"Thief and apostate and traitor to the Don Cossack Stenka Razin"

Death sentence to Stepan Razin

The list with skaska, what is said in the execution of the thief apostate and traitor Stenka Razin. Imano for the list of Zemsky orders.

Thief and apostate and traitor to the Don Cossack Stenka Razin!

In the past in the 175th year, forgetting the fear of God and the great sovereign l. 79 tsar and grand duke Alexei Mikhailovich had a kiss on the cross and evo state mercy, he, the great sovereign, changed, and assembled, went from Don to theft on the Volga. I repaired many dirty tricks on the Volga, and the patriarch and the monastic nasad, and many other industrial people on the Volga and near Astarakhania crushed and beat many people.

Well, you are a thief, between Astarakh and Black Yar, the governor, Semen Beklemishev, robbed without a trace and hung the euro to his dandy. And I went to the sea, and from the sea to Yaitsky town, and deceived my flattery, Yaitsky town also took military people in Yaitsky town and beat many.

Well, you are a thief, the centurion of the Moscow archers Mikita Sivtsov, who was sent to you for persuasion, killed to death and thrown into the water. And how was the city of voivode Jacob Bezobraz and the great sovereign sent with him from Astarahaia under the Yaikoy region and sent to you to persuade him to leave behind the theft and blame, Astarakha Streletsky heads Semyon Yanov and Mikifor Nelyubov, and you, a thief, those heads hung up. And get out of the Yaik town and taking with him the planes and outfit and stock, hell for theft at sea. And from the sea it came to the Volga, the uchugi ravaged and the Tatar yurts also ravaged and burned it.

Well, you, the thief, came to Grater in nearby places and repaired a lot of theft, and in the region's shah, he did a lot of theft. And at sea the merchants beat the merchants and plundered their bellies, caught and ravaged the cities of the shahs, and thus caused a great deal to the great sovereign with the shah's majesty. But according to your own thieves' intent and sending in the Yaitsky town the head of the Strelets Bogdan Sakmyshov Astarakhan archers planted in the water and went to you there at sea and much theft was repaired.

Well, you are a thief, going to Astarakhan, the Shahs of the region robbed the bushes, and Kupchinov’s son and other Shahs of the region killed and beat the people. And many other murders and theft at sea and on the Volga repaired, and the great sovereign treasury and trading people in rozorenie handicrafts caused many losses.

And in the 177th year, the boyar and the governor of Prince Ivan Semyonovich Prozorovsky, the stolnik and voivode Prince Semyon Lvov, and the great sovereign with him, descended from the seashore and descended on the seashore, and wanted to beat you. And you, the thief Stenka with the goods, seeing above him the craft of the great sovereign of military men, sent to him, Prince Semyon, two people elected Cossacks. And those Cossacks beat their heads to the great sovereign from the whole army, so that the great sovereign would grant them, give them your guilt. And you for his guilt, the great sovereign, promised you to serve without any betrayal, and between the great sovereign and the shah majesty of the quarrel and the thieves' factories, there is no way anywhere to repair and steal on the Volga and the seas not to go. And those Cossacks on that all for all the army cross kissed. And they sent to the great sovereign to Moscow about beating Cossacks Lazarka and Mishka with goods to seven men with their brows, notably, deceit.

And from Astarakhan you, the thief Stenka, with merchandise released for assurance on the Don. And you, having forgotten such state favor towards you, going from Astarakhani to Tsaritsyn, you repaired a lot of theft and, being on Tsaritsyn, you beat the governor and destroyed any ruin.

And in the 178th year, you, Stenka, a thief with goods, forgetting the fear of God, stepping back from the holy cathedral and apostolic churches, being on the Don, and talking about all our blasphemous words about our Savior Jesus Christ, and putting on chanting and singing on the Don of God’s churches He did not order to sing, and the priests from Don zbil, and ordered a Crownman near a willow.

Well, you are a thief, forgetting the great sovereign, merciful mercy, like you and your goods, instead of death, the stomach was given, and he cheated on him, the great sovereign, and the whole Muscovite state, on the Volga for his theft. And the old Don Cossacks, the kindest people, plundered and beat many to death and planted in the water. And the tenant Garasim Ovdokimov, by which he was sent to Don from the great emperor by grace to Ataman x Korney Yakovlev and their Cossack, killed him and put him in the water. Yes, and the governor, who was on the Don, Ivan Khvastov, beat and mutilated and robbed, and from those beat, he died.

