Hiccup, go to Fedot

Hiccup is one of those physiological phenomena that are harmless, but very unpleasant. Diletant.media talks about the causes of sudden attacks and means of dealing with them.
In pagan times, it was believed that evil spirits and demons are trying with all their might to get inside a person and take possession of him. And the hiccups were proof that the demons still managed to win. To drive away the spirits, a man had to boldly list people who could help in the fight against evil. With this listing, he built his army, whose strength grew with each new name. If the evil spirit was frightened by someone from the listed people and left, the hiccups ceased
If the person continued to hiccup, you had to say a conspiracy:
Hiccup, hiccup, go to Fedot,
From Fedot to Jacob,
From Jacob to everyone
And from everyone
And with Fedot, and with Jacob you go off hiccups,
To my swamps.
Bow you to tina
In the deep bog.
It was believed that with these words a person pointed the way where the evil spirit should go. After that, it was supposed to drink a glass of water.

Pagans blame evil spirits on hiccups

Years later, it was believed that if a person was attacked by hiccups, it means someone remembers him. And the names of friends began to enumerate in order not to put up an army, but to determine who was thinking about hikayuschim. Therefore, in order to get rid of the illness, it was recommended to enumerate one's acquaintances in turn: after whose name the hiccups cease, that person is guilty of an attack. Then it was necessary to say this: "Good, remember so, and evil, so full."

Water - the most popular method of dealing with hiccups

Today, physicians know the physiological cause of hiccups. Of course, it is not associated with evil spirits. According to the official version, hiccups are involuntary spasms of the diaphragm, which from an evolutionary point of view are explained as a reflex designed to remove air from the stomach. This statement does not apply to cases of the so-called pathological hiccups, when the reflex is caused by some kind of internal irritant (inflammation, swelling, etc.). Prolonged hiccups can be a sign of, for example, cancer.
And although the official rationale for hiccups is formulated, the methods of struggle are still popular. Drinking water in small sips is considered the most popular way. You can supplement it with the technique of ballerinas, which is to drink, bending the body forward.

Prolonged hiccups can be a sign of cancer.

Many ways associated with breathing. It can be deep energetic breathing or delay. In any case, the goal is one - to distract the brain and make it stop sending nerve impulses to reduce the diaphragm.

Gennady Malakhov shows how to deal with hiccups

If the first two methods did not work, it is recommended to eat a spoonful of sugar or a slice of lemon. In principle, you can eat something else, the main thing - to kill the spasm.
If neither food nor water is at hand, show your tongue. By pushing and pulling out the tongue, you stimulate the back of the nasopharynx and vocal cords, which may bring you some relief.

Fright and the transfer of names - the oldest means of dealing with hiccups

Another method of dealing with hiccups - fear. In ancient times, it was also used, then it was necessary to frighten the spirit and thereby deliver a person from it. Today we know that fear, firstly, due to the stress of the nervous system causes your breathing to fail, and secondly, distracts the brain.
And the last of the most effective methods is physical impact. Clenching your palms, pinching or patting - in a word, any way that with a little painful impact can distract your nervous system.
Of course, over the years, everyone finds an ideal way to combat hiccups. And someone lives wonderful with her.

Charles Osbourne

History knows the example of a man who hiccupped most of his life. Charles Osborne began to hiccup in 1922. The attack of hiccups began at the moment when he slaughtered a pig, and lasted for the next 68 years. During this time, he hiccupped about 430 million times. The treatment did not give way to hiccups, but this did not prevent Osborne from marrying and becoming a father.

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