"War is dirt, war is an abomination"

“I was 17 years old. I went to war with the Nazis, there was such a red boy. I remember the first time at the front I was told: "Ours went on the attack." And I immediately imagined how in the film - columns go into battle, with red banners, proud commanders ahead ... And then I looked out from behind the hill, looked: they attacked the town. And I saw: a man runs with a gun - falls, then another - falls, then the first rises, runs and falls again. I was so impressed and crushed: I was waiting for inspired hymns, but this is what happened. There was romanticism. But he very quickly disappeared. "

“War is dirt, war is an abomination. Whatever it is. It is sometimes necessary to take up arms and defend against an invasion. This is necessary, but I do not glorify the war. This is the first. Secondly, as I now understand, it was a clash of two totalitarian regimes, a showdown. Yes, we won, but we were defeated in the end. ”

Bulat Okudzhava in 1944. Source: muzfond. lv

“Our front wanderings began. It was a separate mortar battery, which was attached to different parts. Here we go, we go, we must have such a regiment. Come, it turns out, there is already a battery. Then we wait a few days, then we are sent to another place. Again, the train, again attached to some kind of regiment. Gave, it turns out, we have no allowance. All eat, but we have nothing to eat. What to do? And the commander somehow tells us that we need to get food ourselves. We split in pairs and went to different Kuban villages to ask for alms. Who gave what, all in a general bag brought. In the barracks it all laid out in equal piles. Then one turned away: “To whom?”. - “Tom.” So handed out. And the commanders ate, and we.

Then came to the front. Where I was hurt very prosaically. From a large-caliber machine gun, from an airplane. "Rama" was flying and shooting. By chance, a bullet smashed a bone and stuck in the thigh. I wore it for a long time on a string ... ”.

“I generally fought very little at the front. Mostly wandered from part to part. And then - a reserve regiment, they marinated there. But the reserve regiment is just a camp. They fed some kind of burda. Forced to work. It was terrible. They already contained the former front-line soldiers who were brought in from the front. They hated it all. ”

Bulat Okudzhava and Vladimir Vysotsky. Source: echo. msk.ru

“When I went to the front, there was a passion in me to protect, to participate, to be useful. It was a youthful romanticism of a person, not burdened with worries, family. I do not remember that the common people would go to the front joyfully. Oddly enough, the intellectuals left the volunteers, but we are still silent about this. And so the war was absolutely hard duty. Moreover, the workers, as a rule, were protected with all kinds of letters, because it was necessary to make projectiles. But the peasants otdrali from the ground.

The suppression apparatus functioned exactly the same as before, only in extreme conditions - more severely, more frankly.

I remember, I wrote one military material: war can be sung by a stupid man, or, if this is a writer, only he who makes it a subject of speculation. And therefore I cannot read all these stories and novels of our military writers, I understand that they are not true. Few who have been credible. People invented their own war and themselves in it. ”


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