"Petrograd had some kind of frighteningly miserable look"

Ivan Manukhin, doctor and public figure

“The October coup ... On the very first night, when the Provisional Government was arrested and installed in the Trubetskoy Bastion of the Peter and Paul Fortress,” a phone call rang in my apartment:

- Are you a doctor of the Trubetskoy Bastion? Come immediately.

- How will I come? I have no way to get to the fortress.

- We will come for you now.

And they came ... A new commander of the fortress, - some military rank Blagonravov and another - soldier Pavlov, who immediately declared to me: “I was the first to shoot out the Peter and Paul fortress from the cannon, but I don’t know where I was shooting” ... On the way to me, glass and a body were punctured by bullets, and we drove off. Shooting was heard. "It is not known who shoots" ... - one of my companions said with alarm. "

A snapshot of the original resolution of the plenum of the Central Committee of the RSDLP (b) on the armed uprising. Written by the hand of Lenin

“The chairman of the Petrograd Soviet of Workers' Deputies Zinoviev fell ill with appendicitis. Surrounding the patient decided to convene a consultation. Of the surgeons, they invited Grekov and Stokkei, of the therapists, me. M. Gorky, to whom I told about the misfortune that befell the Ruzskys, advised me to use the upcoming meeting with Zinoviev and to go and work for the unfortunate family. "I will be at the consultation too, he said, and I will raise this issue myself." Indeed, after the consultation, Gorky turned to Zinoviev: “Well, now pay your fee to Manukhin, free him someone.” Zinoviev asked: “Whom do you want?” I said: “Ruzsky family”. - "Good". And Zinoviev soon freed the Ruzskys' family ... ”

“Memories of 1917-18. My activities to help prisoners during the revolution”

Julia Kantakuzina, Princess, granddaughter of US President Ulysses Grant

“Petrograd had a frighteningly miserable look. The streets were covered with deep packed snow, cut through by ruts and pits, it was terrible to move along them. The crowds on the streets increased and became more rampant than before. If someone dared to go out at night, he was hardly able to avoid the incident: he was usually stopped, taken money, furs, woolen clothes, shoes and left almost naked in the cold, providing an opportunity to go further on his way. On every decent face reflected grief. Unsightly soldiers sold various stolen items, and we bought several valuable editions of rare books on the sidewalks for a ridiculously small price. They obviously came from the plundered palaces. ”

Lenin performs in Petrograd 1917

“The fires were burning at the crossroads to warm the defenders of the new government, and more than once I saw how the Red Guards used a muzzle or a bayonet attached to the muzzle of a loaded rifle in order to prevent the flames! Constantly in various quarters of the city machine-gun shots were heard, and when the shots were approaching, passers-by hurried to take refuge in the doorways. But no one was sitting at home, fearing bullets that had become commonplace. Prices for everything skyrocketed, and people had to pay or go hungry, naked and cold. ”

"Revolutionary Days"

Nikolai Izmailov, a member of Tsentrobalt, led the ships for the armed uprising in October 1917:

“I replied to Vladimir Ilyich that the wireless cable is available not only on the battleship Respublika, but also on the destroyers of the destroyers, that ships can even communicate with the Eiffel Tower on the way. And again he assured Vladimir Ilyich that everything would be done well.
A new question appeared on the tape:

“So, can we expect that all the vessels named will move immediately?”

I replied:

“Yes you can. We will now give urgent orders for the named vessels to be on time in Petrograd. ”

I look forward to further questions. The device started working again, another entry appeared on the tape:

“Do you have stocks of rifles with cartridges? Send as much as possible. ”

Unfortunately, I had to answer Vladimir Ilyich that there was no large stock of rifles and ammunition in the fleet, and I said this:

"There is, but a small amount on ships - that is, we will send."

New words appeared on the tape:

"Goodbye. Hello".

Happy and joyful, I answered:


To be completely sure that I really
I spoke with the leader of the Bolshevik Party and the head of the Soviet state; I immediately asked anxiously:

“Did you talk? Tell me the name?

And in response to the tape, an expensive word appeared:


I once again passed on the device:

"Goodbye. Getting Started! ”

A conversation with Vladimir Ilyich Lenin via direct wire made an unforgettable impression on me and left an imprint on all my future work. ”

"Centrobalt in the days of the uprising" from the collection "Everlasting Years"

Sailors "Aurora." From the artist K. Maximov

The capture of the Winter Palace. From the engraving of P. N. Staronosov

The capture of the Winter Palace. Drawing for the "Red Niva". R. Frenz

Nikolay Podvoisky, one of the leaders of the storming of the Winter Palace

Several grenades exploded in the corridors of the Winter. Oscillations were put an end. The sailors, Red Guards, soldiers, under the machine-gun chattering intersection, flew over the barricades at the Winter Palace, crushed their defenders and broke through the gates of the Winter Palace ... The yard was busy ... They flew to the stairs ... On the steps they grabbed the cadets ... They overturn them ... They rush to the second floor ... They scatter the government defenders ... scatter. They rush to the third floor, everywhere on the way, knocking over the cadets, hitting them ... Juncker throwing their weapons ... Soldiers, Red Guards, sailors rush on ... Look for the perpetrators of disasters. Break open the doors of locked rooms. Here they run up to the door, in which on guard there are stiffened with horror, bound by the debt of the cadet.

“The Provisional Government is here ...”

Push the bayonets. "Down with!" ... The masses burst into the room ... What was called the Provisional Government is here ... almost physically dead. the shroud ... dead by the masses ...

“In the name of the Military Revolutionary Committee of the Petrograd Soviet, I declare the Provisional Government overthrown,” Antonov decides. - All arrested ...

Overthrown babble about protection from the masses. The sailors lead them out of the room. Screams: “Kerensky! Kerensky! He fled the day before from Petrograd to bring troops from the front.
"Taking the Winter"

One of the rooms of the palace after the assault. The active phase of the armed October uprising occurred from October 24 to 26.

Zinaida Hippius, Russian poetess

“I went out with Dmitry. Walked in the twilight of Sergievskaya. Stretch, quiet, silence, solitude, gray sour pillow.
On the outskirts of the leaflets: it is announced that "the Government is deposed". Prokopovich was also arrested on the street, and Gvozdev, then released. (Obviously trying to paw, carefully ... Nothing!). They occupied the stations, the Mariinsky Palace, (having landed the “waiting room” without thunder), telegraphs, the printing houses of the Russian Freedom and the Exchange. There are still ministers in the Winter Palace, surrounded by "loyal" (?) Troops. "
“The knot is tighter, tighter ... About 6 o'clock the phones stopped, - the station went all the time to the junkers, then to the Bolsheviks, and, finally, everything was confused. On the streets of the crowd, shooting. Pavlovskoe Junker School was shot, Vladimirskom burns; it is heard that the cadets with this silly Colonel Polkovnikov sat in the Engineering Castle. There are a lot of rumors about the troops of Kerensky - there are no messages to get. It is no longer possible to leave the house. Today in our apartment (in the dining room) there is a house committee on duty, at 3 o'clock there will be another shift. ”
"All the same. Writing is disgusting. Newspapers - a lie. By the way: the shot Moscow subdued the Bolsheviks.
Capitals taken by enemy - and barbaric - troops. Nowhere to run. There is no homeland. ”
"Blue Book"

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