"Are there any good artists among Suzdalians?"

In the city of Suzdal, which was once the center of the province, and now belongs to Vladimir province, in the city itself and in the surrounding villages are made those paintings that can be called the pretext of Russian worship, if not their object. These sacred paintings are painted on wooden tablets, poured from metal into low relief, enameled, and probably also cut from wood. Whether sculptural images of saints are also produced at the same time is doubtful, because Peter the Great forbade statues in churches.

I would like to have detailed information about these items in relation to their production - the number of people involved in this business, and whether this production is a significant branch of trade.

Is it possible to know how long these institutions have been located in this place? Are there still old Greek icons that are copied as patterns? Are there any good artists among Suzdalians? Is everything written in the old sacred style? Or are they also writing other plots in a more modern way?

It would be most pleasant to have samples of each kind of these icons, even the smallest size, the work of the best contemporary artists possible, because it would be instructive for an art lover to see how the branch of art that came from ancient times to Constantinople has survived to this day without change by imitation, while in all other countries art moved forward and was given away from its original religious strict forms.

Although in this area there are no rosaries made in monasteries, I would also like to have a few samples of the latter, especially those brought by monks from Mount Athos.

Source: Wolfgang Goethe. Articles and thoughts about art. - M .: Art, 1936. - p. 371 - 372.

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