"Wedding Chin"


When there is a conspiracy, the bridegroom with his relatives will arrive to the father-in-law in elegant attire, and with him the father or elder brother happens, and this one enters one and the rest after. The meeting takes place at the horse, or on the porch, or in the hallway, meets the test, and then sit down at the table at the table: what came with the bridegroom - on the bench, and the local ones - on the bench. And when the father-in-law will bring the best winners in the cups, the one who came with the bridegroom, father or elder brother will then say, calling, by decency, the father-in-law with his full name: "It's time for us to start the business of saying why we have gathered." And the father-in-law tells the priest to "decently ..." speak, and he remembers the forefathers of Abraham and Sarah, Joachim and Anna, and Tsar Constantine and Helen. And how the priest will bless with a cross, they will begin to speak and write contractual and in-line notes, agreeing how much for the contract and how much dowry, and how the priest will sign and finish the notes, “He is happy about you ...” And, having made his notes, everything they take honey on the bowl and drink each other and read the letters.

And at the same time the gifts are kept: the father-in-law gives the son-in-law the first blessing — a way, a cup or a ladle, velvet, a stone, forty sables. And he gives gifts to those whom the father-in-law ordered, and then they kiss and drink cups for health: first - the groom, and then the father-in-law. Yes, they will pass to other rooms to the mother-in-law and to her boyars, and the mother-in-law asks the bridegroom's father about health and kisses through a handkerchief with him and the bridegroom, and the boyars as well.

And brides should not be here, simple ones in custom and bride should be here; they stand beside mothers, but do not kiss, and are soon removed. And they all feast with pleasure, but there is no table.

And the next day, or for some time, as agreed, the bridegroom's mother comes to the mother-in-law and looks at the bride, and then she is presented with a stone and sable, and she will give the bride a ring and the next day she will send a cross or panagia and fruit to the bride. And that boyar is presented with an ordinary handkerchief and hair.

And as soon as the wedding day is appointed, on the eve of the guests, the groom will sign and send to the father-in-law a list of all those who are planted father and mother, and who are invited boyars and boyars, and who are tysyatsky, and poezhan, and boyfriend, and matchmaker. Yes, and the father-in-law will send to the groom to say who the invited boyars and boyars, and boyfriend, and matchmaker; and on both sides come here, go over clothes, horses, and the bride put behind the curtain on the bed.

And as the day comes, everyone who is assigned to the table will come to both houses. And the tables are given separately, the boyars themselves, and the bride and groom are not eaten. The groom and the service lead the bride as well. And as time comes, they will send from the father-in-law to the senior servant's fiance to say that the boyfriend and matchmaker are traveling with the bed: “Order the showers and where to come”, and usually in the basement. And they will indicate to him, and he, having examined the place where to come, will tell about that.

A friend will go in gold, and in front of him there are five or six people on horseback in gold, and a horse with him has about ten people in a smart dress and footmen. And for the friend will be taken a bed in a sleigh with a front end, and in the summer - a headboard to the box, covered with a blanket. And in the sleigh there are two gray horses, and around the sleigh there are boyars' servants in a smart dress, on bedding the bed elder in gold will hold the image.

And behind the bed the matchmaker will go in a dress, and the dress would be: a yellow Letnik, a red fur coat, and also in a scarf and in a beaver's shoulder blade. And there will be a case in the winter - so in a fur hat, and in a sleigh with a front end, she will sit alone.

And as soon as they arrive in the yard, and horse servants from the horses go down and go in front of friends in the yard two by two in gold, the friend will enter the yard on a horse, but, not reaching the stairs, the horse will go and wait for the sleigh with the bed. As they drive up the bed to the stairs, the boyfriends friend will meet her and the bridegroom's servants will order her to take it, and they will crowd up the sled, will move the guest servants and take the bed out of the sled on the carpet and bear it on their heads.

