Most famous dwarfs

Most of our readers probably watched or watch “The Game of Thrones” series, where the supporting actor is dwarf Peter Hayden Dinklage, who played the role of Tirion Lannister and received two Emmy awards for her in the nomination “Best male supporting role - mini-series , television series or television movie ”and“ Best Supporting Actor in a Dramatic TV Series ”, respectively. But no matter how good Hayden is, it is worth noting that he is far from the only celebrity of his kind.

Today, editors have prepared for you a modest selection of the smallest famous people on the Planet.

Peter Hayden Dinklage

Dinklage was born with a hereditary disease - achondroplasia, leading to dwarfism. His height is 134 cm. Both his parents are of medium height, just like his brother.

He began his career in 1995; wide fame came after a role in the 2003 film Station Warden, for which he was nominated for the 2004 USA Actor Guild Award. After that, he starred in the films “Elf”, “Superstar”, “Guilty” and others.

For the role of Tirion Lannister in the game “Game of Thrones”, Dinklage was awarded the Emmy Award in the nomination “Best Supporting Actor in a Dramatic Television Series” and the Golden Globe Award in the nomination “Best Supporting Actor for Men - mini-series, television series or television movie ". In 2015, he won another Emmy Award in the nomination “Best Supporting Actor in a Dramatic Television Series” for his role as Tirion Lannister.

Jordan prentis

He is best known for his role as Rock in the film American Pie 5: The Naked Mile and Jimmy’s Oscar-nominated Picture To Lie Down in Bruges. He was also one of the actors who starred in Howard Duck (at that time he was 13 years old).

Prentice is the lead actor in the production of Revenger's Medicine Show by playwright Eric Wolf from Toronto and currently works in the Eldritch Theater. His height is 124 cm.

Zelda Rubinstein

Rubinstein is best known for his role as the medium of Tangina Barrons in the horror film Poltergeist and his two sequels. Also over the years, the actress acted as an activist and human rights activist for dwarfs (her height is 130 cm) and participated in the work of organizations to combat AIDS.

The last year of Zeld's life, Rubinstein experienced health problems due to kidney disease and pulmonary insufficiency. In December 2009, she underwent a course of treatment in a Los Angeles clinic. She was discharged on January 2 of the following year, but died two weeks later at the age of 76.

The actress still has a daughter, Nunn Lutz, five grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

Michael Jay Anderson

The actor is best known for his roles as a Man from another place in the Twin Peaks television series and his Twin Peaks: Through the Fire prequel, as well as the role of Mr. Rock in the film Mulholland Drive, where prostheses had to be used during the shooting.

His height - 109 cm.

Tony cox

The greatest fame and glory he received through the filming of the films "Willow", "Star Wars. Episode VI: Return of the Jedi ”,“ Bad Santa ”,“ Me, I and Irene again ”,“ Very Epic Movie ”. Prior to the start of a stellar career, he often appeared in commercials and soap operas.

The actor is a member of the United States Lilliputian Association, its height is 1 meter 07 cm.

Vern Troyer

Vern Troyer is an actor, stand-up comedian and stuntman, best known for his role as Mini-We in films about Austin Powers. His height is 81 cm.

Career in the movie Troyer began in 1994 in the film “Baby on a Walk”, in which he was a substitute for a 9-month-old baby. Until 1999, Vern worked mainly as a stuntman or played cameo roles, but the role of Mini-We in the film “Austin Powers: The Spy That Seduced Me” brought him fame.

Kenny baker

In 1960 and 1962, he first played episodic film roles, but real success came to him after appearing in George Lucas' cult film Star Wars. Episode IV: New Hope. Baker played R2-D2 in all seven of the original films (in the 1983 movie Star Wars. Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, he also played one of the Ewoks). He and Anthony Daniels (C-3PO) are the only actors who starred in these seven tapes. Although these two robots are closest friends in the plot, in reality, the relations between the actors were very strained.

His height - 112 cm.

Hagendra Tapa Magar

His height is 67.08 cm. He gained fame as the smallest teenager in the world. On reaching his majority on October 14, 2010, Magar chose the title of the smallest person in the world from Edward Nino Hernandez, who is 70 cm tall, but on June 12, 2011 the title of the smallest An adult man got Junri Baluing, whose height is 56 centimeters.

Thus, Tapa Magar was considered the smallest and lowest man in the world from October 14, 2010 to June 12, 2011.

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