Beloved king


In foreign policy, Louis understood very mediocre, but this did not prevent him from taking part in two devastating wars. Probably, they also seemed to the monarch a kind of "entertainment." As to the fact that such events negatively affected the state of the treasury, the king did not particularly worry. One day it dawned on Louis and his entourage: you can insist that his subjects donate their jewelry and other valuables to finance the army.

Soon after, the monarch asked the Duke d'Eyen whether he had handed over the silver for the needs of the state. D'Eyen shook his head. The king said reproachfully: “I have already sent mine.” Then the duke, according to legend, replied: “Ah, sovereign! When Jesus Christ died on Good Friday, he knew very well that he would return to life on Bright Sunday. ”

All is well, beautiful marquise

The king spent a significant period of his life under the influence of his favorite Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson, who went down in history as the Marquis de Pompadour. For two decades, the monarch's mistress actually resolved many government issues for Louis. However, the Marquis was also not too far-sighted politician. She idolized luxury, was fascinated by art and fully shared the opinion of Louis about the "flood". By the way, there is a perception that it was de Pompadour who first used this phrase.

Marquise de Pompadour

The wasteful couple and their entourage drove the country into a deep crisis. The favorite tried to solve this problem: she advised the king to appoint talented economist Etienne de Siluet to the post of general inspector of finance. However, the official, who decided to introduce a luxury tax, quickly disappointed the monarch and the Marquis.

The assassination of Damien

Among the representatives of all segments of the population began to boil discontent with the policy of the king and his incredible waste. It was even the fact that the Frenchman Robert-Francois Damien planned to kill Louis.

Robert Francois Damien

In January 1757 the king left the walls of his palace in Trianon and was already getting into the carriage when an angry man broke through a number of guardsmen and attacked the monarch. Damien was captured almost instantly, but he still managed to hit Louis with a penknife. The injury, by the way, turned out to be completely insignificant, but such an act could not remain without serious punishment: Damien was sentenced to death. Even the remorse of the criminal did not affect the outcome of the case.

Without false modesty

Marquis de Pompadour was not the first and not the only favorite of the king. Before her, this responsible “post” was occupied by the Duchess de Chateauroux. She died suddenly at a very young age - the monarch's mistress was only 27 years old. The death of a woman was so unexpected that a rumor instantly spread in high society that she was poisoned.

Duchess de Chateauroux

Although Louis was heartbroken, he did not forget about his ambitions. Mourning his beloved, he said: “How terrible that I will have to mourn for so long - I’ll live to at least ninety years old!” The prophecy of the king did not come true: he died at 64. And during the course of his life, he did not mourn too much the departed Duchess. The king's lovers were in abundance: from a young age they began to prepare special selected girls for his “harem”.

High stakes game

Once, the king spent his leisure playing cards. His opponent was Marshal d'Estre. The latter was not the most skilled player and rather quickly owed the monarch a very significant amount. Having counted the losses, the marshal decided to hastily leave. Then Louis reminded: "But you still have an estate!"

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