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“About Fedot-Archer, Daring Fellow” is one of Filatov's most famous poetic works. Written after the Russian folk tale, it combines a folk story, a bright speech of the poet, and a tough satire, which immediately gained popularity.

"Without the head we do not need
- neither in service, nor in the house,
Because, as our whole meaning
- exclusively in mind

"Well, you are cunning people -
Azhno beret takes!
Everybody else thinks like a freak,
Despite that freak himself "

"As for the mind -
Duplicate to me is mute "

"As for the mind -
He is very bright:
Thank God we distinguish
Forget-me-not from shit "

"If it is so, then -
I refuse to eat!
Here you are my dad
Political revenge!

Here I will not eat caviar
As usual on the bucket, -
And on the basis of exhaustion
I will suck and die! ... ”

Leonid Filatov reads excerpts from the play “About Fedot-Archer, Daring Fellow”

Poem "Pushkin"

So, announced
Duel conditions
And the verdict of fate
Make no noise ...
And Pushkin - exactly he
I forgot about the terrible thing -
Scattered silent
And squinting in the snow ...
Where are they looking,
Those pathetic razini
Who, according to them,
He was the most expensive
While he is standing here,
Alone in all of Russia
Absently silent
And squinting in the snow ...
No more painful
In the world of punishment,
What to see this death
Like your pain and sin ...
He is now standing
Before our eyes,
Scattered silent
And squinting in the snow ...
He is still alive
He is still breathing, -
Call him,
Even if in a century ...
But - as if behind glass -
He does not hear hail
Absently silent
And squinting in the snow ...

Song to poems by Leonid Filatov "Oh, do not fly, so life"

Health often let down Leonid Filatov. The crazy pace in which he lived could barely be tolerated by a normal person. The first stroke caught the actor in 1993 on the set in the film “Son of a Bitch”, written according to his own script and filmed by him.

Scene from the film "Sons of bitches"

Later he went on the mend, but again could not engage in vigorous activity. In 2003, Filatov died from bilateral pneumonia. The last poem of the poet was dedicated to his granddaughter Ole:
“That klyat year for many years, I sometimes crawled from the hospital bed.
He raked up his fragments and debris and reconstructed his skeleton.
And he stole himself from the sensitive nurses, smelling the sharp smell of the will with his nostrils,
I ran to Ole's two-year-old granddaughter, there, on life smelling open space.
Olya and I went to the children's park, sat on our favorite swings,
They jammed the juice, ate ice cream, watched the walking dogs.
The rides were a dime a dozen, but the day was burning, and the sun was cooling,
And Olya got tired, fell behind and quietly whined: “Grandfather, wait a minute.
Leaving Sunday behind, I returned to the walls of hospital guests,
But in the ward Olin heard a voice: "Give me your hand, grandfather, grandfather, wait a minute ..."
And I was a year old, a year old, no matter how strong I was, but I didn’t have years on the next beds,
Sickly, dried, stunted, left, no one asked them to wait a minute.
When I feel a burning sensation in my chest, I see how from the other side of the field
Little Olya rushes to me with a heart-rending cry: "Deda-aa, wait a minute and ..."
And I go, I still go and seem to tolerate any flour,
As long as that tiny hand in my exhausted hand is still holding "

Leonid Filatov

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