Leningrad in the blockade (18+)

Aftermath of the bombing

There was no area to which the enemy shell could not reach. Areas and streets were identified where the risk of becoming the victim of enemy artillery was greatest. Special warning signs were placed there.

After Leningrad was cut off from all strategic land supply lines with the rest of the country, the delivery of goods and ammunition to the city was organized across Lake Ladoga.

A convoy is sent for food for besieged Leningrad on the ice of Lake Ladoga

Construction barricades

During the years of the blockade, according to various sources, from 600 thousand to 1.5 million people died, 97% of whom died of starvation.

Removal of corpses from the Volkov cemetery

Women read private ads about selling and exchanging things for products

Soviet soldiers unload barge with flour

Hospital after the German artillery attack

Girls from the brigade of the Moscow Military Military District take off the cabbage harvests from the ancillary site on Isaakievskaya Square

Barrier balloons on Nevsky

Women in the construction of anti-tank ditch

Photos of women who survived the blockade. Made in May 1941, May 1942 and October 1942 respectively

Evacuation of residents began in June 1941. An explanatory work was conducted among the population on the need to leave Leningrad, since many residents did not want to leave their homes. Before the German attack on the USSR, no elaborated plans for evacuating the population of Leningrad existed — the possibility of the Germans reaching the city was considered minimal.

Evacuation of people from besieged Leningrad

Exhausted people on the road for water

Zoo after the bombing

On January 18, 1943, the blockade ring was broken. On January 27, 1944, a salute was made in Leningrad to commemorate the final liberation of the city from the blockade, which lasted 872 days.

Residents of Leningrad at the stock exchange building meet the news of the lifting of the blockade of the city

The order of the Supreme Commander dated May 1, 1945, Leningrad, together with Stalingrad, Sevastopol and Odessa, was called the hero city for the heroism and courage shown by the inhabitants of the city during the blockade. May 8, 1965 By the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, the Hero City of Leningrad was awarded the Order of Lenin and the Gold Star Medal.

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