Take it off, William Carrick!

William Carrick's father for trade moved from Edinburgh to Kronstadt, and then to St. Petersburg. So our hero was in Russia. During the Crimean War, his father was ruined. Then William decided to start his own business in Petersburg - to open a photo studio.

Man playing balalaika

Shopping cart

The driver

Wedding in the village

Knife sharpener

The photographic adventures of Carrick (by the way, who studied at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts) in Russia began with an acquaintance with photo technician John McGregor. Together, in the late 1850s, they opened the country's first photo studio. It became famous at the time - even Grand Duke Nikolai Alexandrovich ordered a portrait to Carrick. Artists asked Carrick to shoot their pictures, then these images diverged like postcards. Such orders were received from Ivan Kramskoy, Viktor Vasnetsov, Nikolay Ge.

In addition to the official pictures - portraits - Carrick made shots for the soul, collecting "street types". The photo project, which began in St. Petersburg and its suburbs, soon expanded - the photographer traveled (and more than once) to the Novgorod and Simbirsk provinces, Finland, and the Volga region.

Street musicians

Watch the video: Carrick puts Maple Leafs ahead with wrist shot from point (January 2020).