Take it off, TRIVA!

Despite the fact that TRIVA was filmed on the territory of a secure factory, in general, the photographers had no problems. They even arranged exhibitions. Problems appeared after the participation of TRIVA in foreign expositions. In 1982, the group began to check the party organs. Most of the photos had to be destroyed. Registration was canceled, all three were dismissed from the factory.

Parental day in pioneer camp, 1985

Athletes throwing a log. Novokuznetsk, 1987

Volgograd region, 1982

The doctor in the registry window. Gorno-Altaisk, 1990

Shrovetide at the miners. Novokuznetsk, 1984

The funeral of the CPSU General Secretary Yuri Andropov. Novokuznetsk

Turn. Novokuznetsk, 1982

Book Shop. Novokuznetsk, 1983

"Happiness passing by", Novokuznetsk, May 1, 1983

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