Insatiable Queen

On a diet of cakes and curry, Queen Victoria was really quite an obese woman with a waist over 120 cm by the age of 80. However, the Queen’s youth did not end in gastronomic excesses. The young girl in the hedgehog mittens was held by her mother, the Duchess of Kent. Victoria was under her constant supervision and received bread and milk from her mother. It is not surprising that with such a diet Victoria weighed a little less than 45 kg. But after becoming queen, she quickly fell in love with delicacies and rapidly began to gain weight.

Queen Victoria and Albert

The changes that took place came to the court not to their liking, and one day, Prime Minister Lord Melbourne frankly declared that Her Majesty had grown fat. After this, Victoria was determined to lose weight, and for the wedding with Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gothsky, she regained her form. In marriage, the queen gave birth to 9 children and, despite this, Victoria managed to keep her figure until her husband died in 1861.

The Royal Family

But after such a heavy loss, the queen gave more and more preference to her comfort. Victoria began to quickly gain weight, which was a direct consequence of the tragedy and personal experiences. In addition, for a girl who did not eat in her youth, food was a tool for achieving goals. As modern doctors would say, the queen had an eating disorder. Sometimes she even deliberately missed meals.

However, the older the queen became, the stronger her dependence on food grew. According to the memoirs of the guests, Victoria could manage with seven or eight dishes in only half an hour. The plates were completely clean to change dishes. One witness was amazed that the queen had eaten everything, even cheese and pear after dinner.

The queen’s sample menu for the day was as follows:


- chops of lamb with potatoes

-Bread, toasts, biscuits and additives to them


-Lamb cutlets, asparagus and cold game

- Cinnamon Pudding

-Fruit compote


-Eggs poached and clear chicken broth

- Baked flounder and fried whiting

- Grilled beef with asparagus

- Vol-au-vent (a type of snack) with bechamel sauce and fried eggs

- Apricot flan (dessert)

- Waffles with cream

Evening snack:

- Cold meat and pies

- Fresh fruits

Queen Victoria's Lingerie

The queen's greed for food reflected her greed for life; she wanted to try everything that this world could offer her. Her favorite desserts were wine jelly, fresh fruit, vanilla cream, German pie, sugar baskets and nougat. In addition, the queen was just a curry champion. Her Indian servant and favorite Abdul Karim instilled in her love for this dish. The Queen was fascinated by India after she became the Empress of this country in 1876.

Such an irrepressible love of life and food could not but affect the figure. And in her old age, Queen Victoria became famous for her waist and excessively large underwear. Some believe that Victoria’s waistline reached as far as 60 inches, which is confirmed by personal items and queen's wardrobe items.

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