"The professor, of course, is a mug, but the equipment is with him, with him ..."

October 5 - Teacher's Day in Russia. Diletant.media congratulates all representatives of this wonderful profession and publishes 5 tricks, which are students and students, so as not to overwhelm the examination tests.

The authorship of the cheat sheet is attributed ... No, not to a dropout student, but to the King of the Franks, Carl the Great! Decrees signed by his hand have come down to us, despite the fact that the most famous European monarch could not read or write. Pundits of the time developed the first clues on which the signature samples stood. Thus, Charlemagne simply “wrote off” his name and title from the cheat sheet.

Signature of Charlemagne

This fact, undoubtedly, justifies the permanent "debtors": even if the European king used cribs, why can't they ?! True, the individual "cheaters" do not need any excuses: they are the true masters of their work. And some of their "techniques" cheating generally bordering on serious scientific inventions!

The authorship of the cheat sheet attributed to Charlemagne

Second ear

The use of phones and other gadgets during exams is strictly prohibited, but the professor is known to be a burdock, and the equipment does not stand still. Today, schoolchildren and students do not wrap their ear with a handkerchief to hide a huge earpiece, but buy a Bluetooth-free headset and find an assistant who dictates the right answer at the other end of the wire.

However, this is already the last century: micro earphones are now at the peak of popularity - small wireless devices that are inserted directly into the ear canal (you don’t even need to cover up with hair). Included with this earpiece is a special pendant transmitter, which can be worn around the neck and hidden under clothing. This method is the most high-tech, adventurous, but, unfortunately, not cheap.

"The professor, of course, is a mug, but the equipment is with him, with him ..."

Watch with a secret

At Nuremberg University there is a whole museum dedicated to the cheat sheet. There you can admire outlandish auxiliary means and even borrow ideas. For example, it is easy to make so-called "watch with a secret." We take a mechanical watch, shake out everything from them, including the dial. We attach a handle stick to the wheel, on which we glue a long strip - that is, the cheat sheet itself.

Even if the teacher feels that something is wrong with her “hunting perception”, it is unlikely that he would think to disassemble the watch down to the smallest parts.

By the way, for the first time such a “spur” was made in 1956. The story even kept the author's name - 16-year-old Wilfred Reuter. His watch with a built-in roll, an original mechanism for rewinding a cheat sheet, is a real work of art of cheating.

In 1956, Wilfred Reuter coined a watch with a built-in cheat sheet.

However, today, in the era of high technologies, the process of making a “watch with a secret” is noticeably simplified: it is enough for the “debit manager” to download the cheat sheet in a smart watch (smart watch) and press the button at the right moment.

Smart Soda

At one time, such a crib has taken pride of place in a university museum in Germany. Indeed, the person who first produced this kind of clue was all right with fiction. The essence of the idea was that the text on the label of the Coca-cola bottle, where the composition and other technical information is indicated, was replaced by a graphic editor with a cheat sheet on the desired topic.

One can only guess, but it is unlikely that the examiner would search for a “bomb” on a soda bottle peacefully standing on the desk.

To write off, enough bottles of your favorite soda

By the way, there is a way out for juice lovers too.


Sometimes bringing a “spur” unnoticed is much more difficult than writing it off: asking to leave personal belongings in one place, turn off the phones and fold them on the first desk, etc. In this case, the cheaters go to a rather original reception - they hide the cheat sheet shoes.

This, of course, does not guarantee them an absolute result, but still inspires some optimism in their own strength and ingenuity.

If the material and color allow, "spur" is written on the sole of the shoe

Edible paper

“Not caught is not a thief,” proverb says. In order not to leave "evidence", some cheating wizards use edible paper to create spurs.

A similar concept was proposed in 2010 by the Vienna creative agency Ogilvy & Mather, which printed mathematical formulas on an advertising flyer.

In order not to leave “evidence”, students write “spurs” on edible paper.

Now on sale is the so-called rice paper, which is actively used in the confectionery industry: using a special printer, various images are applied to it, which then decorate cakes and other sweets. This technology is often used for weddings, so finding a confectionary printer for the “debit-maker” is a simple matter; it is more difficult to quickly chew the “spur” in case of detection.

The list of tricks that pupils and students use in exams is not exhaustive. Each "cheater", claiming the loud title of a professional in cheating, as a rule, develops a whole system. In general, hope for a cheat sheet, but don't make it yourself!

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