Letter of A.M. Lanko to Maria Ulyanova, 1930

Comrade Ulyanov.

Excuse me for making an indiscreet appeal to you, but I can not help but appeal to you. I remember the words of my deceased sister, Agafya Mikhailovna Zaporozhets. I remember her talking about your sensitivity and straightforwardness. And now I am in such an annoying, unbearably difficult situation, which I want to inform you about. I am currently with my only young child in exile, in the most deaf and wildest and hungry places - places where people almost do not understand Russian and suffer so much in food terms that you can’t buy a piece of black anywhere for any money bread or potatoes, and as for the child who needs a glass of milk or a piece of white bread, this is not to be thought of here. And my poor eight-year-old girl, except dry black bread and water, receives nothing.

I was kicked out of the hut at two in the morning, one hour was given time to collect my beggarly belongings and dress the child. From the house I was able to take some bread for myself and my girl, and this bread was taken away from me, allegedly in luggage, but then they did not return it to us, they left us without a piece of bread and without money to die in northern snow. I will not describe how we were transported, how we were treated on the road, because it is hard to believe without seeing it with your own eyes, think Marya Ilyinichna, regarding whom such measures were taken, who are referred to death by starvation?

From the smallest years I went to serve for free up to sixteen years, then I served, worked for a dressmaker in the dressmakers for four years and only after all these ordeals, without a penny, I managed to go to the shop of a conductor and where I served hopelessly for eight years for money. As for my marriage, she married a grain grower who had 6.5 dess. the land, one horse and one cow, and such a farm was considered to be kulak, they took away everything and drove them to the wild and hungry north, that is, the Ural region, Komi-Permyatsky district, Kosinsky district, Paroshevsky village council, Isaevo village - this is the address my current residence, i.e., where I am exiled.

Maria Ilyinichna. I ask you, as an honest and old party member, a party member who is dedicated to his work, that is, the interest of poor people, I ask you, if you can help me, help me save my child from starvation. Give me permission to bring my child home and give it to my relatives for upbringing, since my health is poor and I can’t bring up anymore in this situation. Maria Ilyinichna, if you have doubts in the lines of my letter, then please kindly check through the citizens of our village, where I lived and where they know both me and my husband since childhood and to the present. I ask you to do the most accurate investigation, but without the participation of our local authorities, who, of course, will try to refute everything and make themselves right. Address of former residence: BSSR, Mstislavl, Orsha District, Staroselsky Village Council, der. Yanovshchina.

The sister of your Agafya Mikhailovna Zaporozhets party work officer - A. M. Lanko

Maria Ilyinichna, do not leave my hot request, help save my poor girl from starvation, because she is a completely innocent creature. If I manage to arrange it in my homeland, then I, praying for you, will calmly accept the death sentence, that is, I will die on another side, although this will be very, very unfair to me. Many times I apologize for my indiscreet request to you. I hope that you will not leave my request and respond to my request, than will be possible. Yours, A. M. Lanko.

The address of my residence: Ural Region, Komi-Permyatsky District, Kosinsky District, Paroshevsky Village Council, der. Isaeva.

A.M. Lanko

April 7, 1930

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