"Only perverts think, I stopped thinking as soon as I became the boss"

“Only political short-sightedness can explain the readiness of some politicians in the West to write off Russia from among the great powers”

“A sign of a great power - when your country is needed, they want to deal with it. Russia is a great power precisely because many problems in the international arena cannot be solved without it. ”

"Crooks need to catch, not to hide money"

“I am not in favor of cornering. When we drive to the corner with sanctions and so on, with this we strengthen the extremist element. We do not weaken them, because the very top of these sanctions loses nothing. Losing people. But it’s naive to think that this will translate into outrage. ”

“The US itself creates the illusion of a threat and, as it were, protects Europe from it”

“If the plane is in distress, the autopilot will not cope with the abnormal situation. Only the personal skill of the pilot is able to save the ship. Similarly with the economy. The autopilot does not operate in extreme conditions. When contradictions accumulate and a crisis breaks out, automatic control is canceled in all countries. Not even canceled - it's just impossible. Self-regulation of the economy disappears as a factor. ”

“To wet the toilet, as you quote, is intended only for those who are directly involved in terrorist actions. And if you try to "soak" there all indiscriminately, the sewer system will fail "

“Climbing out, solving operational tasks, we must keep tomorrow in mind. Then the crisis will become not only a fever, but also a catharsis. Just as a man, having healed, is reborn, is poured with fresh forces. ”

“The war will not end, I'm sure. Look at what started the First World War - with the redistribution of spheres of influence in the colonial world. The second is because of Japan, which wanted to capture half the world, and Hitler, who claimed to be Europe. And now there is a powerful deterrent force - nuclear weapons. ”

“For success, the mind is bad, you just need to have a smart look”

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