Destroy Lenin

The body of Lenin, despite the protest of Nadezhda Krupskaya and Lev Trotsky (he called it insanity), was placed in the Mausoleum on January 27, 1924. Ten years later, on March 19, 1934, Mitrofan Nikitin, an employee of the Progress state farm near Moscow, tried to shoot a mummy from a revolver “Nagan”. He was interrupted by quickly responding visitors and guards. Nikitin himself committed suicide. They found a suicide note: “This spring of 1934 again many people will die on the basis of hunger, mud, from epidemic diseases ... Do our rulers, entrenched in the Kremlin, do not see that the people do not want such a life, that it is impossible to live like this, lack of strength and will. I happily die for the people. I have been working for 13 years, my conscience is clear, for the truth, I am ready to go on all the tortures. I thought about everything for a long time, suffered, worried. Come to your senses, what are you doing? Where did you lead the country? After all, everything is rolling on an inclined plane into the abyss ... "

In July 1960, Tatar Minibaev faced a tough choice in front of a resident of the city of Frunze: Lenin or Stalin. Then Joseph Vissarionovich not yet carried out. Chose Lenin. The protocol states that Minibaev "jumped onto the barrier and smashed the glass of the sarcophagus with a kick." The glass cracked and fragments damaged the skin of Ilyich's embalmed body. The mausoleum had to be closed for several months for reconstruction. During the investigation, Minibaev admitted that he was going to destroy the coffin with Lenin’s body since 1949 and flew to Moscow from Uzbekistan on purpose to fulfill his plans.

The next attempt happened two years later, when Stalin was already reburied. On April 24, a retired accountant from Pavlovsky Posad, located near Moscow, by the name of Lyutikov, threw a stone into the sarcophagus, but did not break it. Before committing "blasphemous actions", Lyutikov spent two years writing anti-Soviet letters to central newspapers and to embassies of western countries.

In September 1967, the first explosion occurred. Lenin's body was not injured, but people died. The attack was committed by a resident of Kaunas, a certain Krysanov. He blew up the "death belt" near the entrance to the Mausoleum. The terrorist, the details of which were not disclosed, and several more people died. This is what the Zaporizhzhya photographer Burbovsky, who was on a business trip to Moscow, recalled about that day: “Everything just was taken aback. Then the audience screamed, scattered. When the flow of people subsided, I look: a guy passes by me, picks up his trousers - he has blood running down his legs. A military man carries a girl - her leg is almost torn off and loose. Before entering the mausoleum, a man lay with guts twisted on the pavement, and next to him was the second guy, over whom several people were bent. Apparently, was seriously injured. And I started taking pictures. ”

A rare shot from the scene of the 1967 explosion

On September 1, 1973, another terrorist act was committed, this time in the Mausoleum itself. Unknown, hiding an explosive device under his clothes, entered the Mausoleum along with a large flow of children. Having reached the sarcophagus with the body of Vladimir Lenin, the terrorist connected the contacts of wires on an explosive device, as a result of which an explosion occurred. As it was later established, the main force of the explosion fell on the sarcophagus, but the one hidden under the armored glass after the previous attempt was unscathed. As a result of the blast, the terrorist himself and the married couple following him from Astrakhan were killed. Four school-age children were seriously injured, and a soldier of the Kremlin regiment guarding the sarcophagus was thrown back by the blast wave. From a terrorist at the site of the explosion, only an arm and a fragment of the head were found.

Watch the video: Ukraine Protesters Topple Lenin Statues (January 2020).


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