"Semi-Lord" Alexander Menshikov

"It is noteworthy that Prince Menshikov, not being born a nobleman, unable even to read or write, used, thanks to his activities, the confidence of his master that he could control a vast empire for many years in a row."

B. K. Minich

“The boy was distinguished by witty antics and jest, which was the custom of Russian peddlers, by this he lured buyers to himself. It happened to him to pass by the palace of the famous and powerful at the time of Lefort; when he saw a funny boy, Lefort called him to his room and asked: “What will you take for your whole box of cakes?” - “You can buy pies, but I don’t dare to sell boxes without the master’s permission,” Alexander was the name of the street boy. . “Do you want to serve me?” Lefort asked him. “I am very happy,” replied he, “just need to move away from the host.” Lefort bought all the cakes from him and said: “When you walk away from the cakeman, come to me at once.” With reluctance, he let the boy pastry go and did it only because the important lord took him as his servant. Menshikov entered Lefort and put on his livery. ”

N.I. Kostomarov

“Menshikov was descended from Belarusian nobles. He was looking for his family estate near Orsha. He was never a footman and did not sell baking pies. This is a joke of the boyars, adopted by historians for the truth. "

A.S. Pushkin

“The majestic look of the Sovereign, who sat extremely beautifully on a horse, was a considerable adornment of the whole spectacle: the rider in truth was quite regal. On his left hand was Mr. Alexander Danilovich Menshikov (Alexander Danielewits die Mensikof), also wearing a dress made of gold brocade, on the same excellent horse, richly decorated and having silver rings on its front legs, like the Tsar's horse.

Cornelius de Bruin

Menshikov in Holland during the Great Embassy

“Among the tens of thousands of sheets preserved in the Menshikov’s family archives, not a single document was found written by the prince’s hand. Did not come across and traces of editing and editing of documents. Even hundreds of letters to Darya Mihailovna, first a concubine, and then a spouse, not to mention thousands of letters to the tsar and grandees, were written by clerk to every single one. ”

N.I. Pavlenko

“In essence, Menshikov, the most arrogant man he can imagine, contains a large courtyard, has immense wealth and large far-flung estates, not counting the Ingermanland Principality, despises everyone and enjoys the greatest favor of his sovereign.

The level of his mind is very mediocre and in any case does not correspond to those numerous important posts that are entrusted to him. By the way, he is also the chamberlain of the prince, who, when I was in Russia, traveled abroad and was in Saxony. Prince Menshikov speaks decently German, so that it is easy to understand him, and he himself understands what he is being told, but he cannot read or write a letter in any way, can he really sign his name, which, however, no one able to make out if in advance does not know what it is. In such a great husband and commander, as he is revered, such illiteracy is especially amazing. ”

Just Yul

Portrait of Alexander Menshikov. Around 1716 - 1720

“It's a terrible day, as two hundred people are executed today. This day should certainly be marked in black. All were beheaded with an ax. Scaffolds were prepared on a large area adjacent to the Kremlin, on which the convicts were to lay their heads. I measured the lengths of the block and found that the width was twice their length. His royal majesty, with the famous Alexander, whose society he most loves, arrived there in a carriage and, after passing through a terrible square, stopped not far from her, at the place where thirty convicts paid with their heads for their criminal plot ”.

Johann Georg Korb

"But at the same time, Alexander Menshikov resigned to come to great mercy, and he came up to the degree that the whole state was honored, reached the degree of field marshal, and learned from the Caesar, first the imperial count, and then soon the prince . And only he was given to the lordship in writing and in words. And he was such a strong favorite that they really find him in the Roman histories ”.

B.I. Kurakin

“I have one hand left, thieving and true.”

Peter I of Menshikov after the death of Lefort

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