"On the registration of citizens in urban settlements"


dated April 28, 1925


In addition to the development of the decree of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee and the Council of People's Commissars R. S.F.S.R. of June 20, 1923 on the identity card (Sobr. Uzak., 1923, N 61, Art. 575), Council of People's Commissars R.S.F.R. Decides:

To approve the following rules for registration of citizens in urban settlements:

1. Every person who arrives for a residence in a house located within an urban settlement, even if this residence was temporary, for a period of more than three days, is obliged to immediately declare his stay to the house management (owner or tenant) of the house, hotel or furnished room.

2. The house authority, homeowner or tenant of the house must, within forty-eight hours, enter the information about the person who arrived in the house book and register the record in the relevant police station.

3. For registration, the presentation of one of the following documents is sufficient:

a) an identity card received by a citizen by decree of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee and the Council of People's Commissars R.S.F.S.R. of June 20, 1923 on the identity card;

b) act (or old metric) statement of birth;

c) a payment book or other certificate from the place of work or service;

d) membership card of a trade union;

e) other identity documents.

4. In the absence of any documents, a temporary, for a period of not more than three months, registration is allowed upon a written application of the newcomer containing all the necessary information.

Note. During the three-month period, the newcomer is obliged to submit any of the documents specified in art. 3 of this Regulation.

5. Regardless of the submission of the relevant document, the house authorities are obliged to demand personal books and other documents from the persons who are required for military service, indicating their attitude to military service, according to the Guidelines for the registration of persons subject to military service and not to prescribe them without presenting them.

6. The basis for the registration of foreign citizens is a residence permit established for them.

7. Upon the departure of a citizen from the place of residence, the house department is obliged to make a corresponding note in the house book within two days and register it with the respective police station.

8. The presentation at registration of other people's documents, the forgery of those, as well as the reporting of false information in a written statement (Article 4) is punishable under Art. 85a, 222 and 226b of the Criminal Code.

9. Failure by homeowners, tenants of houses and persons responsible for the house management of the responsibilities entrusted to them on the basis of this Resolution shall entail administrative penalties in the amount of not more than twenty five rubles.

10. The People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs is entrusted with issuing instructions on the application of this Resolution within two weeks.

Council of People's Commissars
A. Lezha

Council of People's Commissars

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