Optional history. New Year's efforts in the old days

How does your December 31 start? A festive breakfast, packing the remaining gifts, calls to loved ones? In the nineteenth century, this day will certainly begin with greetings ... from your porter. Then from the janitor. Then from the water carrier. Chimney sweep. Maybe a bathhouse. The local watchman. And perhaps, from a bell ringer or a messenger. No, this is not intrusive marketing. And you did not win the lottery. And they dislike you more than other neighbors. Just this nice tradition - an additional source of income for all of the above persons. Thanking the doorman for his congratulations, the tenant gave him some money. Thus, bypassing several apartments, the servant could easily save a pleasant sum.

Catch the cab driver on December 31 was not easy

After all those who wanted, made you a mandatory visit, it is your turn. Officials are supposed to visit their bosses, bailiffs — merchant owners, and we still need to remember relatives and friends ... In general, catch a cab driver (December 31, this is another challenge) and go on a trip around the city.

If you have not bought a present for some nice young lady, and you cannot afford to spend money in expensive boutiques, wrap up in Tet's fake diamonds shop. The jewelry of this master is famous all over the capital: there are pennies, and the quality is so high that during the advertising campaign, visitors were asked to find a real diamond among the placers of fakes.

When things are settled, it's time to think about where you actually want to spend the last night of the year. Since the end of the 19th century, people who were not burdened with families in the capital of the Russian Empire preferred to celebrate New Year in restaurants. The best establishments of the city prepared special New Year's menus for their guests, and the doormen greeted the visitors with verbal impromptu greetings. (Of course, based on good tips, "impromptu" carefully prepared ahead of time).
For family people, “ready-made” Christmas trees for children sold in candy stores were selling decorated with all kinds of sweets. These Christmas trees, hung with gingerbread, cookies and sweets, in the capital's houses were set for Christmas since 1830. After the celebration, the tree was poured on the floor, and the children rushed to tear off its delicious decorations.

In the old days, children's Christmas trees were decorated with candy.

In any case, you alone or in a company, in a restaurant or at home, will not be bored on New Year's Eve. “The Irony of Fate”, of course, is not shown on TV, but you can dress up in carnival masks, play lotto or tell fortunes. For example, on the betrothed. You go out, ask the name of the first comer - and will call the future husband. You can still throw a shoe for the outskirts. Fun - plenty! What are you doing on New Year's Eve?


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