20 highest churches in the world

Temples have long been considered the place where the earth connects with the heavens. Architects sought to make this relationship more tangible, so there are many very high churches in the world.

1. The height of 161.5 m Ulm Cathedral (1377-1890gg.) Ulm, Germany

High temples made the connection tangible between earth and sky

2. Height 158 ​​m. Notre Dame de la Pe (1989). Height includes a cross on the main dome. Yamoussoukro Cote d'Ivoire

The highest temple is the Ulm Cathedral. Height 161.5 m
3. Height 157.4 m. Cologne Cathedral (1248-1880). The highest church in the world with two identical towers. 533 steps lead to a height of 100 meters. Koln. Germany

4. Height 151 m. Rouen Cathedral (1877). The highest cast-iron tower in the world. Ruan France

5. Height 147.3 m. Cathedral of St. Nicholas (1874). Not restored after World War II, left as a monument. Hamburg Germany

6. Height 142 m. Strasbourg Cathedral (1439). C 1625 to 1874 the highest building of mankind. Strasbourg. France

7. The height of 141.5 m Basilica of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Likhenskaya (2004). Lichen-Old. Poland

8. Height 136.4 m St. Stephen's Cathedral (1433g.). Vein. Austria

9. Height 134.8 m. New Cathedral (1924). Linz Austria

10. Height 132.5 m. St. Peter’s Cathedral. Petersdom (1626g.) Vatican

11. Height 132.2 m. St. Peter's Cathedral. First building in 1516. Restored after the Hamburg fire in 1878. Hamburg. Germany

12. Height 132 m. St. Michael's Church (1786). Called colloquially as "Michel". Hamburg Germany

13. Height 130.6 m St. Martin's Cathedral (1500g.) Landshut. Germany

14. Height 129 m. The oratory of St. Joseph (1917-1967) Montreal. Canada

15. Height 125.4 m. Church of St. Jacob (1962). Hamburg. Germany

16. Height 124.9 m. Church of St. Mary (1350g.) Lübeck. Germany

17. Height 124 m. Cathedral in Maring (1959-1972) Maring. Brazil

18. Height 123.7 m. Church of St. Olaf (1267). At the turn of the 16th century, the height reached 159 meters, which allowed it to be considered the tallest building in the world since 1549, when the tower of Lincoln Cathedral collapsed, before its own misfortune, a fire in 1625 Tallinn. Estonia

19. Height 123.5 m. Church of St. Peter (1209-1690). Riga. Latvia.

20. Height 123.1 m. Salisbury Cathedral (1220-1258). Salisbury. Great Britain

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