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Cultural boom, the fate of gangsters, politicians, merciless industrial wars, covert struggle and the brave entrepreneurship of the Urals. Today we want to acquaint you with the most interesting excerpts from Alexey Ivanov's memoir “Yöburg”, a Russian writer and P. Bazhov prize winner. You will not find any gangster "romance" below. Blood, pain and irreconcilable struggle by any means. All this is “Yöburg”.

Oleg Vagin, the leader of the Yekaterinburg OPG Center, in 1992, bought an apartment in the elite house number 11 on Zhukova Street, where Governor Edward Rossel himself lived. Vagin knew that he had been declared a vendetta by the “Uralmash workers”, furious at the murder of Grigory Tsyganov, and he thought that the enemies would attack from around the corner with Finn. But the organized crime group “Uralmash” prepared for a total war for a whole year.

Discipline was iron, payment is super

The group was headed by Konstantin Tsyganov, the elder brother of the murdered leader (ed. 16 years old, he was hiding in Bulgaria, but now he has returned to Russia). The organization of power actions involved criminal Sergei Kurdyumov. For the theft, he served 12 years and in the zones of fiercely he hated all this “blue” blatat, all these thieves of the “pivot” type. Uralmash appointed Kurdyumov as commander of his death squad. Pissed off the enemies, explaining Kurdyumov's victories, then they will start gossip that Kurdyumov was “lowered” in prison and his aces were kicked out on his buttocks, which is why he takes revenge on the “blue”, exterminating the authorities.

Kurdyumov scored about three dozen fighters and began to train them. The base of the militants was the company “Splav Limited” on the outskirts of Eburg: fighters were listed here as employees. The personnel of this special forces were divided into links, "boevki", the soldiers were trained by professionals of the army and the Ministry of Internal Affairs: tactics of clashes, radio interception, explosive business, surveillance. The discipline was iron, the payment was super: the observer received 1000 bucks a month, the shooter - 3000. And about some morality there, the fighters were ordered to forget: it happened that the observers "rented" other children - they masked the patrol for a walk with their father; It happened that ordinary passersby were injured in the actions.

There was no way out of this special unit. Then the investigators will be able to prove 27 murders committed by the “Kurdyumov’s gang”, of which 8 murders are the execution of their comrades. Someone failed the task, someone broke the charter. One of the "special forces" boasted exploits in front of a girl - the soldier was strangled and his girlfriend too. Two other fighters were suspected of treason - and all were shot for show, and their bodies were thrown into the trench of the road being built under asphalt.

In the fall of 1992, Kurdyumov’s specialists began spying on Vagin: they found out his routes and daily routine. On October 23, a modest cargo Moskvich-Boot parked near the entrance to Vagina. He stood with an empty cabin, without arousing suspicion. But in the iron van they sat and watched for two killers, sat quieter than a mouse for three days, barely stirring, hardly breathing. And on October 26, at 10 am, Oleg Vagin with three bodyguards left the entrance. Killers jumped out of the "Moskvich" on the sidewalk and immediately hit with machine guns. Two bodyguards fell like sheaves, the third one jumped and covered the boss with his chest. Vagin rushed to the nearest arch - to the passage to the street, but in this arch another killer appeared with a "Kalash" and reposted the leader of the "pivots". Four snakes in expensive suits lay in pools of blood. The killers neatly smashed their skulls with control bursts and ran to the waiting car.

This is how the Uralmash style was defined: to mow down enemies under the root, to kill in a monstrous manner, insolently and insolently, so that everyone’s legs would buckle. Not a sniper with a single silent shot, but several thugs who, on the street with all honest people, pour the victim with automatic fire from the abdomen.

Brigadiers were shot, the “bulls were slaughtered, the Commers killed

Vagina and his guards will be buried on the Broad River. Their burial will be the most luxurious ensemble of the cemetery: a memorial of jasper, granite and marble; seven meter crucifix; bronze busts of the deceased, and before each bust - his own personal eternal flame. Then monuments will join this memorial to other leaders of the "center", whom Uralmash slammed mercilessly. And it will turn out to be an “alley of glory” of the organized crime group “Center”

And the war began factions. Sergey Dolgushin, the new director of the Globus business club, took the place of Vagin in the OCG Center. He ordered to develop an attempt on the commander of "Uralmash". According to legend, the "center" conceived to shoot down the plane with Tsyganov, when the Gypsies fly somewhere, and bought a rocket launcher. But agents Kurdyumov learned about these plans and prepared an ambush.

On March 3, 1993, a Koch militant who conducted surveillance at Dolgushin’s house reported that the guards were preparing to meet the “center” motorcade. Kurdyumov fighters rushed to the "carts". They burst into the courtyard Dolgushin after the motorcade, jumped out of the cars and immediately opened a hurricane fire on the limousines, until the security at the house came to their senses. People in the salons fell on each other. "Uralmash" dived back into their cars. “Koch, you s-ka-ka!” - recognizing the shooter, someone aspire from a smoking limousine shouted after the raiders. The Kurdumovites did not have time to go back and make "control men", and Kurdyumov laid Koch a bullet.

On March 4, the “Uralmash workers” learned that Dolgushin survived: he is in hospital No. 24 in intensive care unit, connected to the devices, and there is a guard at the ward. Then the men of Kurdyumov made their way to the substation and de-energized the entire hospital at once. The devices were cut off, and Dolgushin from a coma smoothly set off to the other world.

The war of groupings was not exhausted by the liquidation of the leaders. The brigadiers were shot, the “bulls” were blown up, the “tachily” and offices were blown up, the Commerce were killed. The police could not cope with groups, could not disengage the fighting tyrannosaurs. A RUBOP tried to stop a fight in the heart of a pangolin ... ”

Many of the "Uralmash" went to the next world. Someone managed to legalize, but the alley of memorials at the Shirokorechenskoye cemetery vividly recalls those events and the “heroes” of one of the bloodiest criminal gangs in Russia - the Uralmash security patrol service.

Memorial Vagina and his guards

Georgy Tsyganov, shot in his own apartment

Sergey Ivannikov - one of the first leaders of the organized criminal group

Alexander Khabarov - the last leader of Uralmash, "hanged" in the chamber

Shot by the side of the road

Monument to Kravtsov

Kolushko monument

Tomb of Filippov

The grave of criminal authority

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