Superintendent at the Hermitage. Winter Palace of Peter

Welcome to visit Peter the Great!

January 27 at 18:00 The Hermitage, the site and the site Echo of Moscow will hold an online tour “The Caretaker” in the Winter Palace of Peter I. Ksenia Basilashvili and the keeper of the museum Sergey Nilov show the room in which there are genuine items belonging to the Russian emperor. On the sites and will start a live broadcast, during which you can ask your moderator and answer their questions. Join now!

The Winter Palace of Peter I is a unique architectural and memorial monument of the first quarter of the 18th century. The official residence of Peter I was located in the territory which is now occupied by the Hermitage Theater. In the preserved part of the palace there is a memorial exhibition dedicated to Peter the Great and his era.

In the rooms of Peter the Great — the Cabinet, the Dining Room, and the Turner — the furnishings were recreated, including authentic objects that belonged to the emperor. The so-called “Wax figure” is exhibited here - a posthumous sculptural portrait of Peter I.

Details on the Hermitage website

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