And the local boyars will meet the matchmaker at the sleighs in pilots and fur coats, and the matchmaker with them will follow the bed immediately after the image. And on the lower porch meets her bridegroom matchmaker, and behind her boyars in the fur coats are the same. And both friends go in front of the bed, and the matchmakers are both behind the bed; as the senes enter, the priest will sprinkle in the corners and the place where the bed should be. And they will prepare three rye sheaves of rye, put them upright, and put a carpet and a bed on them and cover them with a blanket on top. They will put an image in their heads, and on the four corners on the rods there are a couple of sable, and a large ball, and a set, and there are twelve mugs with different drinks, with honey and kvass, and one ladle, and one cup, so that it is smooth and without projections; or brotherin round without a sock. And then he set the table, setting it up in the head, where there are candles and loaves, and a small table above it, and two dishes for the cross, which will be on the bridegroom, and under the monist, what will be on the bride, and two bowls one for a cap or for a hat, and the other for a kiki. And in the legs lay the table on which to be a dress, and in one corner close the curtain, and behind it puff on the carpet and headboard, a large Kumgan of warm water, two pelvis, a large tub, and two ordinary. Immediately prepare and two bathrobes, male and female, washstand, tub, towel, two fur coats with arms. And, having prepared everything, the friends and matchmakers will first send everyone away, then they will come out themselves, and the Senets will lock and seal the friends both with their seals. And two young elders in gold dress will be left here in front of the churches, and the friends and matchmakers themselves will leave; and be him, bednichim without food.

And the friend and matchmaker of the bride will go to the test in the yard, and escort them - the friend of the friend to the horse, and the matchmaker to the lower porch, and the local boyars to the sleigh. And the visitors do not enter the rooms of the friend and matchmaker, and the invited boyars and boyars do not meet and escort them. And during the time when the bed is being prepared, people who come with a bed and with a friend and with a matchmaker, are treated in the yard, setting the tables and setting benches.

And as a friend and matchmaker of the groom, having adjusted the bed, they will return to the groom, in the rooms at that table there is already a large tablecloth, tableware, bread and rolls the same for everyone until the very last guest; and the father will sit at the end of the table, and tysyatsky in the corner, and at the place of honor is the groom and his mother next to him, and after her the invited boyars: all the pilots are yellow and the red fur coats are in scarves with beaver's shoulders, and in winter are fur hats. And in front of the Boyar on the bench, the boyars are called, and at the side table on the bench and on the bench are in gold; the candlestick is belted, the fawdles are lowered, the caftan is gold or colorful, the hat is gorlatnaya, the velvet or stonebone purse is over the shoulder, or the sash with which to hold the candle, and the candle itself is pood and quarter; two loaves of cake, also feryazis are lowered, over the shoulder, two sashes, the loaf is overlaid with velvet or with a trail on trays, the trays are lined with velvet or with a rock, covered with loaves with a pillowcase or gold sash. Immediately postavets full, and the other in the passage. And to keep the horses ready for the harness, the chains are explosive under the golden covers. And as soon as they are ready, they send it to the friend, and he, bowing on four sides, comes up to the father-in-law, he sends a petition with him from himself to the matchmaker, and even the name of the boy, the boyars, the whole train, and the boyfriend will go. And in front of him there would also be people five or six on horseback on horseback and in gold, and there are quite a few people walking next to a horse walking in elegant clothes.

And he would come to the courtyard, so his people would go down outside the gates of the horses and go to the courtyard in front of him. And here they will also prepare a large table, and also at the back wall, a tablecloth, dishes; the father-in-law is at the end of the table, and the mother-in-law is on the bench, and after it the called boyars, and opposite them on the bench are called boyars. Make a place in the middle of the hut opposite the doors, lay out two elegant pillows, for the newlywed and the bride, and the table, and on the table two tablecloths, dishes, rolls, pies, and a loaf on the table, and cheese on the other; at the other end there is a tysyatsky place, and next to the bride there are places for two matchmakers, opposite the newlywed and the newlywed on the bench two or four of the riders, and against the matchmakers the buddies, and at the very end, behind the bowls, the place of the priest. The local boyarin is located near the place and behind the place: one holds a kik on a dish, the other a coverlet on a dish, the third also holds a haircut on a dish, a nubusrnik, etc., and the fourth shows what to shower with newlyweds, on a dish: to distant hop, shreds, sable, thirty, shreds different colors, damask and taffeta to the far, silver coins gilded small.