Well, you, the thief Stenka, came under Tsaritsyn, spoke to the Tsaritsyn resident and accommodated the thieves' thieves, butto them, the Tsaritsin residents, military [of the great sovereign people go to fly. And those military] people according to the sovereign's gracious decree were sent to Tsaritsyn on their own defense. And the Tsaritsyn residents, according to your charms, were stolen, and the city was given to you. And you, the thief, the governor Timofey Turgenev and the Tsaritsyn residents, who did not stick to your theft, beat and planted in the water. And he went against the military men who went to the service of the great sovereign on Tsaritsyn with the head of the streletsky with Yvan Lopatin and half-head with Fyodor Yakshin, and fought with them, and deceived them. And the head of Streletsky Ivan Lopatin and centurions and foremen, torturing with pink flour, planted in the water. And from the farms of the great sovereign, grain stocks and industrial people caught all sorts of goods, and from Tsaritsyn they went to Black Yar. And at Black Yar, the governor Ivan Sergievsky and the heads of the archers and centurions and archers of Moscow, who were sent to protect the plantations with Prince Semyon Lvov, were beaten to death.

And how did you come to Astarakhani, and you sent your goods to speak and seduce the thieves of Astarakhan servicemen and all sorts of bureaucrats of people to give the city, and give the boyar and the governor, and let you go to the city. And the Astarakhan servicemen stole and betrayed the great sovereign, lust for your theft to stick, they let you into the city.

Well, you are a thief, having laid down in Astarakhan with thieves, a boyar and governor Prince Ivan Semyonovich Prozorovsky, having taken the cathedral church, threw it with a rosate. And the brother of Evo, Prince Michael, and clerks, and nobles, and colonels, and Moscow’s archery heads, and Astarakhan’s, boyar’s children, and centurions, and archers, who didn’t stick to your theft, and merchants of all ranks of Astarakhan’s residents, and merchant he beat people, torturing them with rosy torments, and tormented others into the water tormentingly, and plundered their bellies. And because of the torment of the church of God and the monasteries, and the great sovereign, the treasury in the bed and at the customs, and the houses of all sorts of bureaucrats robbed people, and the government zzheg in the commanding bed. And such a penance was repaired, chevo no guide anywhere, and priests and monks and nuns, exposing without any shame, and all officials of people from the stomachs tortured with pink languor and torments, and didn’t spare the very babies. Shah's Majesty Kupchin and trade people, and Indians, and tezik, and Armenians, and Bukharians, who lived in Astarakhan for some time came for trade, he beat many and looted goods, and with Shah's Majesty he caused many quarrels.

Well, you are a thief, without being innocent of many bloods, and mild infants, the children of the boyar Prince Ivan Semyonovich Prozorovsky, ordered, from the yard, to hang through the city wall by the legs. And besides this, he ordered death to be executed at the same time, but he gave to the Metropolitan, who did not take his tea from such great agony, for many sufferings and mutilation.

And the clerks of Astarakhan, who served the great sovereign, didn’t stick to your theft, but were on the orderly bed, ordered you to torment with strange torments, hang by the edge, and which were broken by the help of God, and they were ordered to hang over many ribs so that the tormentor would die languid death.

Well, you are a thief, in Astarakhani, after beaten noblemen and heads of archers and children of boyars and centurions and all sorts of servicemen and merchants, gave daughters and daughters to the apostate offender with his goods, such thieves, violence, and the priest ordered them to be crowned with his seals. and not by the bishop's blessing, cursing the holy of God church and the tradition of the saints of the Opostol and saints of the father, imputing that secret of the holy matrimony to nothing. And that the priests did not listen to you, and planted those into the water. Well, you’ve caught the sovereign's treasury, money and gold, which were in Astarakhani, Ivan Turka. And having caused such bloodshed, I came from Astarakhan to Tsaritsyn, and from Tsaritsyn to Saratov, and the Saratov inhabitants of the city gave you the message of your thieves sending.

And how did you, a thief, come to Saratov, and you, the sovereign's treasury and bread and gold, who were in Saratov, and the palace industry, also robbed the governor Kozma Lutokhin and the children of the boyars were beaten.

And from Saratov, you thief, thief, to Samara, and the Samara inhabitants of the city have been given to you according to your thieves' sending and intent and plant. And you also looted the sovereign's treasury to the governor Ivan Alfimov and the Samartsev, who didn’t stick to your theft, but you did.

And from Samara, you, thief and apostate, came to Sinbirsk with goods, and you came from Sinbir, with tsarist military people, and started to approach Sinbirsk and fixed many dirty tricks. And he sent his brother to thieves with charming thieves 'letters to the pink cities and places along the line, but our son of the great sovereign our blessed sovereign our prince and grand prince Alexey Alekseevich wrote in the thieves' letters ... [t.] Is now alive and butto by decree of the great sovereign you, a thief, go from the bottom to the Volga and Kazan and under Moscow in order to beat Moscow and the townships of the boyars and all the people of the order, and the nobles and the children of the boyars, and the archers, and the soldiers, and boyars, butto people for treason. And the son of the great sovereign of ours, our blessed sovereign, our prince and grand duke Alexei Alekseevich ... [t.] By the will of the omnipotent god, leaving the earthly kingdom, cease to rest forever in the heavenly kingdom. And the death of Yevo was in the state polat under father, with our great sovereign in the 178th year of the Secretary General in the 17th, and his body was buried in Moscow in the cathedral church of the Archangel Michael of God with other state parents in the 18th . And the burial was with the father of the sovereign, with the sovereign of our tsar and the grand duke Alexei Mikhailovich, and at the burial were the holiest patriarchs of Paisius of Alexandria, Joasaph of Moscow with the whole of the Sanctified Cathedral. But not only the death and burial of our great sovereign's son, our most devout prince and grand duke Aleksei Alekseevich, is known in Moscow among the people, and in all the neighboring states it knows well. And you, a thief and a traitor, having forgotten the fear of God, have conceived such a great thing, although it is terrible to revolt people and shed blood, which is terrible to think.

