of the crossing, and of the messenger himself, I mean his personality and the gifts he delivered. Sultan received him with the greatest honor and love, and in the end he told him: “For a few days I feel unwell, but I will recover, and we will eat, drink and talk together.” However, after three days he died.

VIII, 1. And they did not inform Leondar of the incident, he was in his tent and wondered why the sovereign did not invite him to listen to his case. He learned of his death almost at that time, when they secretly blocked the roads leading to Constantinople, and although Leondaris sent many messengers, they could not get through. And the days passed, and after this the secret design against Constantinople was revealed; and there was a lot of noise, anxiety and thoughts, and the holy basil received many reproaches from those who advised him, because of the plague in the Perivepta monastery, to seize the sultan.

2. Only when another man sent Leonardar along another road leading to Mesemvriya, and from there he sailed across the sea, brought a letter with the news that the sultan had died, and it happened truly like this: “in the evening weeping sets, and in the morning joy” .

3. And then they fell into another anxiety, and other thoughts and concerns emerged: whether to conclude an alliance with the son of Sultan Murad and allow him to become a ruler, as was their oath contract, or bring from Mustafa and make him ruler in the West, but Murada-ruler in the East. Holy basil-father advised and considered the first for many reasons, his son and Dimitri Kantakuzin believed that the second should be done and that then Mustafa would give them Kallipoli; in the end, as if yielding, Saint Basil transferred the authority to his son, saying: “Do as you like, for I, my son, are old and weak and close to death, and I gave you the kingdom and his deeds to you, as you want".

IX, 1. And in the month of September 29, Basile Cyrus John traveled to the galleys in Kallipoli, and bringing Sultan Mustafa from Moray, made him ruler in the West (and Kallipoli welcomed him, and a few days later the basil, according to the promise, demanded the city, Mustafa He answered: “All Turks say that our faith is in Kallipoli, and we cannot give it in any way”), while Murad from the East through ambassadors repeatedly asked and demanded it.

2. At the beginning of the winter of the same year, he crossed over to the West in the upper part of the Bosphorus, Bayazid, a useful man, a ballerbay, a former vizier of his father Murad and ruler of Ankira, in order to subdue, if he could, the power of Murad West. And Mustafa again marched from Kallipoli to overpower him; and near Adrianople, he seized this Bayazid, killed him and seized all power over the wicked in the West.

3. And returning to Kallipoli, Mustafa, in the same year, crossed over to the East, speaking out against his nephew Murad, who was in Prus, and, defeated by him, returned to the West.

4. And in the summer of the same year, Murad himself crossed on the Genoese ships and, pursuing his uncle, overtook and killed him at the beginning of the 30th year.

X, 1. And on June 8 of the same year, he sent Mikhalbey and blocked Constantinople, and on the 15th day of the same month Murad himself, his lord, arrived and laid siege to the city, bringing with them chained apocrisaries who had been sent to him before for the conclusion of peace - Dimitri Kantakuzin, Matthew Laskaris and grammar of Angel Philommatis.

2. And on the 22nd day of the month of August, he undertook a general assault on the city. And on the 6th day of the month of September 31, without having achieved, with God's help, success, he withdrew from Constantinople.

XI, 1. And on the 30th day of the same month Mustafopoulos, the brother of this Murad, appeared and crossed over to Constantinople and stopped at the royal palace, and the next day, on October 1, he bowed to the basilica.

2. And on the same day, after lunch, one-sided paralysis occurred in St Basil's Kiru Manuil. Seeing him, the Turks who came from the East with Mustafopoulos, amazed by one of his views, said with astonishment that he looked like Mahomet, the founder of their faith; as once, Bayazid, his enemy, said about him that even those who did not know that he was a basil would just say that "he should be king."

3. And Mustafopoulos, having spent in vain because of what happened with the holy basil a few more days in Constantinople, finally went to Silimvriya, having stayed there for a short time, returned to Constantinople and, having passed it, left for Prusa. In the spring of the same year, Mustafopoulos's brother also crossed over to the East; opposing him, he killed him, taking advantage of the betrayal of his entourage.

XII, 1. And in May of the same year Turhan destroyed Examilion in Morea and destroyed many Albanians.

2. And in the summer of the same year, Tsarevich Kir Dimitri fled with Hilarion Doria and his son-in-law Giurgi Isaul, and they arrived in Galata to go to the Turks, but went not to them, but to Hungary.

3. And on the 15th day of November, 32, the basil of St. Catherine John traveled to Italy and Hungary, making the despot of his brother Prince Tsar Constantine and leaving him in Constantinople instead of himself.

4. And on the 22nd day of the month of February of the same year we concluded a peace treaty with Sultan Murad; the ambassadors were Luca Notar, who later became a megaduct, Melahrinos Manuil and I for the following reasons: Melahrinos traveled in advance to the sultan and found out that he wanted peace, Notar - to conclude it on the best possible conditions, as a useful and suitable person; I am as a messenger from Saint Despina, a relative of this Sultan on the part of his mother and that, if necessary, write encrypted letters to Saint Basil and his son Basil, who is in Hungary.

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