Telegram of a Soviet diplomat about negotiations with Turkey, 1939

Telegram of the Plenipotentiary Representative of the USSR in Turkey A. V. Terentyev to the People's Commissariat of Foreign Affairs of the USSR
August 10, 1939
At the meeting today, Sarajoglu said the following: “The day before yesterday, on August 8, a meeting of the Council of Ministers was held, at which a positive decision was made on the conclusion by Turkey of the USSR of a bilateral mutual assistance pact, which I am instructed to negotiate. If necessary, the government approves of my trip to Moscow. I would be very grateful if Mr. Molotov could send us a preliminary draft of a pact that we could study. The government will look forward to receiving this preliminary project (avant-proje). ”
To my clarifying questions, Saracoglu answered: “a) the Turkish government is extremely favorable to concluding a bilateral pact;
b) the Turkish government is waiting for a preliminary draft pact from the Soviet government;
c) after studying the draft pact and a possible exchange of views with Moscow, the Turkish government considers my trip to Moscow to be useful. ”
When I asked whether the Turkish government discussed any questions that could serve as a basis for negotiations on the pact, Sarajoglu replied that the basis is the negotiations that took place during Potemkin’s stay in Ankara. We can talk about cooperation in the Black Sea, in the straits and in the Mediterranean. Consequently, the Turkish government will be able to conclude a pact with limited liability, i.e., on the northern and far eastern borders of the USSR, Turkey will not be able to take on obligations.

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