"On the testimony of fools in the Senate"

Personal decree

On the evidence of fools in the Senate

April 6, 1722

Belower are like the last, the same and the lower ranks of the people, the movable and the immovable property is given to the people who are such a fool, that neither science nor the service is suitable, and the others, in spite of their foolishness, are given to wealth, because they are worthy of their daughters, but they don’t give themselves the wealth of their daughters, but for wealth, they don’t want them. married, from which the goodness of the state to the state can not be relieved, to get this and that, they will be wasted, and the people will be beaten and tortured, the mortal murders will be repaired, and the immovable will lead: for the sake of death, to death, to death, to kill, and kill immovable in void: for the sake of death, to death, to kill, to death, to kill, and immortal in void, for a sake of death The lower ranks of the people, and if anyone has names, or will continue to have such names, they should send information to the Senate, and to the Senate to testify; and according to testimony there will be those who neither fit into the service of science nor fit into the future, do not marry and marry not allow even “no memory” to be given, and the villages of the people and no one can cope with them, but tell such villages about the mandative record, and to feed the villages that are not worthy of them, and to supply them to our relatives, and if there are no relatives, then our neighbors will belong to their relatives. And if, according to that testimony, there are not such, as it will be written in their wisdom, it will be written: then use them in services and science, who will be able to do, and let them marry and move them.

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