Roswell Incident: Was there a UFO?

Farmer Mark Breyzel, the owner of the Foster Place ranch, reported the unusual incident. He claimed that on the night of July 2/3, during a thunderstorm, he heard a strong peal and saw a flash of light. The next day, he found pieces of an incomprehensible substance, like foil, in one of the wastelands nearby. This material had unusual properties: it assumed its former shape after it was bent and crumpled, it did not burn and did not give in to the knife. The farmer took his finds to the police. And between times I managed to give an interview on the radio. For this, Brayzela was quickly arrested. The military tried to refute his statements, but they could not stop the wave of gossip.

Eyewitnesses to the events in Roswell repeatedly changed testimony

However, when Breyzel was released, he already told his story differently. No flying discs were out of the question; the farmer maintained the official version that a weather probe had dropped in Roswell.

Roswell-discovered material

The second wave of interest in the incident rose in the late 1970s. The details and confessions of eyewitnesses prompted many to doubt that the aliens were involved in the case. Rumors and bitter disputes about conspiracy theories began.
Of course, the American authorities could not admit that the UFO had fallen on the ground. Moreover, no one had any confidence in this. Therefore, the official version was announced: the detected object was the meteorological probe used in the framework of the secret Mogul program. However, the latter also could not be particularly extended. Mogul was a top secret project by the US Air Force, in which high-altitude flying balloons caught sound waves from atomic bombs of the USSR using special microphones.

According to the official version, a weather probe crashed in Roswell

In the meantime, the popularity of the Roswell Incident has only grown. In many ways, this happened because references to it often sounded in popular culture. One of the first films made on the wave of interest in UFOs was the picture of Robert Wise “The Day When the Earth Stopped”.

More and more people shared stories about an unusual object. An engineer at the Federal Service for Land Reclamation Grady (Barney) Barnett, passing in the Roswell area, saw a certain metal disc-shaped object, next to which there were dead bodies on the ground. “I came very close to the bodies to look at them. Their heads were round, their eyes were small, they had no hair. The bodies are rather small by our standards, but their heads are large with respect to the body. The clothes seemed to be single cut, gray, without belts and buttons. They all seemed to be men, ”said Barnett.

Roswell inspired directors on ufological films

The daughters of Sergeant M. Brown said that their father allegedly accompanied the refrigerator with the bodies from a crashed disc found in New Mexico in July 1947. He managed to see two corpses. He also guarded the hangar, where everything was stored before being sent to Fort Worth.
On June 24, 1977, the United States Air Force released information that, in 1947, they conducted tests in the desert — dropped mannequins on parachutes.

Annie Jacobsen, in her book "Area 51" (Area 51), claims that the Roswell incident was allegedly rigged by Stalin to create a panic in America similar to the one that occurred after Orson Welles' radio show "War of the Worlds" in 1938.
In the mid-1990s, the United States Audit Office became interested in the Roswell incident. She conducted another investigation at the request of a deputy from New Mexico. The legislator suspected that somewhere in the archives of the United States stored previously classified documents about the incident in 1947. However, the experts could not find any data that would have been said to conceal any circumstances of the incident.
However, information was found about the Mogul project and the only surviving Air Force soldier who was involved in the transport of the object found at Roswell in 1947 was interrogated. After analyzing the information, the Accounts Chamber came to the conclusion that the object found in Roswell was most likely a device from one of the bundles of balloons of the “Mogul Project”.
This official version suited the authorities, but not ufologists, who continue to build alternative hypotheses.

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