Take it off for beefcake magazine!

Magazines came out full-format and compact, which easily fit in your pocket. And the list of publications is quite voluminous - about 30. Among the most famous are “Beach Adonis”, “Demi-Gods”, “Mr. America ”,“ The Young Physique ”,“ Muscle Power ”,“ MANual ”,“ Man's World ”.

Interest in bifcake publications was revived in the 1980-1990s, when men really turned to fitness as a way of life, and a beautiful body became a cult.

The Young Physique. (pinterest.com)
MANual. (pinterest.com)

Muscle Power. (pinterest.com)
Muscle Power, inter-season number. (pinterest.com)
Strength Health. (pinterest.com)
Muscle Power, November issue. (pinterest.com)

Muscle Power, June issue. (pinterest.com)
Demi-gods (pinterest.com)

Iron Man. (pinterest.com)
Strength Health, 1944. (pinterest.com)
The Young Physique, August issue. (pinterest.com)

  1. Photos of the announcement and lead: pinterest.com

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