"Nihilists and regicides are forerunners of the antichrist"

I do not know what to write about the terrible present time and the pitiful state of affairs in Russia. There is one consolation in the prophetic words of St. David: the Lord ruins the councils of tongues, brushes aside the thoughts of the people, and brushes aside the advice of the princes.

The Council of the Lord abides forever (Ps. 32: 10). The Lord allowed Alexander II to die a martyr's death, but He is strong to give help from above to Alexander III to overfly the villains infected with the spirit of anti-Christ. The spirit of the antichrists from the time of the apostles acts through their forerunners, as the apostle writes: Mystery is already being done iniquity, just keep it today from Wednesday (2 Thess. 2: 7).

Apostolic words: hold on now, refer to the incumbent and ecclesiastical authority, against which the forerunners of the antichrist stand up to abolish and destroy it on earth, because the antichrist, according to interpreters of the Holy Scriptures, must come in a time without beginning on earth. And while he is still sitting at the bottom of hell, he acts through his forerunner.

At first, he acted through various heretics who resented the Orthodox Church, and especially through the evil Arians, educated and court people; and then acted slyly through educated masons; and finally now, through the educated nihilists, he began to act brazenly and rudely, more than measures. But their sickness will turn to their head, according to the Scripture (Ps. 7:17).

Is it not an extreme madness to work hard, not sparing your life, so that they hang on the gallows on earth, and in the future life fall to the bottom of hell, into tartar, to eternal torment. But desperate pride does not want to look at anything, but wants everyone to express their reckless boldness. Lord, have mercy on us!

Multi-siner Ambrosius

Source: Rev. Ambrose of Optina. The complete collection of letters. Part 3. Correspondence with worldly persons

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