VIP survey: what awaits Russia in 2016?

The world has already said goodbye to 2015 and cheerfully met 2016. Each of us has summed up its results of the passing time and its events and is already striving to look into the year that has just come. What dreams and hopes nourish the Russians? asked experts to suggest what awaits Russia in 2016.
Ilya Yashin, deputy chairman of the PARNAS party

No one can know what awaits Russia next year, we can only hope and believe in something. Hope is always necessary for the best. You know, I am an optimist, although I have no reason for that. In spite of everything, I hope that next year will be better for Russia than this one, that it will do without political assassinations, without reprisals, without unjust sentences, that next year there will be fair elections, and the democratic opposition will return to the State Duma, which will give our country a chance for peaceful reform.
I hope that next year we will cease to conflict with the whole world, and Russia will finally be primarily concerned with internal problems, which have recently accumulated a great many, and gradually, step by step, starting next year, we will become a country comfortable for their citizens and not threatening anyone.
Gennady Zyuganov, leader of the Communist Party

It should be borne in mind that over the past hundred years there have been six rounds of sanctions, and from each our country came out stronger, more stable, more courageous. I am sure that we will once again overcome all problems, whatever the sanctions, and all the challenges in our direction, no matter how rampant our opponents and international terrorists may be.
On the other hand, the historical time is running out, and very quick and responsible decisions must be made. The first and most important decision is to upgrade the course in which it would be beneficial to work, invent, learn, and not get drunk and steal. To do this, you need a better government that can make the right decisions.
The main contradiction of our years is the state-patriotic course outside and still the Gaidar-Yeltsin liberal course inside, mostly in the economy. Therefore, decisions must be made quickly, especially when a split in a society is growing, the impoverishment of citizens continues. But the potential of our country is huge, a lot of resources, excellent personnel.
We are able to take with us all the best and overcome all existing difficulties. It is necessary that the Kremlin showed the will, and I think that such a time has come. We need to add our potentials, and then everything will be worthy. I wish you all good luck, courage and willpower. Without will crises are never overcome.
Nikolay Svanidze, journalist

It will be a very hard and frosty year. Frosty is not in the sense of temperature on a thermometer, but in the sense of temperature in the political arena. I think that there will be a lot of disappointment among people who have been fascinated since 2014 with the Crimea and our other political successes. The indicators of sociological forecasts will change greatly for the worse, the mood of a very irritated mass of the poor and less educated population and our very middle class, more educated, will be even more scattered.
Social contradictions will intensify. I do not expect anything good at all. It seems that the government is somewhat confused, because until now it owned only one style of resolving issues, that is, rigidly vertical rigid management style, but it only worked when there was economic growth, and now, in the face of falling oil prices, the authorities do not know that to do, and this also does not add to me optimism.
Michael Bom, freelance American journalist

What do I expect next year? Probably the same, only worse, that's my pessimistic forecast. Economically, a lot depends on oil prices. If there are thirty-forty, like now, then everything is just bad, and if it’s even lower, for example, twenty, then it’s even worse. $ 100 for oil, as in previous years, we are not promised in the near future, and maybe even never. As long as oil prices are low, nothing good can be expected.

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