And the rest of the riders have a side table, but it is also full; the candlestick is girded, the feces are lowered, a gorlatnaja or trotting hat, a purse for candles is velvet or stone, and a candle is a quarter pud; Yes, two loaves of ankle are also girded, the ferjazis are lowered, two sashes over their shoulders, and the loaf itself lies on a stone or taffeta and is covered with a pillowcase or a gold sash. Yes, and in the hallway is covered, and outside the tables there are tables without tablecloths, made up by shtofs with wine, and benches, on which the beer is half with honey.

And as the bridegrooms of the boyfriend arrive, meet his servants at the gate, and in the middle of the courtyard, and at the stairs, and on the porch the friend will meet another boyfriend. And when he enters the hut, he will bow to everyone on four sides, and the father-in-law will say: “And the sovereign named the head to strike with his forehead,” commemorates the name of the father-in-law and beats the forehead. Then from the boyars - the father-in-law and the boyars, then the mother-in-law from the mother-in-law and from the boyar, and the boyar from the mother-in-law and from the boyar, naming by name, then “the little name and the whole train told me to beat the father-in-law and boyars”. And then he says: "The thousand named Irek ordered to convey:" The groom is ready to go to the place. " And the test answers: “When the time comes, we will send a friend, and he will go.”

And the boyfriend will come to the newlywed, and they will send a matchmaker in a sleigh with a front end in yellow attire, and as the matchmaker arrives, the local noblewomen meet her at the sleigh, and on the porch of the matchmaker, as the hut enters, the ladies from the table stand up and she kisses and goes with her all to where the bride behind the curtain is getting ready. And on the bride there would be a crown, a Letnik yellow, a red fur coat. And the matchmaker with her kisses and says: "Time, sovereign, you go to the wedding place." Here and her mother will bless her and lay on her a monist or panagia and kiss, and she will begin to cry. And at this time singing songs. And as for the time it is necessary to go to the place, the mother will go first, and the newlywed will follow her, on the right side her elder matchmaker will lead, coming, and on the left another, her own, and boyars behind them, and, having entered, bow the bride with matchmakers four sides.

And the father-in-law and mother-in-law and the boyars will sit at the table in their seats, and the priest says “Worthy ...”, and blesses one bride with a cross, and sprinkles the wedding place with holy water. A friend in the meantime her father and mother says: "Name, bless your daughter in a wedding place." Both the father and the mother say: “God bless!” And then they light the candles in front of the image, and the priest prepares two candles for the betrothal that are twisted together, and when they are ready, they send a friend to the groom, and he comes to the courtyard as well as the bed came, and here it is already met.

And as soon as the friend enters, he will bow to four sides, and will strike his head: from father-in-law to father-in-law, and boyars from boyars, and mother-in-law from mother-in-law, and ladies from boyar, and tysyatsky, and telling tysyatsky: calling the father-in-law) is the time for the bridegroom to go to his good work, ”and, so saying, returns to himself.

And only he will leave, the boyfriend and tysyatsky with the riders, rising, will bow, and the tsyaetsky father tells his name and mother his name: "If you wanted to combine your son by legal marriage, you would have to bless him and go to the place." Both father and mother will go out with their son from the table, and will worship on all four sides, and will say to their son: "God bless you and have mercy and give you a lawful wife in health and prosperity" - and his father will bless with a cross relics on a cord, and lay on it with his own hands, and his mother put a ring on his finger. And they will go from the rooms, the first - a friend, two rides in a row, who are younger - those ahead, and those who are younger - those after.

