Vivien Leigh. 12 facts from the life of an actress

On July 7, 1967, one of the most famous, talented and charismatic actresses of the “old Hollywood” Vivien Leigh died. She shone in a variety of pictures, but the most memorable and famous role was, of course, Scarlett O'Hara. Today we recall the facts from the life of this bright nature.
1. At the age of seven years, parents sent Vivienne (real name - Vivian Mary Hartley) to be raised in the Monastery of the Sacred Heart in England. There she met Maureen O'Sullivan, with whom they were subsequently linked by strong friendship. It was with Maureen that she shared her dreams and repeatedly stated that she would be a “great actress”.

Vivian in childhood

2. The first agent invited Vivian to take the pseudonym April Morne, but she came up with her own - “borrowing” the name of her first spouse, Herbert Lee Holman.

Lee in the image of Cleopatra.
Vivien Leigh: The female charm is a fifty percent illusion

3. With her second husband Lawrence Olivier, she met on the set of the film “Fire over England”. The entire film crew was aware of their romance. However, it was possible to get married only after almost 4 years, as the spouses of the actors (Olivier was also not free) did not agree for a long time to give a divorce.

Lee and Olivier

4. It was Olivier who gave Vivien the idea of ​​trying out the role of Scarlett. Lee went around more than one and a half thousand actresses, including recognized and glorified, won this role and, a little later, the Oscar.

Lee at the Oscars for his role in Gone With the Wind.
Vivien Leigh was Winston Churchill's favorite actress

5. On the set of Gone with the Wind, Lee smoked 4 packs of cigarettes per day. In 1944 she was diagnosed with a terrible diagnosis - tuberculosis. Doctors prescribed her a medicine that had a negative effect on her psyche, as a result, Lee got into a psychiatric clinic. However, the side effect of the pills became known after the death of the actress.

6. For filming in “Gone With the Wind”, Lee received a fee of 25 thousand dollars, at the same time Clark Gable, who plays the role of Rhett Butler, was paid 120 thousand dollars.

On the set of "Gone with the Wind."

7. Vivienne was Winston Churchill's favorite actress, and he regularly invited her and her spouse to all dinner parties.

In the role of Blanche DuBois in "A Streetcar Named Desire."

8. Lee had one daughter, Susanna, from her first marriage with Holman. Lawrence, she could not give birth to a child.

On the set of "Gone With the Wind," Lee smoked nonstop

9. Lawrence announced that he wanted a divorce, on Lee's birthday, presenting the keys to Rolls-Royce as a gift. Vivienne was experiencing a separation. And even after the gap on the license plate of his car left the lettering VLO (Vivien Leigh, Lady Olivier)

Daughter's wedding, Suzanne.

10. Lee was a lady with character and loved to use strong words. Moreover, she swore with feeling and great art.

Vivien Leigh didn’t like being called beautiful

11. Vivienne did not like being called beautiful. “There are two words in English that I hate most: charming and beautiful. I think I would hit someone who would call me that right now, ”she said.

Vivien Leigh in "mature" years

12. The next day after Vivien Leigh’s sudden death from a bout of tuberculosis, all London theaters turned off the lights for a minute. The ashes of the actress after cremation dispelled over a lake in East Sussex County, where they lived.

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