Kinocratia: "Rocky" by John Evildsen

This picture has its own special charisma, for which the film fell in love with a very wide audience, not just sports fans. Without delving into the plot, it can be assumed that the “Rocky” film is about the sporting achievements of a single person, however, this is not quite so. He is more about freedom within himself and how this freedom is made to work in his favor. This film can be safely used in various business trainings as a motivational impulse to raise self-esteem.

"Rocky" - the first big role of Stallone, who made him famous, but got him with great difficulty. The history of “Rocky” for a novice actor turned out to be very personal, because the acting (and personal) way of the future star was not easy. From an early age he had to constantly prove his right to exist - in childhood his peers often scoffed at him because of a congenital defect of speech and small stature, and besides, Stallone had a paralyzed part of the tongue, lips and cheek from birth.

Evildsen wanted to name the movie "Rocky, a simple guy from the working streets"

In order not to be completely subject to ridicule, the young Sly enrolled in a drama club and gym. Strengthening his body and spirit, at the age of 15 he had to endure another blow of fate - the divorce of his parents: all because of the violent temper of his father, who often let go and actively walked “left”. But despite the difficult adolescence, Stallone still managed to get a decent education. Thanks to her mother, Jacqueline, who once performed on stage at the legendary “Diamonds Horseshoe Club,” Billy Rose, the actor realized that he wanted to become an actor. After graduating from American College in Switzerland, he returned to the States and began to study dramatic art in Miami, and then returned to New York, where he began to play in small theatrical productions.

By the mid-70s, Stallone started a family and played a few minor roles, but there was a catastrophic lack of money - the family lived in a van with a young son. Once the actor even had to play in a porn movie to maintain the "pants". In addition to the rare acting roles, Sly worked as a janitor, a bouncer and a janitor at the zoo - these are the episodes of his biography that partially formed the basis of Rocky. The turning point for an actor turned out to be 1976, when he was struck by a plot, on the basis of which the script of the film was being written.

Stallone's personal dog, Buhle Mastiff, starred in Rocky

The puzzle in the life of Stallone finally begins to take shape in a single picture - after some time he finds a studio that has agreed to buy the script. He is offered a fabulous $ 250,000, but Stallone offered to pay a minimum of 20,000 in exchange for playing the main role in the film. An aesthetically uncomplicated actor had to pretty much try to convince director John Evildsen of his acting solvency. Stallone's calculation worked flawlessly. The film "Rocky" soon after the release (it was shot in just 28 days) became a cult, receiving three Oscars and a Golden Globe. And Stallone once again managed to prove to everyone that with work and perseverance one can reach any peak only by believing in oneself.

Stallone had to defend his case not only in life, but also on the set. The episode, where Rocky doubts his strength and admits this to his girlfriend Adrian on the eve of the battle with Apollo, the producers categorically did not want to shoot. But after a brief argument, Stallone was allowed to do just one take, and he was so worried before shooting that he eventually drank too much.

Stallone wrote the script for 3 days

His stubbornness actor surprised many. For example, in preparing for the filming of the second part of "Rocky", he used the services of Franco Colombo. Legendary bodybuilder admitted that he took a lot of money from him for training, but he was amazed at the degree of fanaticism and dedication to Stallone. Resilience and inflexibility - these traits helped him more than once in his further acting career, and he also had frank failures (for example, the film “Rambo 2’ awarded the humiliating “Malina of the Year” award for the worst scenario and role).

You can poke fun at Stallone's mimicry and his acting skills as a whole (melodies and caricatures with Stallone), but you should pay tribute to this person. At least for the fact that he is an example of SelfMadeMan - a man who made himself, not paying attention to the criticism and disbelief of others - he is the living embodiment of his movie hero. World boxing champion Vinnie Pasienza said that it was Rocky that inspired him to become the second world champion after he broke his neck. Thousands of people, running out for a jog in the morning, turn on the famous Gonna Fly Now players and run to their dreams, letting go of a load of thoughts and any adversity.

Quotes from the movie:

“Until the gong has rung, the fight continues. Have you personally heard the gong? Personally, no, we continue "

“I did not achieve anything because of him, because of her, because of someone!” So ​​the cowards are doing! And you are not a coward! It can't be this! ”

“Neither you nor I, no one in the world beats as hard as life!”

Movie fragment:

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