And after all, the newlywed will come out, and to his right, the thousand. And they mount horses — first the riders, and while the newlywed sit on the argamak, in the meantime they are riding argamaks and riding horses around the yard, and they will also leave the courtyard two by two, and their servants will go behind the gates . And it would be for all of them at the stirrup to serve as a servant, then candlesticks and loafers, then a priest with a cross, and a little later, before the rides - a friend, and next to him are servants, then poegans two by two, and behind them are servants who with blankets and blankets, who are just like that, how many of them take with them each servant about his own. And before the newlyweds and in front of tysyatskim two of the equestrian go in gold with small batches, and behind them go with horse blankets. And near the newlywed and tysyatskogo servants are in elegant clothes; and how they will drive into the yard, they will go upstairs in the same order.

Here the priest blesses with a cross, and one friend meets them from the father-in-law, he goes before the newlyweds and before the thousand, and the father-in-law and the invited boyars do not meet them, but, having entered the rooms, they will be on both sides. And tysyatsky with newlyweds, having entered, will bow to the face on four sides, and in the meantime the boyfriend of the newlywed will remove the boy who is sitting with the bride in the place of the newlywed, and says in a crooner: “Argamak to you in the Horde, and gold on the Ugra.” The priest will bless one newlywed at the wedding place, and the thousand-man will sit down and ride in their places, and the priests, local and newcomers, will be commanded to light candles at the wedding place. And they will put a candlestick from the bride and groom against the newlywed, and the candlestick from the bride will be placed opposite her, and the loaves will make up their trays together, and then they will begin to betroth, and after the betrothal, the bridegroom will kiss the bride. And then the matchmakers, both of them standing up and without moving from their seats, bow to four sides and say to the mother-in-law: “Name your name, bless your children, the bride and the newlywed, comb the head”, and then close them, and the matchmaker unravels the head and kiku imposes.

Meanwhile, the older friend cuts loaves and cheeses from four sides into slices, puts them on one dish and cuts chunks and breaks cheeses, arranges them in dishes. And on the first dish, where the top salmon, put a handkerchief, bring a newlywed boy to the bride and say: "The newlywed dog names the head with a loaf and loaves with cheese and a handkerchief." And he will take only one handkerchief and lay it down for himself; as well as tysyatskomu and poezhanam on the list, and scarves on the contractual letters - everyone on the platter a slice of loaf and a piece of cheese and shawl. Yes, here and test, and the mother-in-law, and invited boyars and boyars to all on the dish. Yes, they send with people quick to the father-in-law, and to the mother-in-law, and to the invited boyars and boyars on the dishes all over a slice of loaf and cheese and a headscarf. And what kind of possessions does the newlywed and the newlywed have, although they are not there, but loaves and cheese and shawls are sent to them. And as tysyatsky and the loaves will come, then the father-in-law will rise and bring wine to tysyatsky and the riders, and order the others to bring them, and the boyars' servants are here in the rooms, in the entrance hall, and on the porch, and in the courtyard they treat and give handkerchiefs to whom test will indicate.

And as the newlywed will be laid and the crown on the dish will be carried to other rooms, while the elder matchmaker showered the young, and the tysyatsky will rise and lift the newlywed, and the priest will say: "All my hope ..." - and the friend asks for blessing from the father-in-law and mother-in-law : "Bless your children to go to the wedding," and the newlywed, having bowed to the father-in-law and mother-in-law, according to custom, will take his bride himself and go with her, and the rides in front of them in the same order.

The trainers, in the same order, get on horses, first the newlywed on the argamak, and the newlywed will sit down alone to the boat in the sleigh, and both matchmakers are in front of her, but they don’t take the boyary to the wedding. And when they get married, throw a couple of sables under their feet, separately - under the newlyweds sable, and under the newlyweds - another. At the same time, the bowl would have been without pens, from which he drank, then smashed, not to be thrown down, but simply to be shed from the hands and to shatter the fragments with his foot. And after the wedding to go to the test at the same place.

And then the invited boyars meet at the horse and on the porch, and he will meet the test in the hall, and the father-in-law kisses the kiss. And the newlywed from the wedding goes and holds his bride by the hand, and he is supported by Tysyatsky, and her matchmakers. And as they enter the passage, the mother-in-law pours them around, and when they enter the rooms and, bowing, they will sit in their places, the test will bring the newlywed wine, and the best wines will suffer, but first they will try only the crust and cheese.

