Soviet commanders. Nikolai Petrovich Kamanin

Nikolai Kamanin - the second Hero of the Soviet Union. The first is Lyapidevsky, the second is Kamanin. Both of them received stars a few days after the establishment of the title, and both for the same thing, as well as the other pilots who participated in the operation to rescue the crew and passengers of the Chelyuskin steamer.

Actually, this is a stigma, but in a positive sense: whatever a person does afterwards, it is with the events of 1934 that his name will be associated.

Personally, Nikolay Kamanin saved 34 people for 9 flights

Although then there was a lot: the Soviet-Finnish war, in which Kamanin participated in the post of commander of the light bombing aviation brigade of the Kharkov air garrison, at the end of 1940, Kamanin, already a colonel, was appointed deputy commander of the Air Force of the Central Asian Military District.

In the Great Patriotic War, he took part in the summer of 1942: he commanded an assault aviation division on the Kalinin front, then from February 1943 on the Ukrainian fronts.

Major General Nikolai Petrovich Kamanin and Corporal Arkady Nikolaevich Kamanin in the U-2 aircraft cabin, 1943

The list of operations in which Kamanin somehow took part is great. After the war, he moved from one high post to another. For example, since 1958, he was Deputy Chief of the Main Staff of the Air Force for combat training, and from the beginning of the 60s he took up space. He held the post of Assistant Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force for Space, taking an active part in the selection and training of the first Soviet cosmonauts. Then even more closely, and from 1966 to 1971, Kamanin directly supervised the training, being the head of the cosmonaut corps.

Kamanin was an active supporter of sending a woman into space

We add that Nicholas Kamanin left behind several essays, in particular, extremely interesting diaries collected in the book "The Hidden Cosmos".

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