"My weapon is the true word ..."

Akhmat-Khadzhi Kadyrov is a controversial personality, but certainly an extraordinary one. Anna Zarubina decided to recall the first president of the Chechen Republic and collected some of his bright statements.
“My goal is not to stop the war, but to end it once and for all. Stop experimenting with the Chechen people. We all survive, it's time to finally learn how to just live, how others live, and most importantly, take people out of war, give them weapons of labor, give them work, convince Chechens that Russia really wants to help them bring order. ”
“The purpose of a man is not only to overcome evil, but also to turn it into good.”
“Human riches in people. Money ends sooner or later. Power does not hold in one hands for a long time. From early childhood to old age, a person lives surrounded by people. If by his deeds, actions and actions he deserves their love and respect, then he acquires the most precious treasures of the world - a good name and a bright memory. ”

First President of the Chechen Republic Akhmat-Khadzhi Kadyrov

“We need young, thinking, educated, healthy in body and spirit”.
“There is not and cannot be a higher goal than becoming the master of your own destiny, the ruler of your history.”
"The teacher creates a nation."

Akhmat-Khadzhi Kadyrov and Vladimir Putin

"My weapon is a true word, and with this weapon I will overcome any enemy."
“There is no more resilient nation in the world than the Chechens, otherwise we would not have been able to endure all the grief that fell to our lot. So let us at least in our history try to build a peaceful, creative life, not to survive, but to really live. ”
“If the world lived on the Koran, there would be no wars, but today, under the guise of the Koran, they commit acts against Islam. The Quran for me is the main law by which I live. ”

Father and son Kadyrov. Photo: Sergey Uzakov / ITAR-TASS

“Glory to Almighty Allah who made us people, especially Muslims. Glory to Him, the Creator, who made us intelligent people, who became the crown of all His creatures. Allah with his grace glorified man, endowed us with his mind, sight, hearing, love for the world around him. A Muslim is not one who has a beard, but one who recognizes Allah and the Prophet Muhammad (A.S.). Everything else: appearance, this is not the most important thing. Allah said: “I will not look at your appearance. And I will look into your hearts and souls, and your deeds ”.
"I need what the people need."
"Let me not be, but I already consider myself a winner."

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