And above all, they will carry the swan on the tables, they will be placed in front of the newlyweds, and, having accepted, he will lay a hand and tell him to cut. And they put a swan on the table and send the father-in-law, and the mother-in-law, and the invited boyars and boyars, spreading the dish on the dish, and the Romani on the cup, and serving the bird.

After the third dish, the newlywed will rise, and with him, the thousandth and one friend, will call, but the testament’s friend will speak: “The name of the newlywed beats his brow to welcome him to feast tomorrow,” the mother-in-law also invites the boyars called and the noblewoman by the name all And while the friend says, the newlywed bows in a cap naked. And, having invited, the friend then removes the tablecloth top and takes the dish, on which the crust and cheese, and, turning, will give to his servants, and orders him to be taken down to the hall.

And the riders will come out of the rooms and start riding horses; the father-in-law, taking his daughter and coming to the door, calls with honor the name of her son-in-law: “By the fate of God, my daughter took the crown with you, and the name was, and you should favor her and love in legal marriage, as the fathers and fathers of our fathers lived” . И тот тестя поцелует в плечо, и пойдет с новобрачной, и сядут на лошадей в прежнем порядке, а новобрачная в санях со свахами, и поедут к себе, как прежде.

А как вернутся на двор, сразу идут в сенцы, а проще сказать - в подклеть, и тут их осыпает свекровь, идти же им надо по постланному. И как только войдут, новобрачному и новобрачной сесть на постели. И тысяцкий, войдя, с новобрачной покрывало снимет и молвит обоим: «Дай Господи вам в добром здоровье опочивать», - а свечи и каравай поставят на приготовленных местах, и колпак и кику положат на место.

И в это время станут служить вечерню, новобрачный снимает наряд, с новобрачной же все снимают за занавеской. And tysyatsky with rides with everyone will go to her father-in-law to the rooms, and in the halls with the newlyweds there will be two friends, and two matchmakers, and bedmen; and what kind of neighbor people are commanded by boyars and boyars, they take off their dress. The newlywed will wear a fur coat on her hat, and the newlywed will wear a goggle, and both will wear gorlatnye hats; then they will be released to friends and matchmakers, leaving only those who develop, and then execute the case.

And tysyatsky, and the riders, and the boyfriend, and the elder matchmaker will enter the room to her father-in-law and then say: "God honored: your children, little name, after the wedding, went to bed good morning, and now they enjoy it." And the other boyfriend and matchmaker will go to the test and say that the young ones arrived and went to bed to rest in good time. And the two bedfellers are sitting at the door relentlessly, and as the newlyweds arrive, having lain in bed and getting to know, he will click on the bed elder and tell them to call the near boyary, and he will go over the curtain and wash himself with water and throw on a robe and a fur coat. And then the newlywed will come out with a boyar or two, and they will wash her there, and both shirts will be soaked in the basins. And the bride and groom will also throw a robe and a nagolnuyu fur coat and order them to call their boyfriend, and the bride and groom will sit on the big bed, the bride and groom behind the curtain will wear a puffy coat.

When the boyfriend comes, send him to his father and mother to say that God gave, everything is in order. And they will send a matchmaker, and then tysyatsky or someone from close relatives will come to the bride, and the mother-in-law and the boyars of a relative will come to the bride and bring dishes of jelly from a bird with plums and with lemons and cucumbers. The newlywed is fed tysyatsky, and the newlywed behind the curtain is mother-in-law with boyars. A friend in the meantime will be sent to the test and to the mother-in-law, and when he arrives, he says, calling with his full name: “I told you to tell the newlywed little name: God's mercy and your parental reward and preservation, we, God gave, have done it, and on that on your favor I beat with my brow! ”And the father-in-law will kiss the boyfriend, give him a cup or a ladle, and mother-in-law will give a handkerchief. And from this time on, both the courts and the holiday come.

