Dirty Harry (18+)

Whose boy?

It’s worth starting, perhaps, with the scandal that provoked the very fact that the prince was born. Rumors that Harry was not Windsor at all appeared when it became known that a pair of Charles-Diana had broken up. The princess confessed to being sidelined - her lover was officer James Hewitt, whom she met in a polo match before marriage. The reason for the gossip was an incredible resemblance between Harry and Hewitt - nose, lips, and especially - red hair, which neither Diana nor Charles could boast.

Harry and Hewitt. (pinterest.com)

Both Hewitt and Diana claimed that their affair began after Harry was born, in 1985, but few people were convinced. Journalists dreamed of tearing at least a hair from the head of a young prince to conduct a DNA examination. Later, in 2003, Hewitt, who was invited to an interview with the famous Larry King, once again denied speculation that he was Harry's father, noting that the “poor guy” had suffered so much over the years.

Rumor has it that Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip forced Diane to do a DNA test, but Prince Charles resolutely rejected all insinuations on this subject. But, as they say, you can’t throw a handkerchief on someone else’s hand, and to this day, Hewitt’s fatherhood theory has quite a few supporters.

Easy Virtue

Harry quickly tasted the taste of life. Already at the age of 18, relatives sent him to a hospital where he was supposed to get rid of alcohol and drug addiction - the little prince was caught smoking weed and plentiful libations. Charles took his son to a rehabilitation center, the curator of which was. Harry was forbidden to see old friends, under whose evil influence, as relatives believed, he fell. When the public became aware of the Prince’s weaknesses, it was unlikely that many had convicted him. All of us are not without sin.

Don't upset your grandmother, Harry. (pinterest.com)

It is not known exactly how Harry was treated at the clinic, but it hardly helped. Two years after the incident - a new scandal: a drunken prince had a fight with the paparazzi at the exit from the nightclub. The injured photographer, whose lip was smashed as a result of the skirmish, claimed that Harry was the first to attack him. The prince’s guard claimed the opposite. One way or another, the matter was hushed up. According to the former press secretary of the royal family, Dickie Arbiter, a similar incident was bound to happen sooner or later - every time Harry was attacked by reporters at a party leaving Harry. “In the end, any 20-year-old, even if he is of royal blood, would like to rely on some degree of privacy at three in the morning,” said Arbitter.

William was also the object of close attention of the press, especially in the context of his close relationship with Kate Middleton, but his older brother behaved much more modest in public. In general, there was an agreement between the royal family and journalists, under which the latter pledged to leave both princes alone until the end of their training.

Black humor and racist habits

The loudest scandal around the younger offspring of Charles and Diana is connected, perhaps, with this incident. In 2005, at one of the costumed parties, the theme of which was “the colonialists and the natives”, Harry appeared in a summer military uniform with a swastika sewn on his sleeve. The press and the people did not appreciate the joke: the prince was accused of violating all possible ethical standards. Soon followed by a formal apology: the grandson of Elizabeth acknowledged that he did not choose the most successful suit, and asked for forgiveness from everyone he could offend with his trick.

The same masquerade. (pinterest.com)

In 2009, Harry and did called a racist because of a couple of reckless statements. The prince went to a military gathering and took a video camera with him - excerpts from this shooting fell into the hands of journalists and were made public. One of their comrades, Harry, is called "our little friend pack" (an offensive abbreviation of "Pakistani"). To the address of another cadet, he throws a “raghead” - this rude word is called those who wear a turban on their head. Conservative leader David Cameron has stated that such comments are "completely unacceptable." Harry, who was actually accused of racism, was again forced to make a public apology.

And the prince is naked

What happens in Vegas - stays in Vegas? It would not be so when it comes to the royal monarch. Harry, who in the press was called “the prince of parties,” was filmed by some of the guests at a private party in Las Vegas in perfect negligee. A company of young men and women played billiards to strip, and Harry ... lost. Pictures on which the prince is captured naked, made a real sensation. The royal family recognized the authenticity of the photographs, but asked the British press not to publish them. Tabloid The Sun ignored the recommendation - the number of August 24, 2012 came out with a naked heir on the first page. “We publish this photo, despite the warnings of the royal family - and here's why. Let's clear one thing first. The Sun is not trying to judge Harry in any way ... "

The Sun publishes images of the naked prince. (pinterest.com)

Shortly thereafter, several English-language editions published the news that Harry had received an offer from American adult film producer Vivid Entertainment to try himself as a porn actor. “We were pleasantly surprised by the photos of your recent tricks in Vegas ... You could become the coolest prince of all time if you agreed to play in the high-budget, funny erotic film 'Trouble with Harry'. For this role he was offered 10 million dollars.

The prince himself was very confused and worried that the pictures had leaked to the press and provoked a real scandal, but, apparently, the British love Harry jolly so much that they are ready to forgive him absolutely everything.

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