And laughter, and sin: the absurd laws of the United States

There are a lot of jokes about American laws. But they really work! And for violation, you can get a fine or detention.
In the state of New York, it is forbidden to greet each other in the manner of Pinocchio. And if you decided to hit someone on the head with a ball, forget - it is punished.

In Kansas, it is illegal to serve wine in tea cups.
Flirt with someone in the state of New York - get ready to pay a $ 25 fine. And do not talk to strangers in the elevator, it is forbidden. It is better to stand with arms at the seams and looking at the elevator door.

You cannot keep a horse in the bathroom in South Carolina.

Montana is actually legalized murder. It looks like this: any citizen can use firearms if a group of 7 or more Indians (armed or mounted) penetrates his courtyard. By the way, this law also operates in other countries, it differs only in the number of Indians.
In California, it is forbidden to ride a bike in the pool.

In New Jersey, a person planning a murder does not have the right to wear body armor. Without it, apparently, everything is possible.
In Arizona, it is illegal to have more than two dildos in your home.

In Maryland, you can not come to the cinema with a lion

Maine State authorities have forbidden to leave the plane during the flight.
Kansas residents are not allowed to cross the road at night unless they have taillights or a reflector. And in Connecticut at this time it is forbidden to run backwards.
In Oregon, it is illegal to exercise by driving a car.
Flying over Alaska, it is forbidden to view moose.

In the state of Utah it is forbidden to walk the streets with a paper bag in which the violin lies.
Arkansas dogs should not bark after 6pm.
In California, the speed of the car without a driver should not exceed 60 miles per hour.

Fake Cocaine Not Sold in Arizona

In Texas you will not find the British Encyclopedia: the publication is prohibited because of the article "How to make beer at home."
In Tennessee, it is forbidden to sell firewood with a cavity inside.
In Maine, it is illegal to tickle women on the chin with a feather duster to remove dust.
On Sundays, you can not walk around the city, putting the ice cream cone in the back pocket of your pants. The law is valid in the states of Alabama and New York.

In Oregon, it is illegal to exercise by driving a car.

In Hawaii, it is illegal to carry coins in your ears.

In Wisconsin, it is illegal to serve a cheese-free apple pie in a public place.
And finally. In the state of New York punishment for a jump from a skyscraper - the death penalty.

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