But when to engage, and to marry, and serve vespers in the chambers, and the next day, as the newlywed nz bath, prayer, and vigilance, and prayer, and service to lead, will be the whole thing of the priest, according to the statute and at will. accommodate. " And when the mother-in-law, and the boyfriend, and the matchmaker of the senses come out, the bride and groom do what they want. And at the Senets and under the porch they tie stallions and mares, and the stallions at that time, looking at the mares, are laughing.

And then poezhan, and invited boyars and boyaris, and boyfriends, and matchmakers on both sides go home to their homes, and relatives with permission here and spend the night, and candles burn all night. By the morning they are told to flood the baths.

The next day, the friends and matchmakers will gather in their own halves, and from the test will send the younger friend to the older friend of servants with bath utensils and idle time, and from the utensils a copper pot with a lid, two basins, two ordinary ladles on the shelves, two simple ones for water. And he will punish: how will the newlywed wake up, to be told to him by the boyfriend boyfriend. It will be time for the newlywed to get up, he will call the bed dresser and tell his boyfriend to be with him, and tell the attendants to send him to the bath. And as everything will be ready and the friend will come, then he will put on his boots and throw on a nagolnuyu fur coat and a downy fur hat, will go, having closed his sleeve. The newlywed is lying in bed, covered with a blanket, but then the matchmaker and the local boyars will come to her and raise her. Meanwhile, the surnus will speak, and the pipes will begin to play, and the tambourines will sound; then, having raised the newlywed, they would throw a white Letnik on her, a plain gilded fur coat, a horned cap, and she would go to the rooms, covered with veils. And she would have a bed prepared behind the curtain, and she would lie down.

A friend will send to the test in the yard and tells him to tell the friend that the bride and groom went to the bathhouse and the bride and groom left. Here and another matchmaker to the bride and groom will go, and the father-in-law will release to the bride and groom with bath gifts, and the friend in gold will go in the same order, and after him in the sleigh under half a bath house in the boxes.

Arriving at the bathhouse, the friend disassembles and gives the servants to hold a shirt, ports, a belt with a purse, and in a purse gold, a bezel, underwear and fours, shoes, a coat, a fur coat, a leather cap. And before that, bathrobes and shoes will be served in the bath. And poezhane, tsyatytsky with comrades, come to the bathhouse, and the cookers are prepared here with a drink, whoever wishes - drinks, and served the servants, and the tambourines beat, and the bathhouse attendants are presented with handkerchiefs. From the same bath newlywed to the Senets goes and then rest a bit. But the newlyweds are not taken to the bathhouse, they are washing her here, and as the time comes, they will impose kika and attire on her, and the matchmakers go with her to the halls, while the newlywed will come out with all their own rooms and gold. And according to the betrothal rule, the bride and groom will be put on the bed, and the matchmakers will cover her with a bedcover, and the bride and groom with all the riders in full attire will come to the halls and sit down beside the bride, and tysyatsky and the rides will spread around the rank. And here comes the father-in-law with the boyars with guests, and he kisses his son, and wishes him good health in marriage, but he will open his daughter-in-law and wishes him good health in marriage, and everyone congratulates. Immediately his son and his daughter-in-law will give his blessing, an image, or crosses, or panagias, or village patrimonies. And then they bring a rooster and porridge, and the young prince eats it. And the bride and groom will go with the father and with the rides to the rooms, and the newlywed with the matchmakers to other rooms to the mother-in-law, no longer covered, and the mother-in-law and the boyars kiss and congratulate and bless with crosses or panagias and rings, and at that time they prepare drinks.

