"What a misery our departure is, everything is packed, empty rooms"

Alexandra Feodorovna - Anna Vyrubova

August 1917, Tsarskoye Selo

[Translation from English]

My dear martyr, I cannot write, my heart is too full, I love you, we love you, thank you, bless and bow before you - we kiss the wound on the forehead and eyes full of suffering. I cannot find the word, but you know everything, and I know everything, the distance does not change our love - our souls are always together, and through suffering we understand each other even more.

My all healthy, kiss you, bless, and pray for you without end. I know your new torment - a great distance between us; we are not told where we are going (we will only find out on the train) and for how long, but we think this is where you went recently - the holy one calls us there and our friend.

Is it not so strange that you know this place? ... Dear, how much suffering our departure is, everything is packed, empty rooms - it hurts so much, our hearth is 23 years long.

But you, my Angel, suffered much more! Goodbye. Somehow, let me know that you got it. We prayed in front of the icon of the Signs, and I recalled how during the time of measles she stood on your bed. Always with you; the soul and heart are torn to leave so far from home and from you and again for months to know nothing, but God is merciful and merciful, He will not leave you and will unite us again. I believe in it - and in the future good times. Thanks for the icon for baby.

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