Ian Fleming - the one who created James Bond

An English writer, author of novels about the super spy James Bond Jan Fleming was born on May 28, 1908. It is according to his novels, stories and characters that a series of films about the famous 007 agent is being shot. Today we decided to remember and tell you about the main milestones of the famous writer's creative path.

Childhood author

Ian Fleming, whose biography was of little interest to anyone before the James Bond novels, was born in London. The family in which the boy appeared was very rich and famous in the district. It was completely natural that the parents, who worked in the parliament, provided the best and promising life for their children, for which they worked for a long time. They tried very hard to arrange Yana in the best college, the completion of which promised him a high position, and to provide her son with everything necessary.

Young Ian Fleming

The famous Ian Fleming graduated from Eton College, and after unsuccessful attempts to get a job he went to Reuters, where he worked in journalism. This happened thanks to the connections of the mother of the future writer, who helped her son in every possible way. Soon he abandoned his activities and, unfortunately, lost his father. Valentin Fleming died during the First World War, he was called a hero and often used as an example to Jan.

Young Ian Fleming

Growing up

Ian Fleming was a very capable young man. He quickly studied, diligently played sports and paid attention to languages. The young man dreamed of becoming a diplomat. Unfortunately, this remained in the dreams of Jan, since he failed the main exam - English.

“As for luck, no matter how she manifests herself, you have to love her and not be afraid.”

While working at Reuters, Yang often felt dissatisfaction, mainly in material terms: they paid little, but he wanted to live better. A few years later, after Fleming had abandoned journalism, he decided to return to this activity again, because it was he who inspired him and allowed him to develop his talent. Significant stage in the life of the young man was entering the naval intelligence.

Ian Fleming

The commander and other employees were simply delighted with the reports and reports of Fleming, because they were always easy to read and interesting, fascinating, similar to real detectives. Ian Fleming became famous for his unusual fantasy, literary skill, he simply had no equal. In addition, he did an excellent job with special operations, which were carried out using unique approaches, and with the development of strategies.

"For some reason, for a winner, winning always means less than losing to a loser."

Interesting Facts

Ian Fleming's life was full of secrets and incredible events. Throughout the Second World War, a young man spent in the secret service of Her Majesty. He evacuated the king of Albania, established contacts with his allies in the United States, sought out secret laboratories, and led complex operations. After the end of the fighting, Fleming decided to retire and do things that were to his liking.

«On the part of the killings, the Russians are deprived of stupid prejudices.».

In the last year of the war, Yang came to Jamaica and realized that the world exists without bombing, shootings and death. There he saw a huge amount of available fruit, a sea of ​​rum and beautiful weather - a real paradise for a served man. Ian decided to stay on the island and enjoy the enchanting atmosphere as long as possible. It was under the sound of the sea and surrounded by sunny weather, peace and happiness, Fleming built a bungalow in which he wrote the first lines of his famous novel.

“If you dream that you see a dream, it means that you are about to wake up”

Becoming a writer

The bungalow in which the writer lived was called the Golden Eye. It was in this unusual place that the secret life of Ian Fleming ended and a completely different time began. This period was a turning point for a man; the first book about 007 appeared in his romantic dwelling. In addition, one of the novels had the same name as Fleming's tiny house. Ever since, secrets and adventures have gone in the past, being reflected only in the pages of novels about the elusive James Bond.

John Kennedy admitted that one of his favorite characters is James Bond

Fleming's family life

Fans of the writer is very interested to learn about his personal life. Not least they are interested in the question of whether I was married to Fleming. The family of the famous writer was formed in an unusual way. In his youth, a man was a womanizer and a lot of people. He never had a permanent woman. When Yang began dating a married beauty, this was not surprising. But that moment came when Fleming decided to settle down.

James Bond's Father Ian Fleming with my wife and muse Anna

His beloved Anna announced that she was expecting a child and was ready to divorce for the sake of their family happiness. A famous writer at the age of forty-three found out that he would soon become a father, and completely changed his views on the future life. He patiently waited for his chosen one in Jamaica, while writing the novel Casino Royale.

Ian Fleming, whose wife settled with him in a bungalow and agreed to spend the rest of her life there, inspired her lover in every way, so the writer often mentioned that she was his muse.

Moment of glory

For some, after forty years, life is lost brilliance, adventurism and paint. But not for Ian Fleming. When he was forty-five, the whole world first saw a book about James Bond. In just twelve months, the novel sold seven thousand copies. A little later, the book became interested in the Americans, who eventually bought the rights to it.

“In a card game, a deadly sin is to take one’s own mistakes for bad luck.”

It was at that moment that Ian Fleming, whose biography had changed drastically, became famous. His novel was published in thousands, millions of copies. He read almost everything and everywhere. The critics didn’t like the story of 007, they couldn’t accept the existence of a superhero, but they had nothing to do but look at the huge sales of the novel with envy.

Romance as part of culture

After a while, many people could not imagine themselves without stories about the life of the great James Bond. The novel became part of American culture, and the current US president admitted that in his free time he reads books with the main character agent 007 with pleasure. Some people believe that such a stunning success for Ian Fleming came through the cynicism with which he wrote his books.

Jan Flegman at work

He openly argued that novels and other literature are written for three things: money, fame, or pleasure. In some cases - for everything together. The writer himself was glad to be engaged in this kind of activity, but he didn’t hide the fact that his income from books makes him even happier. Since Ian Fleming became popular, he consistently once a year released his new novel, which everyone was looking forward to.

Portrait of Ian Fleming

Real glory

One way or another, but the truly famous Fleming became thanks to the film adaptation of the majority of the novels written by him. Even after the death of the writer, films continued to be made and presented to the public. A total of eighteen tapes were released, the main character of which was, of course, James Bond. The last was the picture “Tomorrow Never Dies,” shot in 1997.

“The past can be forgiven, but we cannot forget it”

Ian Fleming died August 12, 1964 from a heart attack. It is also worth noting that he loved to smoke and just adored gin. After the death of the writer, for decades more films based on his novels continued to appear on large screens and delight the public. And even today, cinema is not going to stop: pictures of a secret British agent performed by various actors hit box office records.

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