And as time comes, everyone will meet in a large room, and on the table are already prepared fruit, on a tablecloth, without dishes and bread. And the gilded dress will be folded, if in the summer - they are folded down, and in winter - fur coats, and the boyars are white let-out and red coats, they sit in the slopes, and in winter in capitals. And the father-in-law will sit with the mother-in-law at the end of the table, and the newlyweds will be seated at the place of honor, the matchmakers and the invited boyars will be there, and on the bench tysyatsky and the boyars will be invited, and the riders will be at the side table. Yes, drinks will be borne, and a friend with gifts will come from the father-in-law and bring them on the dishes, father-in-law, wear a shirt and ports, and call them by name: “The newlywed nameless boy will beat him”, and he will accept, and the newlywed will bow, and at that time everyone will stand . A mother-in-law is a Kamka, and a servant on taffeta, the servant also brings dishes and says, and the newlywed bows down. And on the ordinary weddings of the mother-in-law of the taffeta or the road, and the boyars invited on the shirt, yes on the headscarf, but on the hairsheet, and to the invited and all the boyars on the shirt and ports, and nothing is given to the riders. And how they eat fruit, they will bring gifts, and the father and mother will bless the son with images, and gold dress, and fur coat, and vessels, and horses will be brought in clothes, and favored by people and patrimonies, and the mother will bless it all. And then the daughter-in-law is presented with ornaments, and a dress, and dishes. Both tysyatsky and invited boyars of the newlywed and the newlyweds will bestow on anyone with what they wish.

And they will return to their rooms, and they will order to prepare the horses, and as the time comes, they will dress up in a golden dress and go to the yard to the father-in-law in the same manner as they went to the wedding: the priest was in front with the cross, and the riders, and tysyantsky with the newlywed; and how they will drive into the courtyard, at the father-in-law tambourines and pipes will start to play, and here the meeting begins at the father-in-law: servants in the yard, and at the horse, and on the porch. And they meet their relatives, and they will meet their father-in-law in the entrance hall and kiss the newlyweds, and tysyatskim, and poezhanami, and in-law in the rooms at the tables at the place of honor mother-in-law already invited boyars.

And on the table is a tablecloth without dishes and fruit. And he will meet his father-in-law with the guests, he will enter the rooms first, and they will all be in their places, and here the newlywed will enter with tysyatsky, in front of them one of their friends and the other, local, and the riders follow the newlyweds. A mother-in-law from the table will come out a little, and asks his son-in-law about health, and kisses him through a handkerchief, and the boyars invited, coming up to the newlywed, kiss everything through a handkerchief. Both the mother-in-law kissing with a handkerchief also kisses with tysyatsky and poezhan, and some ladies without a headscarf. And the boyars sit down on the bench according to their rank: a son-in-law will sit near the mother-in-law, and in the very corner is a tysyatsky, at the end of the table, the invited boyars sit on the bench, and the riders at the side table, as before.

The father-in-law will give fruits for the wine, and they will bring drinks and eat fruits, and once the fruits are removed, everyone will change clothes, and then breakfast will be served - a full table. And boyars in the same dress and sit: letniki white yes red fur coats in the slopes.

And once they stop serving, the newlywed will rise from the table, and with him, the tysyatsky, and the boyfriend will call the mother-in-law, and the mother-in-law, and the boyars and boyarons who are seated, calling by name: "The newlywed man beats her with the brow, table to be and feast ", yes, going out into the hall, again put on a golden dress and go to him the same order.

After arriving at home, they will rest a little, and at that time they prepare the table. And as time comes, the bride and groom will dress up in the main dress and will be sent to a friend to call the mother-in-law, and the mother-in-law, and the invited boyars and boyar to the table.

And the father-in-law will travel in a gold outfit, and with him the invited boyars are also in gold, two in a row, and with them the servants near the horses peshi. And the mother-in-law will go in the sleigh in the same way, and the boyars - in golden pilots and in descents, one in each canopy.

And they will drive up to the father-in-law to the boyars' yard to the stairs, and the boyars to the other, and then the boyars are met by boyars, and the boyars are boyars, on the porch or in the entrance hall, because of their nobility. And where will the table, here on the table and fruit.

Earlier, the boyars will come, and the mother-in-law will sit at the main place, the newly married couple and the matchmakers will follow her, then the newcomers will visit the local women, and the mother-in-law will sit below them all. The father-in-law will sit at the end of the table, his father-in-law will sit next to him, and on the bench are invited boyars visiting, and under them the local boyars are called. The newlywed will sit down next to his father, and tysyatsky and poezhane at the side table.

