"The royal capital was in festive attire"

“On the emperor Nikolay there was a uniform of the oldest Guards regiment - Preobrazhensky, and the empress was dressed in a white Russian dress sheathed with pearls. Since they were not yet crowned, they were not carried with any symbols of power. The emperor's eyes were bright and bright, as if he was looking into the future with hope and confidence. The day was very hot, and several ladies fainted right in the church, which was small to accommodate all those invited, ”the Russian general’s wife, Maria Baryatinskaya, describes the events of the coronation day.

Foreign journalists were also present at the coronation. One of them - the Frenchman Camille Cerf - filmed documentary footage from the ceremony. Subsequently, in addition to photographs, the special coronation album also included a detailed description of what happened. In particular, there is a mention of what was laid the royal table. According to eyewitnesses, lobsters, trout, wild goat and Russian pies were served at the royal dinner.

Senior government officials during the ceremony of transferring the imperial regalia

A platoon of the life guards of the Cavalry Guard Regiment fences off the procession from the people

Guests and spectators at the specially erected covered gallery

Viewers watch the procession at the Chudov Monastery

Empress Dowager Maria Feodorovna walks over to a special canopy under which she will follow to the Assumption Cathedral

Nicholas II, accompanied by a retinue, descends the stairs

Nicholas II and Alexandra Fedorovna leave the Granite Chamber

The royal family comes in Assumption Cathedral

Solemn procession of Emperor Nicholas II

Master masters with batons accompany Nicholas II

Photo source: il-ducess.livejournal.com / Photo by main: wikipedia.com

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