Well, you are a thief, you fit all sorts of people to the beauty, butto with you Nikon Manah, and thus seduced all kinds of people. And by the decree of the great sovereign, Nikon Manah, by the court of the most holy ecumenical patriarchs and the entire Holy See, was sent to Beloozero in Ferapontov Monastery, and now in that monastery.

Well, you are a thief and apostate, and your like-minded people have written many thieves in the regiments of the boyar and voivode of Prince Yury Alekseevich Dolgorukovo with goods to the military people, although bring to the charm and betrayal of many people.

And being a thief, under Sinbir, [with] your thieves ’assembly against the will of God, you didn’t do anything over Sinbir. And by the grace of God and the Most Holy Mother of God, hopes of Christ, help and intercession, and the prayer of the wondrous bearer in the fool of the reverend Father Sergius, Radonezh chudotvorc, and the great sovereign of our tsar and grand duke Alexei Mikhailovich and his state noble children, the blessing of the choir, and the choir of the choir, and the choir of the choir. , blessed sovereign of our Tsarevich and Grand Duke John Alekseevich, happiness and providence and service of his great sovereign of martial people, under Sinbirsk and in many places you are a thief, wounded, and skoe your collection of many beaten, and you with a few people entered the convent at the bottom. And according to your thieves' delightful letters, along the line and in the towns, you dodged to steal, and in all the towns and cities the governor and clergymen beat the people and threw them into the water.

And you, the thief of Frolko, who attacked the theft of his brother, and connecting with such thieves, walked, assembled, to the Ukrainian city and new places and did a lot of damage to the repair and beat people.

And in that diabolical hope you, thieves and crucians Stenka and Frolko, with like-minded people lured the holy church to curse, not knowing the mercy of the great god and the intercession of the Most Pure Mother of God, Christian hopes, and Moscow chyudohdovtsy, and wondrous in the fellows of the holy serf, and the same God, deacon, greet, sergey hopes, and the Moscow chyudohdovtsy, and wondrous in the community of martial sergeants, grey; , to the reigning city of Moscow and to the entire Moscow State, they came to such an abomination that they didn’t want to hear about the name of the great god, in the trinity of the famous, and the most pure virgin, Christya intercessors and hopes ovaya on devilish flattery. And in that theft was from the 175th year to the current 179th year of April to the 14th, and the innocent Christian blood was spilled without sparing the very babies.

April 14, by the grace of God and the intercession of the Most Pure Mother of God, Christ's hopes and intercessors, and the wondrous Saint Peter, wondrous in the world, prayer, and the great sovereign Tsar and Grand Prince Alexei Mikhailovich and his state noble children, noble sovereign, and the nobleman, and the nobleman, and the nobleman, and the nobleman, and the nobleman, and the noble chaphater. the noble sovereign of our prince and grand duke John Alekseevich, with happiness, and the prayers of the great lord holy Joasaph, the patriarch of Moscow and all Russia, and the whole of the Sanctified Cathedral, and with the service and praise and industry of his great sovereign, boyars and governors, and stolniki and solicitors and nobles of Moscow, and tenants, and colonels of reytar and infantry heads and half-heads and centurions of Moscow archers, and city nobles and boyar children, and landowners, and service Moscow archers and elective regiments of saldat and boyar people, and by helping the people of the great sovereign with money to pay for the salaries of guests and living rooms and hundredth cloth and palace settlements and black hundreds of residents and all Orthodox Christians, you are a thief and krestoprestupiiki and traitors and destroyers early Christian souls, with their tovaryschi under Sinbirskom and-ynyh many mesteh beaten. But now, by duty, to the great sovereign Tsar and Grand Duke Alexei Mikhailovich, the service of the Don Ataman Korney Yakovlev and all the troops and the troops you and yourself were caught and brought to the great sovereign to Moscow, they blamed themselves for that theft from their stealing.

And for your such evil and mercenary cases before the Lord God and to the great sovereign tsar and grand duke Alexei Mikhailovich for treason and to the whole Muscovite state for ruin, by order of the great sovereign, the boyars were sentenced to be killed by evil death.

Reproduced by: Peasant War led by Stepan Razin.

Collection of documents. T. 3. M., 1962. S. 83−87.

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