And how will be accommodated, the father-in-law comes out, and the visiting boyars, and the mother-in-law and the local ladies bow down, ask them about their health, and kiss, and then change the dress, going out into the hall. And how they sit at the table, bring them wine, and fruit, and drinks, but then they will remove the fruit and spread the food. And the newlyweds, having risen, are treating their father and father-in-law, and in their mother-in-law they are offering cups of drink, wine and the best honey. And how they will deliver to the table, the test will arise, and the second boyfriend will begin to say to her father-in-law, calling him by his full name: "He beats you with his brow, so that you can be at his table and have a feast tomorrow." And the newlywed, and the invited boyars, and the mother-in-law, and the boyar, by the names of the boyfriend call, and the father-in-law bows, and the newly-married father-in-law and visiting boyars treats.

And as the time comes, they will bring gifts: a double cup or with a lid, velvet or a stone, and, pouring honey into the vessels, the father-in-law will say: “God forbid, it’s good for us to live with our children!” Will call his son and daughter-in-law by name - "With your children for many years!". At that time, the eldest boyfriend will begin to speak, calling the father-in-law named: “Your son-in-law your name beats!” - a double, gilded cup, velvet of the same color and forty sables, and the mother-in-law is also announced by a friend: brotherina or pile, Kamka, forty sables, calling by name: “The son-in-law beats his brow, orders the children to accept”.

And the boyars go with the bride to her room, and at the time of going, they will dress up. Both the father-in-law, mother-in-law, and visiting boyars will go to themselves in the same order, and escort them to the horses, and the boyar boyars to the sleigh - and enjoy their courtyards, fun comes in both halves. Friends and matchmakers are waiting for the newlyweds and the newlyweds to go to the Seneces, and, having laid them down, go home.

And the next day they are preparing a bathhouse, and a friend from the father-in-law comes with bathing gifts, fewer than the past: a shirt, ports, a belt, a towel, - and will send something else. But as he begins to leave the bathhouse, tysuyatsky and the riders will arrive, and, dressed in clothes, the newlywed will go with all the rides into the rooms to the father and mother with a head to hit, and those have fruits in the same form.

And at the table the mother, the newlywed, and the matchmakers, and the invited boyars, and the boyars on the bench — everyone sits down in a row, and eat fruit, and drink drinks. And at that time a friend from the father-in-law comes and calls the father and the mother, and the newlywed with the newlywed, and the invited boyars and the boyar, and after having rushed him, they let him go, and they themselves, having changed clothes, have breakfast.

And the father-in-law will prepare tables according to rank and fruits, and as time comes, they will send a friend to call to the table, and then the father will go to his son's right hand, and tysyatsky to the left, the rides in front of them are still in dress, and the guests nobles for them as well. A mother in a sleigh and dressed up, but opposite her newlywed, and boyars invited and matchmakers in a sleigh one by one. And the matchmakers sit in front of the invited boyarins who go first.

And, having arrived, they enter the rooms, and the meeting happens to all of them according to their rank: the father-in-law meets the matchmaker and the son-in-law, and the mother-in-law meets the marriage counsel and the daughter. And everyone enters the room with fruit on the tables, and the visiting boyars kiss with the local boyars, and carry wine and drinks, and eat fruit. And as the time comes, the boyars will go to their rooms, and then after the fruit will begin to understand the dowry and inline sign. And there will be a dispute in what, they are postponing until another day. Then they sit at the table separately: the boyars are special, and the ladies are in other rooms. And after the feast, the father-in-law blesses the son-in-law with images and gifts: cups and velvet, and camels, and sables, and horses in clothes, and armor, - congratulates. They drink bowls with the matchmaker and with the thousand, and after a feast at the train they will put on an elegant dress, and the father and the newlywed, and the thousand and the elder boyars will go to the ladies to the rooms, and with them their father-in-law blesses his daughter with images, dress, vessels rings, name, given by servants. Then the mother-in-law blesses the son-in-law with images, dress, vessels, and her daughter blesses and presents with ornaments and a dress.

And then they will go to themselves in the same order and in clothes, and on other days they gather and feast, as they wish.

Source: RSL, f. 205, No. 340, l. 145-171.

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