"Very few chances for me to come back alive"

From a letter to brother V. Kuznetsov

July 25, 1942

... In the coming days I will go to the front. I'm flying on a plane.

Victor, you are my beloved brother and comrade, so I want to be frank with you before being sent to perform a combat mission.

The war for the liberation of our country from the fascist evil requires sacrifice. Inevitably, one has to shed a lot of blood so that our beloved Fatherland blossoms and develops and that the people live freely so that they are naked.

To defeat the enemy, our people do not pity the dearest - their lives. Sacrifices are inevitable. And I want to tell you frankly that there are very few chances for me to come back alive. Almost a hundred percent for the fact that you have to go to sacrifice. And I calmly and consciously go for it, as I deeply realize that I am giving my life for a holy, just cause, for the present and flourishing future of our Motherland.

We will destroy fascism, we will save the Fatherland. Russia will always remember us, happy children will sing songs about us, and mothers with gratitude and reverence will tell children about how in 1942 we gave our lives for the happiness of our beloved Fatherland. We will be honored and liberated peoples of Europe.

Can the fear of death stop me, a Russian man, a Bolshevik? No, never our land will not be under the slave bondage of the Nazis. The patriots did not migrate in Russia, let's go to death, but we will destroy the dragon!

Keep this memorable letter if I die, and remember that revenge is our slogan. For the spilled sea of ​​blood of innocent children and old people revenge on the fascist cannibals! Merciless revenge! So that in centuries their descendants ordered their grandchildren not to stick their mean muzzle into Russia. Here, only death awaits them ...

Just before I fly away, I'll text you.

Be healthy, brother. I kiss tightly.

Your brother Nikolay.

A letter to the commissioner of the detachment, Major Stekhov

Tomorrow marks 11 months of my stay in the rear of the German troops.

August 25, 1942 at 24 o'clock. 05 min descended by parachute to avenge the blood and tears of our mothers and brothers, who are moaning under the yoke of the German invaders.

For 11 months I studied the enemy, using the uniform of a German officer. I was preparing for a deadly strike for the fascists, making my way to the very lair of the satrap - the German tyrant in Ukraine Erich Koch.

The task is very important, and in order to fulfill it, you need to sacrifice your life, for it is absolutely impossible to leave the city center after striking the enemy at the parade. I love life. I am still very young. But because the Motherland, which I love as my own mother, requires me to sacrifice my life in the name of freeing her from the German invaders, I will do it. Let the whole world know what a Russian patriot and Bolshevik is capable of. Let the fascist leaders remember that to conquer our people is impossible in the same way as to extinguish the sun.

German cretins Hitler, Koch and company thought to destroy our great Soviet people. Due to their feeble mind they thought that Russian and other fraternal peoples of the USSR could be drowned in a sea of ​​blood.

They forgot or did not know the history, these savages of the XX century. They will understand it on July 29, 1943, by the whistle and explosion of an anti-tank grenade, when their nasty German blood splashes onto the asphalt ... Let me die, but in the memory of my people I will be immortal.

“Let you die! But in the song of the bold and strong in spirit you will always be a living example, a call proud of freedom, of light. ”

This is my favorite work of Gorky, let him read it more often.

our youth, from it I drew strength for the feat.

Your Kuznetsov.

Read only after my death. 24 / VII. 1943 Kuznetsov.

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