Persons who know everything

Legendary Leading Julia Belyanchikova

French researcher Jacques Cousteau and TV host Nikolai Drozdov

Igor Kirillov - one of the main persons of the Soviet television, who became the leading by pure chance

Children's home TV presenter of the country Valentina Leontyeva

Yuri Nikolaev recognizable can compete with almost anyone

That was the young Alexander Maslyakov

Alexander Bovin looked outside the box for TV presenter

Alexander Ivanov came to television in 1978 and led a humorous program for 12 years.

Sergey Kapitsa in TV show "The obvious - the incredible" tried to make science accessible and understandable to all

Tatyana Chernyaeva and her ABVGDake

Lovely Angelina Vovk

Telecast "Club of travelers", which Yuri Alexandrovich led 30 years

Sergey Suponev - Soviet and Russian TV host

Nikolai Nikolaevich Ozerov - Soviet actor, sports commentator

Anna Shatilova

Victor Balashov

Our grandmothers and grandfathers watched them from the screens of old, black and white televisions. Parents caught every word of them, their eyes fixed on the image of the first color TVs. They knew how to “hold” the public with their voice, manner of presentation, interesting topic. They were the heralds of the destinies of the people and the vast country. Strictness, brevity, no personal emotions. So began the era of TV presenters.

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